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  • BrandSound™: The Eight Expressions of a Brand in Sound and How to Optimise Them
  • Sound Affects: The Four Ways Sound Affects Us All
  • Sound Health: How to Enhance Your (and your family's) Wellbeing and Productivity With Sound
  • Conscious Listening: The Key to Relationships, and to Leadership
  • Why Book Julian Treasure?

  • Julian studies sound and uses his work in transforming individual health, productivity and relationships through mastery of sound.

  • He uses his unique blend of accomplished stage technique and powerful visuals to show audiences how best to use sound in business.

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    Julian Treasure is a sought-after and top-rated international speaker. Collectively his four TED talks on various aspects of sound and communication have been viewed an estimated seven million times; his TED talk on conscious listening is in the rare group that have achieved over 1.5 million views on TED.com, putting it in the top 100 TED talks of all time.

    Julian’s book Sound Business is the seminal work on creating intentional, effective business sound, now in its second edition and also published in Japanese. He has been widely featured as a sound and communication expert in the world’s media, including TIME Magazine; The Economist; The Times; TV and radio in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Netherlands, as well as many international trade and business magazines and websites.

    Julian is founder and chairman of The Sound Agency, a UK-based consultancy that asks and answers the question: “How does your brand sound?”. TSA helps clients such as Harrods, Nokia, BP, Marks & Spencer, Helm Bank (Colombia), Waldorf Astoria and many major shopping malls across Europe to grow their business by optimising the sounds they make. The agency specialises in creating effective and appropriate organic soundscapes for branded spaces.

    Julian now draws on his 10 years of experience in optimising sound for brands to deliver memorable and transformative keynotes and workshops on personal communication and sound branding. His topics include: the hidden effects of sound and noise on us all; how to improve your conscious listening; how to master powerful speaking (including public speaking); how to optimise sound for a brand or business; and how to design sound environments for health, productivity and better relationships. His talks can transform business communication effectiveness, yet they also profoundly engage audiences at a personal level. The innovative use of sound in his talks makes them visceral and potent experiences that are always very highly rated by delegates.

    Julian’s vision is to make the world sound beautiful, by helping individuals to make and receive sound consciously, and companies to discover that good sound is good business – which is fortunately true, as The Sound Agency has shown. TSA has installed innovative generative soundscapes in Harrods’ new Toy Kingdom (winning the Gold Audio Branding Award in 2012 for this work), made the front page of the Wall Street Journal with a crime-reducing urban soundscape in Lancaster, California, and has proved that sound can increase retail sales, customer satisfaction and brand value. The agency is now the undisputed world leader in assessing and transforming sound in shopping malls.

    Before The Sound Agency, Julian founded (in 1988), grew and sold (in 2003) leading UK customer magazine publisher TPD Group, during which time he was chairman of the UK’s Association of Publishing Agencies, a director of the Periodical Publishers Association, chairman of PPAinteractive and chairman of the UK government’s Digital Content Forum. In 2002 he received the PPA Chairman’s Award for services to the UK magazine publishing industry.

    Julian is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Marketors and a member of the Marketing Society. He is a long-time musician, and remembers with affection his two BBC John Peel sessions (the bands were Transmitters and Missing Presumed Dead) – and playing live to 18 million people on the final of the UK’s X Factor precursor, New Faces. Julian was educated at St Paul’s School, London and at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge. His interests include music, sound, golf, technology, and Italy.

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    "Julian's keynote within our annual Panasonic Convention 2013, which we organise for more than 1,500 editors and dealers, was very well received by all guests who attended his presentation. For me, his presentation was not only an inspiration business-wise (because it was such a good fit for our consumer electronics products and Panasonic's name (meaning "Global sound"), but it was also good mixture of information - conveyed in a very lively way - and provided great learnings for everyday life. His subject of sound is universal and relevant for everyone, and I would recommend him as keynote speaker for other opportunities within Panasonic and externally."
    --Panasonic Europe

    "Julian was the keynote speaker during our annual Client Conference. He opened the conference with a fascinating presentation that included a host of interesting information on the science of sound and how it affects our daily lives at home and at work. He also included a couple of very relevant case studies for our audience. Without exception, his presentation was voted as the best of the event. Julian has a wonderful ability to communicate and connect with his audience and his hour passed all too quickly."
    --Russian Banking Group