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Lee Silber

Lee Silber

Creative and Innovative Training Techniques That Work
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Think Different
How innovators think differently to stay one step ahead.
Learn how the biggest thinkers and the best companies use innovation to lead.

Take This Job And . . . Love It
Get your people to fall back in love with their work and go the extra mile.
This program produces a measurable increase in productivity and employee retention.

Think Quick
Life moves fast and we need to keep pace with ideas at the speed of thought.
Think on your feet to come up with solutions on the spot and tackle challenges and change.

Beyond Busy
Using The New 90/10 Rule to do more with less and focus on what matters most.
People aren't just busy, they're beyond busy—how to handle it all without all the stress.

It's Not You, It's Me
You can't change people—leaders must walk their talk and set a good example to follow.
Learn how leaders inspire their people to want to make positive changes on their own.

The Wild Idea Club
Get your people to stop complaining and start focusing on finding win/win solutions.
This program pays for itself with improved ways to save your organization time and money.

How to be a hero at work by tapping into the superpowers you already possess.
A program full of solutions to common problems delivered in a fun and fast format.

One More Thing . . . (The Presentation Power of Steve Jobs)
Give the best presentation of your life each and every time you get up to speak.
This hands-on program covers everything from speech preparation to Powerpoint.

Feed Me!
How to give people what they want to get what you need—at work and at home.
Creative new ways to give everyone what they are starving for—recognition and respect.

The Perfect Pitch
The art of the pitch is finding creative ways to get to the point to close the deal.
This program covers everything you need to know to make your pitches perfect.

What Would Jimmy Buffett Do?
Surprise! There's a lot you can learn about business and life from rock stars.
Business and career advice comes to life listening to Jimmy Buffett versus Warren Buffett.

Think Small
New ways to take care of the little things so the big things take care of themselves.
This popular program focuses on small (but important) ideas for immediate impact.

A look at the ways employees drop the ball on our customers—and what to do about it.
We cover customer care in a way that creates touchdowns with simple (but key) changes.

Hooked on a Feeling
We are all after a feeling, and when we get it from our work, we work our tails off.
This powerful program explains how to create a much more harmonious work environment.

Simplicity—The Eighth Wonder Of The World
Quick and easy ways to simplify your life for more success and less stress.
Finally, a program about how to simplify and streamline things to save time and money.


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Lee Silber has spoken to more than a million people in public events over the past 23 years and regularly receives standing ovations for his passionate and powerful presentation style. Lorraine Sady of C.H.I.A. said, “Your keynote speech was the most motivating and entertaining keynote I’ve heard . . . ever.”

Lee gets rave reviews and high praise from meeting planners for his professionalism and personalization. Stephen Gebhart from M.G.M.A. said, “Nobody could believe you stepped in at the last minute. You did more prep work and customization in two days than other speakers do in a year. It’s no wonder you earned a standing ovation.”

Silber has worked with hundreds of companies as diverse as General Electric, the San Diego Padres, Marriott Corporation, and Roche Pharmaceuticals to name just a few. Sandra Williams of S.P. Richards said, “You were awesome. In fact, the person inputting the evaluations from your session wore out the exclamation point on her keyboard. The audience loved you!”

Even his peers recognize his energy and enthusiasm. Anthony Robbins exclaimed, “I want to congratulate Lee Silber on his work in empowering people. I hope he takes pride in what he’s accomplished as a speaker and an author. I’m impressed!”

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"You really set the stage with your amazing opening keynote. Thank you for 'Bringing It' and doing such an awesome job with customizing your keynote to match our theme."

"Thank you. You really delievered the goods. Every client I talked to had only good things to say about your keynote. I don't think I could say that about the speakers from years past."

"It was a pleasure to work with you and I admire how much you love what you do, and how well you do it. I was also impressed with how prepared you were. You really took the time to get to know our industry and it was amazing how well you were able incorporate specific examples about our members in your presentation."

"I really enjoyed the experience of working with you. Your presentation was great and very well received by the attendees. Thank you for making this years vendor summit a success."

"Your presentation was more than I could have ever imagined. You stood and delivered a message so powerful I am certain it changed lives. Every single evaluation and comment regarding Saturday's program was positive. In the 18 years I have been on the Professional Growth Committee, I have never, ever received such an overwhelmingly positive feedback for a speaker."