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What Happens Next?
It appears that pessimism has permeated our society. After more than a decade of flat markets, declining housing prices, and—quite simply—bad news, it seems we have succumbed to this “new normal.” The credit crisis continues to loom large. Europe is in decline. Will Greece even survive? And to make sure that everyone is acutely aware of all the problems, cable news, talk radio, and newspapers give us constant updates on the dismal and declining state of the world. What if they are all wrong?

Have we been blinded by it all? Are we extrapolating the present? Have we failed to peer around the corner and see that there is a new engine of growth in its very early stages? And it is accelerating! Is it possible that we have seen this all before but are so stymied by what lies behind us that we can’t see what is growing in front of us? The history books are full of examples of previous technology revolutions: the building of canals, the Industrial Revolution, the railroad revolution, electrification, mass production, and most recently, the information revolution.

Righting Your Book: Doing Business the Way Your Clients Want Business Done
The business of financial advice has changed continually over the last 30 years. When Mark passed his Series 7, the business cards read “stock broker.” Then came the titles “investment advisor” and “financial planner.” Today we are expected to be comprehensive wealth managers. But this isn’t just a name change on a business card; it’s a fundamental change in the way we run our business and market our services. Now that the recent financial crisis has created even more dramatic change in our market, more than ever we need to ask ourselves, “What changes am I making to change with it?”

The 6 Common Traits of the Most Successful Financial Advisors
For over six years Mark Zinder was employed as the national spokesman for one of the most respected money managers in the world, Sir John Templeton. During this time Mark would be asked to speak on behalf of the Franklin Templeton funds at locations around the world. Quite often, these trips were designed to reward some of the top producers in the financial industry. After his speech, Mark would often speak individually and continue to correspond with these high level producers. The most often discussed topic was, “Out of all the financial advisors in the United States (roughly 600,000 of them) what is it that you do that makes you one of the best?” Over the years of interacting with these advisors and evaluating what makes them successful Mark has pinpointed the common traits of the most successful advisors in the country.


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Mark Zinder is a seasoned financial professional and keynote speaker with a unique gift for making the complicated clear as he examines the trends and ideas actively reshaping business today. His insights on practice management and macroeconomics clarify investor needs and help establish you as the “adviser of choice.”

Mark came to the financial industry more than twenty-five years ago. He began his career as an investment adviser with Dean Witter. Supported by his strength and experience in communications, he quickly gained acclaim for his public seminars and became recognized by the wholesale community as a powerful and entertaining speaker.

By 1993, Mark was a new hire at Franklin Templeton Investments, and it wasn’t long before his speaking skills caught the attention of management. They named him Senior Vice President and National Spokesman. His job was to sit down with Sir John Templeton, Dr. Mark Mobius, and Michael Price, listen to their stories, and then travel the world speaking on their behalf.

It was a golden opportunity that gave Mark the privilege to become Sir John Templeton’s confidant, an experience Mark credits with developing his understanding of the financial markets and the perspectives of investors. In 2004, Mark started his own firm, Mark Zinder and Associates.

For the last thirteen years Mark has traveled the country and the world as a speaker, trainer, writer, and coach to investor advisers and wholesalers for major investment firms. His unique style instantly brings audiences to attention, and his memorable stories help them understand and retain valuable lessons about market history, investor behavior, and financial trends.

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