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Paul Karasik

Leading Management Consultant & Author
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Tapping the Multi-Generational Goldmine

New Opportunities for Growing Your Practice

The future of your practice resides with the sons and daughters of your clients. Your clients’ children will be the recipients of the largest wealth transfer in history. Baby boomers will be passing more than $30 trillion on to their children. Will you be the one providing advice to them?

Unfortunately, research by Fidelity Investments and PricewaterhouseCoopers shows, if current trends continue, more than 80%-90% of your clients’ children will fire you. According to InvestmentNews Data, 75% of all financial advisors have never even met their clients’ children.

And it’s no secret, Millennials and Generation X are flocking to tech solutions such as Betterment, Vanguard Personal Advisor, Wealthfront, Acorn, and other do-it-yourself solutions. Although they are savvy and have access to financial information, they need your professional advice and services.

This program will provide you with insights for establishing new and productive relationships with the individuals that will largely determine the future of your practice: your clients’ children. You learn strategies and techniques for:

  • Harnessing technology for inter-generational marketing
  • Initiating successful relationships with your clients’ children
  • Communicating more effectively with the Next Generation
  • Discovering cross-selling opportunities with your clients
  • Filling your calendar with new prospects
  • Insuring client retention and maximizing existing relationships MAXIMIZING YOUR POTENTIAL

    The Secrets for Achieving Peak Performance

    How do we bring more passion, joy and success into our lives?

    This program will provide you with the answers. Proven strategies and techniques will enable you to create a deeper experience of satisfaction, motivation and inspiration in your life. Guided by these powerful insights and principles you will create more life balance and maximize your true potential.

    By applying the simple formulas provided in this program, you will manifest more consistent results in all areas of your life, both personally and professionally.

    This fast-paced presentation combines entertaining stories, humor and visual reinforcement with activity-centered learning. It is based upon Paul Karasik’s PBS National Television Special, If My Heart Could Do My Thinking. You will be provided with the tools for:

  • Balancing “being,” “doing” and “having”
  • Visioning and writing your story
  • Accelerating success with Future Focus Momentum
  • Expanding the Life is Good Factor
  • Creating a perfect personal environment for growing
  • Making a quantum leap in your five life structures
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    Paul Karasik is one America's leading sales and management consultants. He is the president of The Business Institute, a sales and management training and consulting organization. Paul has devoted 18 years helping America's business professionals achieve their goals. He is the creator of eight sales and management programs.

    Paul's client list reads like a Who's Who of American business. His client list includes Prudential, Mercedes Benz, AT&T, IBM, New York Life, and Shell Oil.

    Paul is the author of four all-time business classics: Sweet Persuasion and Sweet Persuasion for Managers, published by Simon and Schuster and How To Make It Big in the Seminar Business and Seminar Selling for Financial Services, published by McGraw-Hill. His most recent books are Brilliant Thoughts and How to Market to High-Net-Worth Households.

    He is a frequent speaker and seminar leader at management conferences and advanced sales and marketing programs both nationally and internationally.

    Paul is the Founder and President of the American Seminar Leaders Association.

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