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Peggy Klaus

Author: Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It
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Connecting with others is about as basic a human need as food and water. And, in this age of instant and constant accessibility, the way you connect and share information is critical. But, when it comes to self-promotion, the fear of coming off as too showy or self-serving makes us cringe. So, how do you BRAG about yourself and your business in an authentic, artful and entertaining way regardless of where you are—at conferences, client pitches and even on Twitter? In this completely experiential workshop we’ll dissect the bragging myths and behaviors, learn how to brag (the good way of course), and create a framework with checks and balances so that you will never sound like a walking billboard, or even worse, a humble bragger.

We’ve all met people with a high Executive Presence Quotient (EPQ). You know, the ones who command a room with a compelling combination of confidence, warmth and strength. So why should you be projecting anything less with your own persona? This highly interactive workshop has shown thousands how to assess and then raise their EPQ by using the tools of voice, body language and humor to convey a more dynamic and authentic communication and leadership style in their interactions with clients, colleagues, bosses, employees, and the media. Don’t check your personality at the door. Instead, learn how to combine style with substance to exude executive presence wherever you go.

What do products, companies and celebrities have in common? A brand that’s easily identifiable and elicits a very strong positive emotional response. So in this competitive business environment, how do you capture the hearts and minds of your target audience and make yourself stand out? Branding Your Best Asset: You! is a high-impact, interactive workshop which gives participants the knowledge successful companies–and people– use to create brands with staying power.

Despite the recent outpouring of media attention, women’s willingness to “lean in” and President Obama’s proposal for reporting gender disparities in pay, studies indicate that it will take another 25 years before a significant number of women move into senior level positions, and more than a century before they occupy the C-suite. So what’s a woman to do? Give up? Take our marbles and go home? No, of course not! In this high impact, experiential workshop, learn four indispensable insights that many women are embracing to nimbly navigate the workplace, overcome unequal pay and gain access to higher opportunities typically afforded to men. We’ll touch on topics such as exuding executive presence, mastering the narrow band of acceptable communication, getting a guy (sponsor) and being political. Then, we will deep dive into the must-have of all soft skills, self-promotion, to give you a better way to navigate choppy workplace waters.

What’s the hard truth? It’s that soft skills will make or break your career! Recent studies show that careers fail or stall not because of a lack of technical or professional expertise (the hard skills), but rather because of a shortcoming in the soft skills arena. Based on Peggy’s best-selling book, this high-energy, experiential workshop provides insights, strategies, tools, and techniques for improving your own soft skills repertoire. Since soft skills are some of the hardest skills you’ll ever learn, don’t put off mastering them—or you’ll find yourself learning them the hard way!

Just because we’re not kids doesn’t mean we don’t love to hear a good story. The average American hears or reads 100,000 words every single day, 80% of which vacates our brains within 24 hours. So without a really interesting and compelling story about your company, your product, and you, your message doesn’t have a chance of making a lasting impression on your boss, prospect, client, or investor. We’ll help you craft your story and present it in a way that’s so captivating and engaging that your audience won’t be texting or tweeting during your presentation—unless it’s to tell their friends they’re listening to an amazing speaker!

If you’ve ever seen a performer walk a tightrope, you know that it takes agility, confidence and hard work. These same qualities are also essential to success in the workplace, particularly for women, who are forced into a far more narrow band of acceptable communication and behavior than their male counterparts. Yet, despite restrictive biases and stereotypes, women can navigate this band very successfully by being more mindful about their style. In this experiential, high impact workshop, learn what constitutes the narrow band and how to steer through these sometimes rough workplace waters with Executive Presence - a compelling combination of both warmth and strength - no matter what the situation.

No one likes to give bad news, but sooner or later each of us is stuck with delivering messages about termination, a negative performance review, or a non- existent year-end bonus. These challenging conversations can be vastly improved through careful preparation, practice and development of active listening and responding techniques and by having compassion and empathy for the person on the receiving end. We’re not saying that you’re ever going to enjoy these uncomfortable conversations, but at least you can learn how to handle them with warmth and strength.

If you’ve ever faced off a group of rabid reporters, you know how frightening it can be. You’re in the “hot seat” but you have to stay cool and craft a message that cannot be misconstrued on camera or in print. In a small group or individual setting, you’ll be prepped with customized, rigorous interview and on-camera drills honed to your specific issue(s), company, or industry. You’ll also get the skinny on developing sound bites, what to expect when you get into the studio, and if necessary, how to use a teleprompter. So, whether you’re preparing to meet the press, testify before Congress or be a guest on “Morning Joe,” you’ll be so confident, comfortable and relaxed that they’ll never see you sweat!

Why Book Peggy Klaus?

  • In today’s business world, competency in the soft skills is as vital to career success as knowing the hard skills. Peggy’s behaviorally based, customized programs enable clients to strengthen their leadership acumen and effectiveness in a variety of areas, including, but not limited to, setting strategy, managing others, risk taking, and communicating with executive presence before clients, boards, investors and the media.
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    You may have seen her on the Today Show and 20/20 or read her advice in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and O magazine. For more than two decades, Peggy Klaus has helped thousands of professionals succeed in the workplace by teaching the skills essential for great leadership and communication.

    The author of two best-selling books, BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It and The Hard Truth About Soft Skills: Workplace Lessons Smart People Wish They’d Learned Sooner, her client list ranges from Fortune 100 companies to small and mid-sized organizations and includes: JP Morgan Chase, The National Football League, Gap Inc., Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, MetLife, Mattel, Chevron, Oracle and Ferragamo, among many others.

    As an executive coach, Peggy works with professionals from a variety of industries from the C- suite on down. She also offers high-energy and often hilarious keynotes and customized leadership and communication programs on a multitude of “soft skill” topics such as executive presence, branding, self-promotion and political savvy.

    To inspire tomorrow’s classroom, lecturing students and faculty at the University of California, Berkeley (Haas School of Business, Boalt School of Law, and the School of Public Health & Sciences), Harvard University (Kennedy School of Government and the School of Public Health), Wharton’s Executive MBA Program, Pepperdine University (School of Law) and Smith College’s Executive MBA Program.

    In an earlier incarnation, she earned advanced degrees in drama, speech, and theatre from the London-based Royal Academy of Music and the Drama Studio. Peggy began her career as an actor and classical singer before moving to Hollywood to become a producer, director and talent coach. She has worked with actors, comedians, musicians, and broadcast news talent in productions for Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

    Peggy currently sits on the board of The Young Women’s Leadership Network and has served as a board member for the Women’s Leadership Board of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government as well as the Advisory Board of SAGE Scholars at the University of California, Berkeley. She’s the President of Klaus & Associates based in Berkeley, California.


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    "I can attest to the fact that even the most cynical of audiences will be entertained, engaged, and challenged during Peggy’s presentation"
    --Credit Suisse

    "Klaus’ greatest gift is helping professionals develop a commanding presence while still being themselves. It’s a real art"
    --GAP, Inc

    "I remember the first time I had to present to a group after the Peggy Klaus training. It was a high profile speech; the most important one I'd ever given. I didn't sleep the night before as my nerves had the best of me. But then I thought, I will come into the room and command attention. As I started to speak, I felt the passion I had for the job come shining through and everything just flowed. Since then, my co-workers have said many wonderful things about my ability to communicate, including 'You really take command in the room when you speak.' 'People stop and really listen when you speak.' 'You make people feel really welcome when you speak.' I will always be thankful for the gift Peggy gave me."

    "Peggy was outstanding! Our group loved her and I would recommend her without reservation."