Scott Bloom

Scott Bloom

Former VH1 Host and Favorite Emcee of the Fortune 500
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Humorist Keynote: Breaking it Down
When work life gets busy or complicated or stressful; Scott says break it down into the small stuff so it won’t look so overwhelming. And as a humorist keynote, that’s what Scott does. He breaks down the big things into small bits. Hysterical business-related bits on acronyms, partnership, teamwork, communication, language, the power of numbers and more. The end result is an intuitive lesson on learning to laugh. On maintaining a sense of humor in the workplace. On addressing one little thing at a time. His bright and clear performance is a release valve for stress and a motivator for moving on one sure step after another. He certainly has a knack for lightening the load.

Corporate Host and Emcee
An absolute delight, Scott is undoubtedly the consummate host of general sessions, the affable moderator of executive panels and the marvel of emcee’s for awards ceremonies. His intelligence and vibrancy create an instant and effortless rapport with the audience. His charm and gracious introductions provide smooth transitions that allow executives to easily slip into their roles as keynotes. And his congenial presence adds the seamless thread that holds a meeting together, keeping it tight and keeping it smart. Pair all of that with his sharp sense of humor and ability to improv and he can take moments of important material and make them seriously funny and always memorable.

As host, he’s the master performer and the common denominator who can cultivate an engaging environment where everyone is transfixed on the message and meeting purpose. As moderator, he’s the diplomat and agent for a lively and interesting dialogue amongst executives. And as awards ceremony emcee, he’s the quintessential, silver-tongued host who can lift the significance of the honor and broaden a winner’s smile!

He’s got it all and it’s all wrapped up in a formula that gives meetings continuity, messages potency and presentations relevance.

So the next time you’re looking for the master of corporate events and meetings, the one that can keep it tight, keep it smart and keep it funny, go to the go-to master, Scott Bloom, former host of VH1. Rest assured, you’ll be introducing the most polished component to staging a smooth and successful meeting. Ever.

Talk Show Host and Panel Moderator
Talk about keeping it smart, keeping it tight and keeping it funny! Scott can craft a talk show format into the best possible platform for delivering executive messages. Here’s how it goes. Rather than have one podium speaker after another, it’s one seated guest after another. Host Scott Bloom interviews. Executives respond. Host Scott Bloom keeps it light. Executives keep it real. Host Scott Bloom throws it to meeting-themed video clips. Executives provide the commentary. It’s an absolutely brilliant and delightful platform for delivering remarkable messages that play extremely well with the audience.

And when discussions get serious, Scott can moderate important panels of leaders and move them easily from topic to topic. Think news moderators and presidential debates. Then think Scott Bloom. He’s got the right stuff to get a panel going and going in the right direction.

Game Show Creator and Host
Bursting onto the corporate scene in 1990, Scott Bloom has stayed firmly entrenched and now he’s at the top of his game. Why? Because Scott is a funny man who means business. And he’s made it his business to develop custom programs that provide fun, interactive challenges designed to build teamwork, camaraderie and competition. From full-out game shows that fire-up a workforce and fill a room with pulse pounding excitement to individual challenges designed to elevate the audience’s contribution to the success of the meeting -- games and challenges a la Scott Bloom style -- are a zesty way to pepper a traditional business format and pep up the pace!


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Scott is a veteran comedian and television personality who has built a reputation as the "go-to" choice for business humor, having hosted hundreds of events for companies such as FedEx, Ford, IBM, MetLife, PepsiCo, Pfizer, and Verizon. In addition to his work as a highly respected emcee and comedic keynote speaker, he has had a successful career in television. Scott has been featured on Comedy Central numerous times, and was the host of his own weekly VH1 series. Scott recently co-hosted a national simulcast of the Grammy Awards from the Palace Theater.  He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Your Business, Your Audience
Scott makes it his business to immerse himself in the specifics of your business and your event. That's how he's able to talk like an insider about your organization's products and people, buzzwords and acronyms. With Scott, you get more than great comedy; you get customized content that is for and about your audience. The result is more than just laughter; it's an uplifting, shared experience that celebrates who they are and what they do.

Why Book Scott?
Scott can be trusted in front of any audience.  He’s smart, funny, clean and always engaging.  Never misses a beat.  He’s authentic and relatable.  And he’s a quick study.  In a heartbeat, Scott walks and talks the corporate brand and business.  In fact most of his comedic routines are built around the company and corporate culture.  His clients love that.  

He’s also quick on his feet.  Turning any unexpected moment on stage into corporate gold.  Clients love that too. And more than that, he’s a people person.  Audiences instantly connect.  And the message is always heard and embraced.  

On stage, executives connect just as well.  He has a way of inspiring confidence that the transitions and their introductions will be flawless - and that always leads to better speaker presentations.  He seamlessly and masterfully manages shows to successful outcomes.  At every level.  And, that’s why many of Scott’s clients continue to bring him back year after year.

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“Scott’s success with our group can be attributed to several factors. First, he is the consummate professional. He has experience in playing the role of a professional MC and it shows. Second, he solicited input from our group prior to the meeting to ensure a truly custom show. The work he pu into learning about our group and the market we support resonated extremely well with our audience. Finally, Scott’s material was very funny. His humor was politically correct and appropriate for our corporate audience without being predictable.”
--Abbott Laboratories

Thanks for doing a GREAT job! The feedback has been excellent."
--Pepsi Bottling Company

“First and foremost… I wanted to thank you another amazing show. It's been a while since we last worked together. As were fantastic. A homerun is what I usually say when your name comes up.”
--Drury Designs

"Fantastic! Funny! Quick! Smart! Creative! Witty! Professional! Those were the adjectives used by our customers to describe your performance. Thank you for the outstanding job you did as our master of ceremonies."

“When asked to rate Scott's performance on a five-point scale, 93% of respondents report that Scott exceeded expectations, with the remaining 7% reporting that he met expectations. A very fine showing!"
--Bridge Strategic Communications

“Thanks for the spectacular job you did at presenting the key messages of our new scanner. I honestly have to say I don’t think I’ve worked with a presenter who could “roll with the punches” as well as you did. You digested a ton of product information and presented it all in an entertaining and memorable way. Our product and marketing people were thrilled with the event. I’ve heard more than one of them brag about it. And they’re a tough group to impress so that’s a real win for you.”