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Stephen Birchak

The Jerk Whisperer
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The Joy of Neurosis - The Five Mental Skills of Resilient Leaders
Laugh, cry, and ponder new insights on resilience. A great opening luncheon or keynote, audiences gain new tools for dealing with change and creating personal strength. Life stories, humor, and wisdom will move and energize audiences. Applicable to most groups or settings.

Tapping Into Your Best Even When You Feel Tapped Out
A fun, insightful keynote or workshop. Audiences are inspired, entertained and motivated while learning the three essential lessons for obtaining success during trying times. Message gives clear insights for achieving greater harmony and effectiveness in life or work.

Resilience - Teaching Children to Survive Life's Tough Times
What are the critical factors affecting a child's self-worth? How can children deal with today's complicated world? A great conference opener or keynote for groups of all sizes. Audiences will chuckle, reflect, and relate to their own resilience through anecdotes, and life experiences.

Building a Child's Character By Tapping Into Your Own
How do we give children the best part of us? A lively, moving keynote gives audiences personal power and effective strategies for building character in children. Based on his book and programs he created, Dr. Bird provides laughs, insights, and strategies for tapping into our strength and creating it in others.


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Steve "Bird" Birchak (Dr. Bird) taps into his own experiences to bring energy to his presentations. Standing at 4' 9" tall, he has lived a life of numerous roles and has attained educational success (Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees), writing success (successful author), athletic success (American Masters Weightlifting Champion), and coaching success (former National Little College Wrestling Coach of the Year, coached 14 All-Americans, 52 Academic All-Americans, and eight nationally ranked teams). As a professor, teacher, counselor, coach, and parent, Dr. Birchak clings to the strong belief that our generation's greatest legacy is to tap into our human dignity and reconnect our sense of human worth. In a world filled with fear, paranoia, anger, and resentment, he believes that our greatest challenges are not in education or technology but in human relatedness and the need for a revolution of human character.

Dr. Stephen "Bird" Birchak has worked in higher education for over 25 years. He is a widely known authority and speaker in the field of aggression and violence, author of a popular new book for teachers and parents titled How to Build a Child's Character - by tapping into your own, and the co-author of the Champions of Dignity - a series of stories about nonviolent superheroes. Dr. Birchak emphasizes a focus on the family, community, and schools. He believes that connecting our efforts will provide the greatest results for our future.

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"I just wanted to let you know how well yesterday went. Dr. Bird kept our faculty engaged with an entertaining and timely presentation. I received quite a bit of positive feedback too! Please let him know how appreciative we are of him sharing his expertise and insights with us. Thanks again for all your help in facilitating Dr. Bird coming to Wheatland."
--Wheatland Chili Central School District

"Dr Birchak's appearance was amazing!!"
--Lake-Geauga United Head Start, Inc.