Dr. Steve Bedwell

Dr. Steve Bedwell

The Get a Fresh Perspective Guy
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Solving Problems, Managing Frustration & Taking Action in Chaotic Times
This program offers a perspective-centered approach to professional and organizational growth. Your attendees will learn evidence-based tactics for solving problems and managing frustration so they can take unflinching action towards high-priority goals.


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Steve gives keynote speeches at corporate, association and healthcare meetings with widely ranging objectives—including staff motivation, leadership development, sales training, teambuilding and introducing organizational change. He has spoken to an equally wide range of audiences, from lawyers and surgeons to sales professionals and software providers.

An experienced teacher—Steve spent seven years explaining the complexities of medicine at the Royal London Hospital—he presents a game-changing perspective on what it takes to stay sane in the face of rapid shifts in strategy, organization and technology. Audience members leave with science-smart tactics for solving problems, making better decisions and handling frustration.

Before working at the Royal London Hospital, Steve journeyed across continents conducting research in the U.S., Europe and Australia. He also found himself deep in the African jungle removing an appendix under the illumination from a car headlight!

Steve’s entire presentation is a PowerPoint free zone. Instead, he illustrates his ideas with “grab ’em by the eyeballs” demonstrations. These funny, crowd-involving moments break down silos, leave attendees more open to their colleagues’ ideas and start the process of building collaborative relationships across an organization. Expect a program that’s riveting, provocative and explosively funny…then watch Steve exceed your expectations.

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Every year we try to bring in a better speaker than the year before. After Steve, I've no idea what we're going to do for next year! It¹s going to be extremely tough to top his performance and message.
--Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance