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Building Business Relationships
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Conference Catalyst
A main reason cited for attendance Multi-Day events (conferences, trade shows, conventions, seminars, etc..) is "networking opportunites". However, most people never take full advantage of meeting the other amazing people in the audience. Thom Singer will serve as your "Conference Catalyst" and help make your meeting a more successful experience for those in attendance. Speaking not once, but in short bursts throughout the conference, Thom will give the attendees the necessary permission to make the contacts they desire. When attendees have a successful experience they are more likely to talk about the event to their peers and return the following year.

Some Assembly Required
Marketing, Sales, PR, Business Development, Networking, Social Media, and Advertising all contribute to creating your personal and professional brand. Those who create a collective balance of these business disciplines can establish stronger reputations that will lead them to greater success. Thom Singer's book, "Some Assembly Required: How to Make, Grow and Keep Your Business Relationships" is an important tool for every professional. Your network is even more important in a rough economy. Those who have a strong network of contacts will have more opportunities. However, many do not know how to cultivate real relationships that can and will lead to more business. This presentation goes beyond the basics of networking and inspires the audience to cultivate real connections by creating an "Integrated Visibility Program". Thom works with professionals to understand the power of their relationships, and turn that into real business.

Beyond Networking
A Guide to Winning More Business. Making connections is a great first step, but taking action and converting your network into real opportunities is what produces results. This talk encourages the audience to close more business with those who already know and like them.

The ABC's of Networking
Building your personal brand can be as easy as A-B-C. With just a few carefully chosen examples, your organization can be motivated to capture all the benefits of your personal and professional networks. Light hearted but inspiring, this presentation is for everyone who wants to build their personal brand.

Ten Items Or Less
The mistake that people make while waiting in line at the supermarket is that they assume the express lane will move quickly. However there is always the unforeseen issue that pops up and derails the process (Someone ahead of you has 50 items or they need a price check, etc…). The same is true in building your career. It is not just about you, but all those around you that lead you to success. In this presentation your audience will be inspired to work with others to achieve more together than any individual could do alone.

Better Decisions (with People)
Today's workforce includes "Baby Boomers", "Generation Xers", and "Millennials". All bring unique abilities to the workplace, but too much that we hear about the the generations working together sets up a competitive "us vs. them" environment. Thom Singer educates audiences on why we all have more to learn from other generations and the ways to embrace the differences to advance the common good. Inside our outside your company, how you connect with those of all age groups will have an important impact on your career.

Cooperative Significance
Everyone wants to be significant, but we cannot achieve this alone. Inside and outside your company you need to establish a team of people whom you can count on to be there on your path. Companies do better when their employees are connected. Turn over goes down, and morale goes up. Customers like to do business with companies with engaged and engaging employees. This program helps people identify their cooperative groups and open their field of vision beyond their own immediate needs.


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Thom Singer delivers high energy presentations for industries that rely on personal relationships for sales growth and advancement opportunity where people may be overwhelmed by the fog of technological options. When human engagement and connections matter, event organizers hire "The Conference Catalyst".

Thom will "wow" your audience with his practical and motivational presentations. He has experience speaking to groups large and small; keynotes, breakout sessions, interactive training and serving as the "meeting planners favorite" --- "The Conference Catalyst" (available as keynote or in the role of EmCee).

He is the author of eleven books on the power of business relationships, networking, entrepreneurship, public speaking skills, and legal marketing.  He has authored numerous articles for business and marketing publications,and has been quoted as a business relationship expert in a variety of business periodicals including Selling Power,, The New York Times, CNN MoneyWatch and many others.  Thom is also the host of the COOL THINGS ENTREPRENEURS DO Podcast (ask about adding podcast interviews from your event to his confernece services).

Thom and his wife, Sara, make their home in Austin, Texas and are the parents of two highly-spirited daughters.

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"Excellent speaker! Definitely knew his audience!"
--Restaurant Facility Management Association