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Walter Bond

Peak Performance - Your Organization’s Sixth Man
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No One Can Stop You But YOU! Epic Execution to Boost Performance

Keynote: 60-90 minutes

Are you ready? Are you really ready to go to the next level? Are you ready to improve your life, your business and your relationships? Most people are looking for ways to make a difference. Most people are looking for ways to make an impact. Most people are ready to look themselves in the mirror and say I'm ready right here and right now. I want to be more successful, more profitable, and more purposeful. And that all starts within. Learning the tools to look within and begin the execution process today. This requires thinking differently, executing daily and dominating right where you are.

That is what Walter Bond offers as your Chief Execution Officer. A catalyst for your organization to jump start, to energize and to make your team get the passion and the know how to move forward in thinking, executing and dominating.

As an athlete, Walter Bond spent his college days as the Sixth Man on the University of Minnesota Basketball team. Not starting but coming off of the bench. Walter quickly learned two things. First, the importance of being a catalyst. And secondly, what were some disciplines he must execute in order to fulfill his dream of being in the NBA.

When you have Walter share this message with your audience, they will learn of self discovery and execution. Walter will teach from his 31 Truths to Boost Peak Performance.

Disciplines such as:

  • strategic thinking
  • commitment
  • Excellence
  • consistency
  • adaptability

    Audiences will learn:

  • How Peak Performers raise the bar by setting goals continually and focusing on their strengths
  • How Peak Performers are diligent and work through adverse situations
  • How Peak Performers Chanel their mental energy to be optimistic and have great attitudes
  • How Peak Performers are disciplined and focused
  • How Peak Performers network and build healthy positive relationships
  • Let Walter share his Truths to Boost Peak Performance with your audience today.

    Visionary Leadership: Creating A Culture Designed to Fuel Peak Performance
    If an organization is a reflection of it’s leadership, what are you reflecting as a leader? If you want your organization to grow, first, you must be willing to grow. Your leadership ability will either direct your organization to the Promised Land or steer it way off course. Some people think that great leaders are born; others think they can be made. We believe both statements are true. We believe that whatever natural leadership abilities you were born with can be cultivated and improved. This program is a no holds barred message about what peak performance leadership is all about. After playing for some legendary coaches (and a few bad ones too) and working with industry leaders worldwide, Walter has made yet another amazing discovery. He has extracted peak performance truths that specifically apply to leaders. These truths will enhance the effectiveness of your leadership qualities. Walter Bond has created, what he believes to be, the holy grail of leadership. If you can learn, embrace, and internalize this 
    message, you will be well on your way to evolving into the great leader your organization needs to achieve peak performance.
    Leaders will learn:

    • How to create an earth moving vision and get others to accept and embrace it
    • The role integrity plays in leadership and ensuring yours remains impeccable
    • The ideal image of a peak performance leader
    • Attracting, developing, and retaining Peak Performers
    • How to build powerful work units within the company
    • How to build loyalty within your human capital and reduce turnover
    • Emotional intelligence strategies that build a stronger team
    • Keys to influencing your team members 

    Why Book Walter Bond?

  • He shares his personal experience in the NBA with corporate America and teaches audiences the importance of accountability and excellence.

  • Known as Mr. Accountability, Walter is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who effortlessly captivates his audiences with his message on responsibility and productivity.

  • He teaches audiences how to advance productivity through increased employee engagement and team synergy.

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    Like you, Walter Bond, knows what its like to be discounted by everyone around you. To run up against challenges that feel insurmountable. And to have moments where challenges were winning. But then Walter recognized a single truth that changed everything:

    Peak Performers have no excuses for failure; only reasons for success.

    After several stellar high-school seasons, Walters earned a scholarship on the University of Minnesota basketball team. As an average college player who was overlooked by the NBA, Walter tapped into a peak performance mindset, changed his work ethic and found himself as a Professional NBA Basketball Player for the Dallas Mavericks.

    Now retired from the NBA, Walter Bond shares stories, lessons, and the type of motivation that sparks the superstars to success, moves the middle players into action, and excites your attendees to come back for more.

    When Walter is on the platform you will have the knowledge and skills needed to take the proven path away from the pack and into the peak performer’s spotlight.

    Make your goals a reality. Motivate your team with powerful content from a power speaker - Walter Bond.

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    "The meeting went very well and Walter was a huge success!! Our brokers really enjoyed his session and their feedback has been extremely positive. He also spent some time after his session to sign his books for all of our attendees!"
    --ADM Investor Services


    "Our attendees LOVED Walter!!! He was our keynote speaker and he delivered. Next time, I’ll purchase books for all attendees."

    --AEGON Companies | Transamerica Life & Protection

    "Walter Bond was awesome! I've never seen our people get excited with any previous speaker. Thanks for suggesting him!"
    --Federal Financial Group


    "He did an absolutely great job. Got great feedback from all meeting attendees. Everybody just loved it. He was extremely effective in tying his personal message to the challenges our organization faces...Mr. Bond made an outstanding contribution to our conference. He was correct in his earlier email wherein he said he could knock this one out of the park! He most certainly did!"

    --Headquarters, Defense Commissary

    "Everything went very well with Walter – he was really well received by the franchisees! We all enjoyed him!"
    --Bruster's Real Ice Cream

    "Walter was a very entertaining presenter. He was able to get his message across while keeping the audience very entertained and engaged...He was a wonderful presenter. Our attendees thought he was one of the best presenters we have ever had."
    --Thomson Reuters, Tax & Accounting

    "We were very pleased with Walter Bond’s presentation... Walter is so easy to work with and spent a significant amount of time after his presentation visiting with the attendees and everyone found him very approachable."
    --The Travel Society