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Dr. Will Miller

Former Nick at Nite Resident Therapist & Host
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Stress Rx: Finding Happiness Through Connections
How many stress talks have you had for your people? Have they become repetitive for you and more focused on the dynamic qualities of the high priced speaker? Have they really made a measurable difference? One of the reasons so many stress talks sound the same is for the obvious reason that everyone is accessing the same scholarship and science. What they have in common is often a focus on alleviating stress for the individual by the individual. But as new research continues to affirm, coping with stress by improving the quality of your relationships is the real key. Dr. Miller’s presentation on stress also covers the latest research findings emphasizing that close relationships at work and at home are the variables that make the real impact.

The Shifting Standards of Ethics
Is there a universal sense of right and wrong built into every human being? This was certainly the view made popular through Western philosophy and practice. But in today’s global society, and with the shifting technological environment, ethical questions continue to confront us. Is our personal and corporate ethical sense based on what is best for the most people, victims aside? How do we ask leaders to make hard choices in international settings when confronted with such a broad understanding of what is ethical?

Dr. Will Miller, graduate professor of Communication Ethics and Strategic Communication at Purdue University, understands how we guide professionals through the tricky waters of shifting norms. His scholarly background as a psychologist, theologian, and educator, combined with his 20 years as a professional stand-up comedian, make this a highly engaging, and content-rich presentation.

Our Community: Finding Meaning in the Place We Call Home
The challenges of living in the era of social isolation and media immersion, Dr. Will offers a rich level of research and understanding into the plight of institutions charged with helping people live a well-balanced and meaningful life.

This presentation which combines scholarly insight with entertainment is ideal for civic gatherings seeking to cultivate community and family initiatives by nurturing meaningful relationships among populations filled with a variety of age, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

Discover how to initiate volunteerism, engagement, and new collaborations in your city, town, and state. Help your people discover the joy of being an active part of a community rich in opportunity.

Graduation Jolt: Now What?
The academic industry faces unprecedented demands. As a recognized authority on the challenges of living in the era of social isolation and media immersion, Dr. Will offers a rich level of research and understanding into the plight of the educational institutes charged with preparing future generations to live a well-balanced and meaningful life.

With five graduate degrees, Dr. Will shares the wisdom of his experience as a therapist and professor at Purdue University. And along with his two decades experience as a professional stand-up comedian, he offers a funny but incisive perspective to find real solutions for students and graduates and alleviate their worry about the future. Based on his book Graduation Jolt: How to Survive and Thrive after College Graduation, co-authored with Dr. Glenn Sparks (2014).

Why Book Dr. Will Miller?

  • Dr. Will is a nationally recognized expert on coping with stress and living a high quality of life and offers a new approach to finding balance and fulfillment in your life.

  • He weaves together a presentation on relationships, organizational health and workplace culture that combines groundbreaking research with comedy.

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    Dr. Will Miller's unique background as a professional standup comedian, television personality, psychotherapist, educator, and best-selling author of Refrigerator Rights, along with his five graduate degrees, make him a recognized authority on modern life and culture. His presentation, whether a keynote to a large audience, or as a workshop leader, combines all of these experiences. He has delivered thousands of speeches to the nation's largest corporations and organizations about living a well-adjusted life in a time of enormous pressure and stress. His message is unique in its approach that coping and change happen by fixing our external circumstance as much, if not more than our internal condition.

    A popular presenter in the corporate world, Dr. Will Miller frequently speaks for America’s leading companies including Microsoft, IBM, Citi Group, Prudential, and Merrill Lynch. He is an adjunct professor of Communication Ethics for Purdue University, commentates as the official psychotherapist for the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom radio show, and serves law enforcement as Police Chaplain. Dr. Will also podcasts weekly on the subjects of wellbeing and social connectivity.

    Dr. Will’s newly revised book Refrigerator Rights: Creating Connections and Restoring Relationships (coauthored with Dr. Glenn Sparks) delivers a unique message of how our connections to others provide a potent source of strength in achieving life balance. It is based on 19-years of social science research in the area of culture and interpersonal relationships. His aim is to show the connection between our loss of intimacy with people in our lives and the stress and disconnection that we feel in everyday life.

    Dr. Miller presents his inspirational message with the expertise that includes years of study and experience as well as humor. His authority of five graduate degrees and years of experience as a therapist and teacher assure his credibility as a speaker. His 17-year background in stand-up comedy and as a television and radio personality, assures his gifted ability to entertain.

    Whether on stage or via live webinar, if you are looking for someone who will energetically and humorously guide your organization through change, Dr. Will Miller is the speaker who will give your audience something to truly take away. Dr. Will and his wife, Dr. Sally Miller, have two grown children and four grandchildren. They live in Lafayette, IN.

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    "Dr. Miller was amazing!! He did a great job and hit the mark as far as what we wanted the impact to be. We had a student event that same night and many of the teachers that were present have students at my school…they even commented on how great he was! ...You guys are great!!"
    --Katy ISD

    "We're still talking, well laughing, about your presentation...outstanding! What a great approach to a topic everyone was able to relate to. Your sense of humor combined with a poignant approach to the impact culture has on creating relationships was incredible. Closing our meeting with your presentation on Refrigerator Rights was perfect!”
    --McNeil Pharmaceuticals

    “Your talk was an inspiration to us all...I will spend the entire weekend sitting on my front stoop reading Refrigerator Rights out loud to my neighbors.”
    --Pennsylvania Public Transit

    "Will’s teaching about the impact of popular culture on stress offers a unique and incisive analysis of the challenge of the modern lifestyle. And since these powerful ideas are wrapped in standup comedy, the reaction is always positive."
    --Merrill Lynch