Honoring Hispanic Heritage: the Story of Dr. Rosita Lopez

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Eagles Talent wants to shine some light on an extremely informative Hispanic keynote speaker.


We celebrate the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, with Dr. Rosita Lopez’s story. Dr. Lopez is an expert in leadership and diversity. She has spoken to thousands of people regarding several topics, ranging from educational reform to corporate and public governance.

She frequently uses personal experiences when addressing parenting skills, practical classroom teaching (experienced at the elementary, undergraduate, and graduate levels), and when managing contrasting perspectives.

Dr. Lopez is also known as a creative competent administrator, a certified bilingual educator with international recognition for depth and experience in education, as well as her work with non-traditional parents. She has also fostered educational reform, leadership, inclusion, and diversity. Because of this, she is a firm believer in taking charge of change.

She grasps and combines values, such as independence, drive, and passion to bring mindsets to whole new levels. Her audiences leave feeling motivated, confident, and satisfied!


For more information on booking Dr. Rosita Lopez:
check out www.eaglestalent.com or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.


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Meet Mechanical Engineer, Social Advocate & Writer: Yassmin Abdel-Magied!

Yassmin Abdel-Magied has been devoting her energy to making the world a more equal place through a combination of technical and social skill.

Since she was 16 years old, Yassmin has been empowering young men and women single handedly. At the age of 16, she founded the organization, Youth Without Borders, an organization that encourages young people to realize their full potential through collaborative and community-based programs.

Since then, she has continued to make a name for herself. She has sat on the Australian Multicultural Council, was Head of Media on the Youth G20 Summit and currently sits on the Boards of ChildFund, The Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR), and the domestic violence prevention organization, OurWatch. Yassmin’s advocacy work has been recognized with many awards. To name a few, she was Young Muslim of the Year in 2007, Muslim Youth of the Year in 2015, and  was the youngest woman named in Australia’s 100 Women of Influence.

Yassmin has a true passion for speaking up for what she believes in and holds a strong desire to help others get the treatment they deserve. Throughout all of these accomplishments, she found the time to become a debut author at the age of twenty-four with her coming-of-age-memoir, Yasmin’s Story. During her triumph, she also had great success in becoming a Mechanical Engineer and her work was even recognized by the United Kingdom’s Institute of Mechanical Engineers. She was named one of Australia’s most influential engineers by Engineers Australia.

In addition, Yassmin presents keynote speeches all over the globe and strives to combine lives of racially, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Keynote Speech Preview: What does my headscarf mean to you?


Furthermore, she will be visiting us at Eagles Talent for an interview on September 21st so make sure to send any questions you would like to ask Yassmin to our Twitter or Facebook pages to be featured in our next video!


For more information on booking Yassmin Abdel-Magied:
check out www.eaglestalent.com or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Tornado Mom Stephanie Decker’s Inspirational Message to Hurricane Survivors

In the devastating wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, thousands of individuals are working to rebuild their lives after being torn from their homes, communities, and in some cases, their families. The real heroes during these catastrophic times are the volunteers, first responders, and medical professionals who respond and act accordingly in order to help all of those affected by these terrifying acts of nature. National Preparedness Month is dedicated to training individuals on how to respond during emergencies and more importantly, providing them with the necessary steps that must be taken to rebuild their community in the aftermath of disaster. NPM encourages individuals to engage in preparedness and assist their neighbors—in turn, transforming ordinary civilians into first responders.

Stephanie Decker is a motivational keynote speaker whose message of “discovering your inner hero,” ties in closely with the goals of National Preparedness Month. As a victim of natural disaster, Stephanie’s life was changed drastically when a tornado ripped through her town of Henryville, Indiana in March of 2012. As her house collapsed around her, Stephanie lost both of her legs while protecting her two children. Her inspiring story and heroic actions are a true symbol of survival. Below, Stephanie shares her thoughts on the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma as well as some inspiring advice to those currently readjusting to life after the storm.


“Nothing is more intense than living, or should I say surviving through the ferocity of what Mother Nature hands us. The fear is paralyzing, wondering hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, if your time on this Earth will be your last. We all have an expiration date; is this ours? How can life be that fragile? How can it end as fast as the hurricane comes ashore and destroys an entire city? Once the sickness in your stomach has settled and you are one of the lucky ones, you realize that you narrowly escaped what was surely the end. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and it’s as if Mother Nature has played it’s most cruel joke yet. The skies are blue and fluffy clouds float above, as if She had never been this force to be reckoned with. You look upon the horizon and the horrifying details begin to unfold before your eyes.

Utter destruction, homes and barns are annihilated. Our dogs and cats that are pieces of our heart are stranded on leftover debris begging for rescue. The details are so detailed, it’s unimaginable. The scene takes your breath away, it has to be unreal. This has to be something from a movie because it keeps playing over and over as if someone has hit a continuous loop in your mind. How do we put all the broken and shattered pieces of our lives back together again?

HOPE and FAITH are what begin to help mend our broken hearts. You begin to see not just the destruction and despair, but the love and compassion. It’s almost, just almost, as if the world has tilted on its axis and stopped on all of the shattered lives in Texas. We begin to see the thousands of volunteers making daring rescues to save the lives of not just people but our animals that we consider humans. THIS is what has given us HOPE and FAITH that the world is still a great place. It has restored our faith in humanity. The human spirit is alive and breathing the life back into us, and piece by piece, plywood by broken plywood boards, one foot in front of the other, we begin to salvage what’s left of the life we have once known.

Will life ever be the same as we know it? The answer is “No.” This is life altering, it will change you. But that change can be the most eye opening, growing experience of your lifetime if you allow it to. You’re lucky to be alive. You count your blessings and say a prayer for those that aren’t so fortunate. Everything that was destroyed are just THINGS; things are replaceable, life is not. One day at a time you slowly rebuild not just your home, but your lives. There is a new appreciation for living, almost like a rebirth. You have been given a second chance, now what are you going to do with it? How can your experiences make you stronger? How can they make you a better person? It’s a choice. You choose how to handle hardships in your own life. Despite the devastation, the tears of loss and starting over, there is always hope.

Just remember to take a look around you and you will see it. Life goes on whether or not you’re ready. The birds are chirping and the sun is out; the grass will grow and the leaves will bloom again. We need to move forward because if not, what is our other option? There isn’t one, not a viable self-sustaining one at least. Embrace the happy moments even if they may be scarce and fleeting. Put one foot in front of the other every day; those bright spots become brighter and there will come a time you may not cry that day. When you watch that movie in your head as it will replay thousands of times, it’s not as heartbreaking as it was yesterday.”

For more information on booking Stephanie Decker:
check out www.eaglestalent.com or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.


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Exclusive Q&A with Award-Winning Franchisee Keynote Speaker, Scott Greenberg

Scott Greenberg is a driven keynote speaker with a high-performing mindset for leaders, teams, franchises, and great customer service.

Scott is an award-winning Edible Arrangements franchisee: winning the “Best Customers Service” and “Manager of the Year” awards.

He has broken barriers in the corporate world and spoken in the U.S. as well as internationally to corporate groups, franchises, and educational institutions on: leadership, resilience/overcoming adversity/adapting to change, team building, employee engagement, and customer service.


Recently, Scott took the time to answer questions about how he became an Award-Wining Edible Arrangements Franchisee:

  1. After receiving your bachelor’s degree at UCLA, in 1992, why did you choose to go to film school at New York University?

” I chose film production because I was in love with story telling, and at the time, I thought the only way to tell stories was visually and didn’t realize there were other methods and outlets until later on.”


2. Unfortunately, your cancer diagnosis caused you to leave school after one semester. Did you ever think about returning to film school?”

“Yes, my cancer diagnosis led me to go back home to Los Angeles for treatment, but with great fortune, I ended up beating cancer! I celebrated by running the Los Angeles Marathon to raise money for cancer research. After my recovery, I was ready to get back on my feet and ended up working in film production in LA for a little while.”

3. What led you to franchising two Edible Arrangements? And Was it a difficult process?

“I actually came across an Edible Arrangements magazine ad, still in its early stages and I was intrigued by the unique idea. However, my wife was a bit more cautious about my decision to take this course of action. She didn’t think investing all of my money on this concept would end up being beneficial to me. However, I had my idea and was running with it. Although there was a lot of paper work and legal preparations involved with becoming a franchisee, there was nothing too difficult. I did my research and firmly believed in the process, which resulted in building my first of two Edible Arrangements franchises in Los Angeles in 2005.”

4. What advice would you give to someone who is interested in starting their own franchise?

You’ve got to know who you’re investing in. You also need to have a passion for it and like what you’re selling.”

5. For over 20 years, you’ve helped business and organizations with your keynotes, what’s the secret to your longevity?

“I’m always incorporating new material into my speeches. I never want to make the same jokes and I usually build up my speaking momentum off of the different audiences.”


As a speaker, Scott Greenberg devotes all of his energy into helping individuals build a stronger skill set in order to grow their businesses, improve their teamwork, and increase their sales. Furthermore, Scott is currently working on writing a book and plans to visit us at Eagles Talent September 19th for an in-depth interview!



Remember to send us any questions you would like to ask Scott to our Twitter or Facebook pages to be featured in our next video!

For more information on booking Scott Greenberg:
check out www.eaglestalent.com or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.


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A Walk through a Memorial: Visiting the Museum and Re-Visiting a 9-11 Memory

Where were you on 9/11?


…Is one of the saddest questions you can ask an American today.

I was 17 years old and though I am from NYC, I was away at school in Pittsburgh. But unlike most students, I didn’t go to school that day. I was home, and unfortunately woke up in time to see the second plane crash into the tower. Everything felt cold, quiet and unreal…which is the perfect way I could describe my visit to the 9/11 Museum.

This past August I was accompanied by my father (a retired police officer), my 10 year old niece, and step mother to visit the 9/11 museum. To be honest it was something I had been putting off since its inception. Like most, I felt it would be too painful to experience. And though there were definite moments of emotional suffocation, I am glad I saw it for myself.

Each exhibit took you further underground, descending into painful memories of the last day of so many lives. It felt as if we were walking into a tomb, people bumped into each other — as if they were in a trance. We all were, at times it felt as if you didn’t want to breathe too loud, it almost felt like it would be disrespectful.

Whoever was behind the design, tastefully honored all who perished. It went beyond the physical set up, they have a very welcoming, supportive, and extremely empathetic staff. Though I did leave feeling sad about all the imagery, I also felt it is something we should always see, and never forget.

Footage from a 9/11 Exhibit:


But today isn’t simply about being sad about all the lost lives. It is also about remembering how we came together as a country to help one another.

We invite you to join us in taking a moment to remember.

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Life After The NFL: Matt Mayberry’s Path to The Podium

Did You Know?

There is a 95.4% chance of a player getting injured in the NFL.

Unfortunately, Matt Mayberry lived that statistic through a life-altering injury.

Back in High School, Matt was a break-out Football player. He played fullback, middle linebacker, and safety. Matt graduated with the school’s career records for rushing yards (2,827) and touchdowns (39) and set single-season records for rushing yards (2,242) and touchdowns (5).

During his high school senior year, he was heavily recruited and ended up with 19 scholarship offers! Ultimately, he chose Indiana University where he went on to receive the Howard Brown award in 2009. This award was given to the player who exemplifies leadership, courage, and work ethic. In his Senior year, Matt’s impressive performance running a 4.45 forty-yard dash at pro day at Indiana University, resulted in him being signed by the Chicago Bears in 2010. Matt finished his college career with 251 tackles, 139 solo, 10.5 sacks, 22.5 tackles for loss, three interceptions and three fumble recoveries.

Matt’s NFL career ended almost as soon as it began. He played one preseason game for the Chicago Bears before he suffered an excruciating ankle injury. 

This painful experience turned out to be a blessing because it caused him to embrace his true passion—his true gift—helping audiences achieve massive success by learning how to turn failures into triumphs.

In Matt’s keynote presentations, he strongly focuses on hard work, dedication, and overcoming adversity.



Matt’s work has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, NBC, Fox News, Business Insider, MSN Lifestyle, Fox Business, ABC, and ESPN to name a few. Matt’s first book, Winning Plays, released on September 6, 2016, and is available in stores everywhere.


For more information on booking Matt Mayberry:
check out www.eaglestalent.com or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.


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Celebrate International Day of Charity with Keynote Speakers Who Give Back!

In honor of September 5th being the International Day of Charity, we’ve put together a Top 3 list of our most charitable keynote speakers. These speakers have all gone above and beyond to help individuals in the most unfortunate circumstances.

Mallory Brown 

Mallory Brown is a Social Entrepreneur, World Adventure Traveler, and Global Humanitarian. She has founded two socially conscious businesses and implements innovative strategies that transform the lives of children around the world. In addition, Mallory has worked in 23 countries, representing dozens of companies, and hundreds of generous donors to help thousands in need. One of her most recent fundraisers was during her 30th birthday. She set a goal to raise $30K for 30 Ethiopian women to start their own business (in 24 hours). She raised over $41K. When it comes to giving back, it’s safe to say Mallory has set the bar high. As a speaker, she is a catalyst for change in improving the lives of others by sharing her miraculous experiences and motivating audiences to follow in her footsteps.


Travelling From: Michigan

Fee: $7,501-$10,000 – exact fee falls within this range.

Topics: Goal Setting, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Causes

Craig Kielburger

At just 12 years old, Craig co-founded WE Charity which is a worldwide development charity and youth empowerment movement (formerly known as Free The Children.) Since then, Craig became the co-founder and co-CEO of Me to We, an innovative social enterprise. Me to We provides people with better choices for a better world, including socially conscious and environmentally friendly clothes and accessories, life-changing international volunteer trips, and leadership training programs. In addition, Craig has written 12 books and has been inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame for his humanitarian efforts. In his keynote presentations, he teaches audiences how to use the me-to-we philosophy in their own unique way as well as leadership tactics for organizations, businesses, and individuals.


Travelling From: Ontario, Canada

Fee: $10,001-$15,000 – exact fee falls within this range.

Topics: Youth Issues, Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership

Elissa Montanti

Elissa Montanti, is better known as “The Saint of Staten Island” for helping child victims during Bosnia’s civil war. Her journey as a Saint began when she first reached out to recruit airlines, hospitals, physicians and prosthetic companies to donate their services. In addition, Elissa welcomed a young Bosnian boy and his mother into her home. Shortly after, Elissa founded the non-profit, non-partisan Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) for Children, whose mission is to aid children who are missing or have lost limbs or sight, have been severely burned, or have been injured due to war, natural disaster or illness. Elissa continues to work with all types of organizations and strives to help people in need. Her presentations are filled with moving stories, empowering audiences to do great things in their own lives as well as others.

Travelling From: New York

Fee: $10,001-$15,000 – exact fee falls within this range.

Topics: Empowerment, Social CausesInspiration

For more information on booking charitable speakers:
check out www.eaglestalent.com or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Don’t Stress the End of Summer: Life Balance Tips from Mr. Solutions

Summer is a season devoted to leisure and relaxation. For many, the transition from Summer to Autumn represents an overall shift in attitude and stress levels. Jones Loflin is an expert on work-life balance who understands that finding a healthy median between work and play is essential to living a happy life. The seasons may be changing, but that doesn’t mean your work-life balance has to change with them. Here are some tips from Jones:

“Anytime we can get people to laugh, it causes them to relax.”

Find humor in the little things. Summer nights may be filled with laughter and happiness, but that doesn’t mean a change in the weather needs to put an end to that. Find something you love that makes you smile and dedicate some time towards it. Explore seasonal activities (i.e. pumpkin carving, snowman building) that relieve stress and make people smile. Just a little bit of laughter creates a shift in your happiness and overall mood—it’s science.

“Dig to the bottom of what’s causing that stress…Now what’s one small step you can take to move forward?”

Typically, stress is much deeper than the surface level issue it presents itself as. The most important step in tackling stress is taking a moment to address the root of the issue. While it is easy to blame a broken windshield wiper for an emotional outburst, the real cause of your stress is probably something deeper—maybe the change in weather is adding an extra thirty minutes to your work commute? Addressing the real issue is the only way to move forward accordingly (i.e. readjusting your route to work to reduce commute time) and prevent stress.

Just stop; give yourself 15/30 minutes to…go to a place of less stress—whether that’s physically, mentally or emotionally.”

The worst decision one can make when handling stress is to push forward without rest. This can lead to physical and mental exhaustion as well as a slew of other health issues. Jones recommends taking a moment to stop and decompress. Allocate fifteen minutes of your day to unwinding in a stress-free zone. For many the beach is a “place of less stress,” but as Autumn approaches it is important to adjust your stress-free zone, not abandon it. For example, instead of the beach, take fifteen minutes to visit a local park and unwind from the day’s chaos.

Want more life balance tips? Listen to our full podcast interview with Jones Loflin here.

In case you missed our Summer Interview series, watch our recap below.

Watch Amelia Rose Earhart’s full interview here.
Watch Jones Loflin’s full interview here.
Watch Lisa Copeland’s full interview here.
Watch Janine Shepherd’s interview here.


See you next season!


To book Jones Loflin call Eagles Talent: 1.800.345.5607 or click here to visit Jones Loflin’s keynote speaker profile page.
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Eagles Talent Goes Live with Author & Keynote Speaker, Janine Shepherd


Recently, Eagles Talent had a humbling Facebook Live interview with a speaker who has overcome some of the most life-altering obstacles, Janine Shepherd.

Janine originates from the heart of Australia. She began training to be an elite ski racer for the Olympics at a very young age. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Janine’s training was cut short by a tragic accident.

Janine was struck by a speeding utility vehicle during a bike ride which caused her to suffer multiple life-threatening injuries. After major spinal surgery, and spending five months immobilized in a hospital bed, Janine returned home to heal.

But what would her new life entail? The dream of being an Olympic-winning elite ski racer may have been shattered, but a new dream was emerging. One day, she witnessed a plane flying above her and thought “If I can’t walk, I might as well fly.”

In this Facebook Live Interview, Host Ariel Villapiano sits down with Janine to discuss her struggles and share some moving advice on overcoming fear. As a keynote speaker, Janine incorporates her powerful message of overcoming adversity into her presentations. She shares the lessons she’s learned throughout her journey that continue to fuel her mind and spirit.

Thanks so much for joining us Janine! Click the video below to see the full interview.


To Book Top Motivational Speaker Janine Shepherd:
Call Eagles Talent: 1.800.345.5607
Or click here to visit Janine Shepherd’s keynote speaker profile page.

You can subscribe and listen to all of our podcasts on iTunes by clicking here.

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Podcast on Stress Management Expert, Author & Keynote Speaker Jones Loflin

Today, Eagles Talent is sharing an insightful interview with stress management expert and keynote speaker, Jones Loflin for Win With Civility Month.

In this Podcast, host Ari Frangias talks with Jones about his commitment to improving the lives of others, as well as his background in stress-management.

In addition to being an internationally-recognized speaker, he has written 4 books, Juggling Elephants, Getting The Blue Ribbon, Getting To It and Always Growing. Jones also holds a BS and M.Ed. from North Carolina State University. He is a member of the National Speaker’s Association as well as the Association for Talent Development.

As a speaker, Jones focuses on giving advice to individuals and companies faced with stressful situations. He incorporates humor and wit into his message, giving audiences a clear idea of the next steps they need to take in order to move forward with action.


To Book Stress Management Speaker Jones Loflin:

Call Eagles Talent: 1.800.345.5607
Or click here to visit Jones Loflin’s keynote speaker profile page.

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