Get Motivated with Stacy Allison!: First American Woman to Climb Mount Everest

eu200206_allison_stacyTrue leaders don’t blame other people or circumstances for what happens. They take responsibility.” – Stacy Allison

Stacy Allison is no stranger to making history. She is the first American woman to climb Mount Everest. Using her experience from this historic feat, Stacy aims to inspire audiences to climb to new heights in every aspect of their lives, whether it’s in the workplace, their personal lives, or beyond! 


Looking to book Stacy Allison for an event? Visit us at or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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How to Network Like You Actually Know What You’re Doing by Laura Schwartz

Networking is an integral tool that can propel you to the top. Nobody becomes successful on their own; you need the help of others to get you to where you want to be in life. Luckily, Laura Schwartz five tips on how to turn any opportunity into a networking opportunity. 

LShwartzOprah did it, and you can do it, too. It’s time to leave the comfort of your corner suite, cubicle, garage, coffee shop, or home office, get out into the world, and network.

A local TV host of AM Chicago in the mid 1980s, Oprah went on a date with the late, great film critic Roger Ebert at a Hamburger Hamlet and made the most important professional decision of her life.

She had two opportunities for syndication in front of her and didn’t know which way to go. Should she play it safe and go for the ABC deal offering to place her show on ABC owned-and-operated stations around the country? Or, should she go with King World, which would try to sell her show to every market in the country on a variety of affiliates? After Roger made a napkin list of pros and cons right there at the table, Oprah decided to take the King World deal and the rest is history.

Oprah wasn’t at a studio lot or in a boardroom when it came to what could arguably be the most important decision of her life. She was sharing food and conversation in a social setting. We all do it. Why not do it better?

If I learned anything while I was at the White House for eight years during the Clinton Administration, it was that any social engagement is an opportunity to find new relationships that can turn into partnerships and ideas to turn into reality. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, captain of industry, or recent college graduate, each day is an opportunity to grow and build your personal brand through networking. Do it well and with these five tips:


Office jokes the day after a party aren’t funny if you can’t remember them. If having a drink makes you feel more relaxed, have one. Just be wary of having three, four, or more. Alternate with water or ask the bartender to go light after your first. We all know this, but it’s amazing how often we can simply forget or get nervous and reach for another full glass. A boss, colleague, or venture capitalist is going to take how you behave outside of the office into consideration for anything inside as well.


Business cards are cheap to make, so have them and use them. It doesn’t matter how tech-savvy you are and who you’re trying to impress by bumping contacts with your phone—the transaction of a business-card exchange is tangible and the first of hopefully many future transactions.


Whether you’re with potential clients, colleagues, or friends, circulate and meet others outside your immediate circles. You never know when the next conversation will be the one that will change your life.

First Lady Jackie Kennedy had a rule at the White House: Invited guests could bring a plus-one, but they had to sit at different tables during dinner. This was her way to entice conversation.

Introducing different personalities to your group will make conversations more eventful, and others will surely appreciate having the chance to expand their social horizons as well.


There is a fine line between networking and stalking, but research before any event is a must. When you RSVP for an event, ask who else is attending or look at the email list on the e-vite and use that to your advantage. Run their names through Facebook and see what they are posting, LinkedIn to see their professional/educational history, Twitter to see what’s trending on their feed, or Pinterest to see what they are passionate about.

You can make a connection with someone before you even meet that will result in great conversation. Just remember to make these connections grow organically through a conversation—you don’t want to scare a stranger by asking about their three children by name.


Larry King once said, “I never learned anything while I was talking,” and he was right! It’s better to impress someone by showing interest in them than to talk too much about yourself. This is your opportunity to gather information and find where you can help them or connect on a project yourself. At the end of the day you can empower others just by listening to them—and that can be a gift in itself.

Follow these five steps as your foundation and your network will grow as fast as your business opportunities. It doesn’t matter if your name is in lights or in 12-point type—you’ll make an impression, and grow yourself and your business at the same time if you just start by getting outside of your office!

Laura Schwartz is the former White House director of Events (under the Clinton Administration) and quickly climbed her way up the ranks as staff assistant, Midwest press secretary, the director of Television and ultimately the White House director of Events. Currently, Laura is an author, board member of Clean the World Organization, the American Heart Association, and Common Threads as well as an active keynote speaker represented by Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau.

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Why Businesses in Transition Benefit from Motivational Speakers

Transitional periods are a necessary, yet often challenging time for businesses. We know that change is what drives innovation and growth, yet setting new goals, modifying internal operations, and adjusting protocol can be difficult for leaders and their employees.  For businesses working through the adversity of implementing improvements, a motivational speaker can serve as a valuable way to not only bring a business together, but help a business regain clarity, definition, and ambition.

Eagles Talent motivational speakers

A business in transition is one that’s likely prone to a degree of self-doubt, as it’s faced with important, sometimes risky, decisions that can significantly impact its future for better or worse. When businesses take these risks, it can prove difficult for all members of a team to remain confident in the decisions that have been made, as well as embrace a new identity moving forward. Motivational speaker Anne Mahlum, a social entrepreneur and founder of the non-profit Back on My Feet, which helps homeless individuals regain stability, understands the importance of redefinition and the ability to move forward with confidence.  In fact, Mahlum’s mission for Back on My Feet is all about redefinition, and her electric speeches help businesses forge new and improved identities. As Mahlum communicates to her corporate audiences, successful transitions in business are as much about perspective and positive self-valuation as they are direct action.

Clarity and purpose are also essential characteristics for a business in transition. Speaker Amelia Rose Earhart uses her incredible life experiences to motivate others to identify their own purpose, or as she calls it, their “True North.” As the youngest woman to fly around the world in a single engine plane, Earhart understands how goal-setting, determination, and a strong sense of purpose can make dreams become realities. Earhart’s emphasis on taking clear, direct action to accomplish goals is particularly valuable to the business with shifting dynamics and priorities, as it may be easily overwhelmed with an abundance of options and distractions that delay action and stand in the way of achieving objectives. With her key insight on ways to develop a clear action plan rooted in purpose, Earhart’s “True North” talk can help any business fly the right course.

Stephanie Decker intimately understands the adversity that can accompany major change. After a tornado destroyed her home and took both of her legs, Decker has learned to live life as a double amputee. Decker shares her understandings of how a combination of goal setting, teamwork, and a dash of good humor can result in outcomes that benefit larger goals and a greater good. Since her double amputation, Decker has worked tirelessly to advocate for increased access to advanced prosthetics and has created her own non-profit foundation to accomplish this aim. For Decker, adapting to change is all about outlook; as Decker emphasizes in her speech, a positive attitude is imperative for facing challenges in life and in the world of business head on.

Whether your business is in the process of changing its brand and mission, or whether it’s simply aiming to revise existing protocol, motivational speakers can provide the unity and focus needed to ensure these changes are carried out in both a seamless and effective manner.



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Business Speaker Robert Tucker Awarded 2015 BrandLaureate Award

Q: What does Steve Jobs, Taylor Swift, and Robert B. Tucker all have in common?

A: A BrandLaureate Award!

RobertRobert B. Tucker was just awarded the 2015 BrandLaureate Award as Leading Author and Speaker in Innovation and Growth by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation.

One of the most prestigious awards, The BrandLaureate awards innovators in business growth, branding and development and acknowledges their changes and contributions to society. With this award, Robert Tucker is in good company. Past recipients of the BrandLaureate award includes Nelson Mandela, Mark Zuckerberg, and Hillary Clinton.

In case you don’t know, Robert B. Tucker is president and founder of The Innovation Resource, and one of the world’s most in demand innovation and business speakersHe seeks to help individuals and corporations build creative, collaborative cultures and devise internal systems required to discover new ventures and prosper in a changing world. He guides businesses to move beyond simple improvements and produce truly game-changing new products, services and strategies.

Looking to book a Robert B. Tucker for an event? Visit us at or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Top 10 African American Keynote Speakers & Entertainers on YouTube

Top-10-300x275In honor of Black History Month, Eagles Talent wants to highlight ten of our most viewed keynote speakers and entertainers from our YouTube page. These speakers draw from their past experiences and seek to inspire audiences everywhere with motivation, wisdom, and humor!


1. Coach Ken Carter

Coach Carter gives hard-hitting advice about accountability, integrity, teamwork and leadership to succeed both on and off the basketball court. His no non-sense approach to getting things done is the force that has enabled him to have the tremendous positive influence on others.


2. Daymond John

Daymond John is the personification of the American Dream: from humble beginnings to over 4 billion in global products and the star of ABC’s Shark Tank. He will empower audiences, more than any business advisor, to make positive change, set goals, and achieve success to live their own American Dream. 


3. Walter Bond

Known as Mr. Accountability, Walter Bond is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who effortlessly captivates his audiences with his message on responsibility and productivity. He teaches audiences how to advance productivity through increased employee engagement and team synergy.


4. The Temptations Review

The Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards knows how to generate wonderful “Memories” as they entertain audiences around the globe. They are sure to stir the memories of loyal fans as they create new ones, both young and old.


5. Devon Harris

Devon Harris’ captivating message on conquering the impossible and embracing change teaches you how to move past the inevitable obstacles and live your best life. His story is featured in the hit Disney movie “Cool Runnings” and exemplifies dedication and fortitude and inspires audiences to “keep on pushing.”


6. Reggie Brown

While he always felt a greater calling, no one could have ever predicted that Reggie Brown would one day become the President of the United States…Well…Sort of…. Reggie has traveled all over the world performing both comedic and dramatic portrayals of his Presidential character and has been featured on every major media and news outlet. 


7. Dr. Traci Lynn

Dr. Traci Lynn’s mission is to motivate, inspire, and change people by getting them to step out of their comfort zone, moving them to greatness, and to transforming their lives. She is all about letting people know that they have the power to change their financial future and destiny if they set their minds to it and see the bigger picture.


8. The Three Doctors

Drs. Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt and George Jenkins, fondly known as The Three Doctors serve as an extraordinary model of leadership for anyone who’s been through any kind of life challenge or major hardship. Today, these three men have overcome countless obstacles and proudly bear the subtitle of doctor and serve as the face of health and education for youth and families across the country. 


9. Thurl Bailey

From the youth to the corporate world, Thurl Bailey inspires others to win whatever the odds or disappointments. Master storyteller and accomplished speaker, he inspires companies and individuals to focus on what matters most; to persevere, build winning teams, encourage peak performance, develop leadership, and discover opportunity in change.


10. Simon T. Bailey

He is a leadership expert and catalyst for emerging leaders, helping them shift their thinking using a proactive approach, resulting in improved performance and accelerated results. He provides the tools and techniques on how to identify problems, think through solutions, and adopt new habits that will positively impact one’s team and company.

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Angela Davis, Prominent American Political Activist & Scholar, Inspires Change!

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” – Angela Davis

O_184d9f859b92d07d8352e9530082c8a5angeladavisAngela Davis has long been an advocate for change. Emerging to the public sphere in the 1970′s, Angela has long been a controversial figure known for being vocal about the social, political, and economic injustice in this nation. From being on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list, Angela used her platform and capitalized on her fame to voice her concerns about societal struggles having to do with race, gender and equality for all. Today, Angela is a worldwide renowned keynote speaker who spreads her knowledge at events and college campuses across the globe. She seeks to inspire change and and show audiences everywhere that they have the power to make a difference in this world.

Looking to book a Angela Davis for an event? Visit us at or call our office at1.800.345.5607.

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It’s Our One Year SoundCloud Anniversary!

OTop-10-300x275ne year ago this month we launched our official SoundCloud page! SoundCloud has allowed us to share with you all the magic of keynote speakers in only a minute or less! We want you to join us in celebration as we count down our top ten most listened to speakers in the history of our SoundCloud page!

#1. Willie Jolley

They don’t call him the master of motivation and music for nothing! Willie Jolley is undoubtably one of the most influential keynote speakers around. His way with words never fails to amaze audiences and captivate them to fall in love with his key message of success.

#2. LaDonna Gatlin

Hailing from a great musical family, LaDonna Gatlin uses music and the art of speech to help motivate those around her. Her keynote presentations are powerful and she always leaves audiences inspired to “sing their own song!”

#3. Jack Canfield

Everyone can learn a thing or two from Jack Canfield. Known as America’s #1 Success Coach, Jack watched his business, “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” grow into a billion dollar franchise. Jack knows exactly what it takes to achieve corporate success and can help your company do the same!

#4. Walter Bond

Known as Mr. Accountability, Walter Bond uses the valuable leadership and teamwork skills that he learned as a former NBA player, and applies them to the corporate world. 

#5. Doug Jones

Doug Jones is both an educator and a motivator. Using the skills he cultivated at IBM, Doug provides helpful insight on how to create a productive corporate culture, along with tips on how to stay competitive all while keeping up with rapid change.

#6. Gail Blanke

Gail Blanke is one of this nations most sought after keynote speakers. She offers her wisdom to some of the biggest CEO’s in America and as a keynote speaker, she offers the same wisdom at events across the nation!

#7. Shawn Achor

Using the science of positive psychology, Shawn Achor brings a fresh approach to audiences everywhere. Blending in humor with education, Shawn has the ability to keep audiences motivated and engaged.

#8. Krish Dhanam

Krish Dhanam successfully delivers his message of hope, humor and balance in over forty international venues and throughout the continental United States. He speaks on the issues of freedom, discipline, dignity, pride, possibility, work ethic and relationships with a depth that will resonate with any audience. 

#9. Mike Howard

From ordinary to extraordinary, Mike Howard will move your organization to a new level of achievement. Mike will educate, challenge and elevate your audience to a new level of realization using the lessons he learned from working on the NASA team during the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. 

#10. Stephanie Decker

Stephanie Decker has become a true symbol of survival and overcoming adversity. Using her own story, she provides the inspiration and motivation your team needs to take on challenges. She helps you discover your inner hero, as well as recognize the everyday heroes in life. She shares how humor, teamwork, and setting goals can be used to overcome any obstacle.

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Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Miracle on Ice with Mike Eruzione and Jim Craig

S1980-usa-hockey-victory01ports has the unique ability to unite people from all different walks of life. 35 years ago this Sunday, the United States hockey team shocked the entire world when they beat the Soviet Union at the Winter Olympics of 1980.

What makes this win so historic is the fact that the Soviet Union was engaged in a highly intense battle with the United States in the heat of the Cold War.

All of the odds were stacked against them; the Soviet’s team was a force to be reckoned with and Team USA was seen as amateur and the world anticipated their defeat. Despite these grim predictions, Team USA still gave it their all, no matter what the circumstances were. This win demonstrated to the world that no matter how much the odds seemed stacked against you, with hard work and dedication, you can determine your own success.

Mike Eruzione and Jim Craig, two notable team members on that victorious day, share their experiences with audiences around the world as keynote speakers.

Mike Eruzione

2-t1392548-Mike Eruzione served as the passionate team captain that led the 1980 United States Olympic Hockey Team to its Gold Medal victory at Lake Placid. The focal part of the games for Eruzione was his winning goal against the Soviet Union in the game that astonished the world. Today, Mike Eruzione is a highly sought after motivational speaker who uses his teamwork and leadership experience and applies it to the corporate environment. 

Jim Craig

goalie-craigJim Craig is universally known as the heart and soul of the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey team. The “Miracle on Ice” victory for the United States over the seasoned and undestructable Soviet Union team is widely considered as one of the most remarkable sports achievements of all time, and the team’s success is attributed to phenomenal teamwork. He translates many of the key teamwork principles from the Olympics into successful business methods and uses them to educate and assist organizations in developing a team-oriented environment. 

We would like to thank Team USA for inspiring us all and encouraging us to overcome every obstacle placed against us!

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Celebrate President’s Day With This Motivational Quote from President Barack Obama

“We may come from different places and have different stories, but we share common hopes, and one very American dream.” – President Barack Obama 

president_official_portrait_hiresPresident Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States, making history as this nations first African-American president. The election of this president is a prime example that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. America is and has always been a country built on achieving the impossible and determining your own success. This Black History Month, we want to encourage you to think big and free yourselves of any obstacles that have been set in front of you. Happy President’s Day!

Looking to book a political speaker for an event? Visit us at or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Top Ten Keynote Speakers To Fall In Love With This Valentine’s Day

ITop-10t’s Valentine’s Day weekend and Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau is sharing a handful of the top keynote speakers we LOVE.

These ten fiery speakers have just the right amount of passion in their craft to keep you inspired this Valentine’s Day weekend.

#1. David Trumble

Not only is David Trumble a marvelous cartoonist, but he is also a captivating keynote speaker. In his presentations, David illustrates new ideas for audiences to take away and apply to their everyday approach to life.


#2. Laura Schwartz

If anyone knows how to take advantage of an opportunity, it’s Laura Schwartz. Starting from a volunteer position working in the White House, this phenomenal woman worked her way up the ranks to become White House Director of Events for the Clinton Administration. These networking skills translate in her keynote presentations, where she shows audiences how to maximize their experiences to rise to the top.


#3. Stephanie Decker

It’s hard NOT to love Stephanie Decker. Stephanie tells the miraculous story of how she sacrificed her life to save her two children in a devastating Indiana tornado. Though the incident led to her legs being amputated, her ability to inspire audiences is still well intact, as she users her story of overcoming adversity to empower people all over the world.


#4. John C. Havens

Technology can be a tricky tool, but John C. Havens knows all the ins and outs of how to master technology and use it to hack into your happiness. John shows audiences everywhere how to embrace changes in the tech world and use it to their benefit in the work place and beyond.


#5. Tim Sanders

It’s no doubt that social media is taking over rapidly, but Tim Sanders aims to teach businesses how to capitalize on this trend and use it to grow your company. His passion for this topic exudes in his keynote speeches and spills over into success for you and your company.


#6. Erica Dhawan

Always thinking ahead, Erica Dhawan is knows how to tackle new changes and turn them into strategies to create high performing teams and keep your company connected. Dhawan is a forward thinking Connectional Intelligence expert whose keynote speeches seek to revolutionize companies across the globe.


#7. Anne Mahlum

Anne Mahlum is a social entrepreneur, humanitarian and a compelling motivational speaker. Her organization, Back on My Feet, provides help and guidance to homeless youth and aims to change the global perception of homelessness. Anne sets out to help as many people as possible, through events, charity work, and fascinating keynote speeches.


#8. Zubin Damania 

Zubin Damania is more than just the extremely popular Youtube personality, ZDoggMD, he is also a widely sought after keynote speaker. This healthcare expert’s presentations combine the right ingredients of humor, creativity and education to help your audiences have a better understanding about the complexities of the healthcare industry. 


#9. Doc Hendley

Doc Hendley is a hero, not just by our standards, but by CNN’s standards as well. In 2009, he was honored as a CNN Hero for his devotion to providing clean water to the 1.1 billion people around the world who aren’t fortunate enough to have access to it. His passion for bettering the world is sure to provoke audience members to spark a change in themselves and the people around them.


#10. Karen Jacobsen

Karen Jacobsen, otherwise known as GPS Girl, can steer your company onto the path of success. Karen’s life changing keynote presentations will help your audiences recalculate their lives and lead them into the right direction to go in order to expand their talents.

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Our entire Speakers Bureau team is passionate about helping corporate meeting planners shine. With over 30 years of hands-on experience and worldwide contacts, we give you access to acclaimed motivational speakers, celebrities and entertainers. We’re dedicated to helping you make the right choice and earning the right to serve you.