Top Five 2017 Keynote Speakers on Diversity and Inclusion

Deaglesnewtop5iversity and inclusion are two great characteristics for any organization. These five keynote speakers use their personal experiences to help unify companies, despite their differences. Together they have helped countless organizations embrace the diversity within their teams.


consuelo1. Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch

Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch grew up with the challenges of poverty and discrimination. However, none of that stopped her from becoming successful in the military, and creating a company that empowers the next generation of leaders. As a renowned, charismatic and passionate speaker shares her story with people around the world. more

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Traveling From: Nevada
Fee: $10,000-$15,000 exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Education, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion


stephen young2. Stephen Young

For more than a decade, Stephen Young has been a featured speaker at business conferences worldwide. His widely
acclaimed seminar, MicroInequites: The Power of Small, has been used by some of the nation’s top corporations and is being hailed by corporate America as the new paradigm for diversity and leadership! more

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Traveling From: New Jersey
Fee: $10,001-$15,000 exact fee falls within this range
Topics: CEOs & Business Leaders, Diversity and Inclusion, Corporate Culture


chris bashinelli3. Chris Bashinelli

Chris “Bash” Bashinelli gave up his acting career on The Sopranos to exchange with the world. As host of the show Bridge the Gap, on PBS and the National Geographic Channel, Chris takes a walk in the shoes of people halfway around the world and encourages his audiences to think differently about their lives. He has spoken across the globe and is an expert on service, productivity and cultural exchange. more

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Traveling From: New York
Fee: $10,001-$15,000 exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Overcoming Adversity, Trending Fresh Perspective Keynotes, Diversity and Inclusion


rosita4. Dr. Rosita Lopez

Dr. Rosita Lopez is an inspirational speaker who is expert in educational aspect of leadership and diversity. As a professional speaker, she motivates and empowers teams with the skills and practical tools necessary to actually succeed in driving change. more

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Traveling From: Illinois
Fee: $5,001-$7,500 exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Education, Communication Skills


hyeonseo5. Hyeonseo Lee

Hyeonseo Lee escaped from North Korea and China and is a refugee activist. Her escape to China and struggle to bring her family to freedom has inspired millions who watched her 2013 TED Talk. Hyeonseo advocates for North Korean human rights and refugee issues. Hyeonseo believes that with help from supportive members of the international community, together they can make a real difference. more

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Traveling From: Asia
Fee: $20,000-$30,000
Topics: Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Trending Fresh Perspective Keynotes


For more information on booking a keynote speaker who specializes in Diversity and Inclusion, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Top Five 2017 Leadership Keynote Speakers

Heaglesnewtop5ere are top five speakers who are experts in leadership.             Their experience ranges from playing in the NFL, to being top business professionals. Together they help thousands become better leaders with their insightful keynote presentations, and key messages that can be applied to any organization.



tom flick1. Tom Flick

Former NFL quarterback, Tom Flick is an authority on leadership. He helps people become more effective leaders by looking at things from a different perspective in order to find new ideas for approaching challenges and moving things forward. more

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Traveling From: Washington
Fee: $20,001-$30,000 exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Change, LeadershipTeam Building


Patrick Lencioni2. Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni is a business visionary and the author of 11 best-selling books. He speaks to thousands of leaders each year at world-class organizations and national conferences. And his leadership models have yielded a diverse range of speaking clients. more

More About

Traveling From: California
Fee: $50,001-$75,000 exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Leadership, Management, Corporate Culture


karyn3. Karyn Buxman

Audiences love Karyn Buxman’s message of laughter and leadership! She teaches them how to “Lead with Laughter” and believes this will lead to powerful cultural changes within the organization that result in better customer service, greater productivity, and enhanced morale. more

More About

Traveling From: California
Fee: $10,001-$15,000 exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Health & Wellness, Humorists, Leadership


eric boles4. Eric Boles

Former NFL player, Eric Boles is an expert in leadership, teamwork and personal development. He’s also president of The Gamechangers Inc.– a training and consulting company that specializes in these areas. As a highly acclaimed keynote speaker, Eric addresses thousands of people on the topics of leadership, team dynamics and more. more

More About

Traveling From: Washington
Fee: $15,001-$20,000 exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Leadership, Team Building, Personal Growth


todd5. Dr. Todd Dewett

Dr. Todd Dewett is an inspiring authenticity speaker in leadership. As a keynote speaker, Todd has the ability to use words that light a fire inside people! His leadership and life insights have been featured in the New York Times, TIME Magazine, Forbes, and other esteemed publications. more

More About

Traveling From: Texas
Fee: $10,001-$15,000 exact fee falls within this range
Topics: Leadership, Customer Service, Change


For more information on booking a leadership keynote speaker, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Announcement: Eagles Talent is Proud to Manage Lisa Copeland, Award Winning Sales Strategist & Top 100 Women in Automotive Industry!

Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau, with 30 plus years in the speaking industry, is proud to partner and manage Lisa Copeland for speaker bureau engagements.

lisa copelandAbout Lisa Copeland:

Lisa Copeland is an award winning sales strategist, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and was named one of the Top 100 Women in Automotive Industry! Lisa has dedicated her career to revolutionizing the automotive industry, and has leadership roles in multiple organizations that benefit women all over.

In 2015, Lisa and FIAT of Austin earned the FCA’s highest honor “The Walter P. Chrysler” Award for sales and service excellence. The following year, Lisa sold her award-winning dealership to pursue her passion for leading a team that is committed to transforming businesses and promote corporate civility and winning cultures. She joined the executive team of Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 (EBW2020) as Chief Marketing Officer, where she continues her dedication to promote the full economic potential of women across the globe through financial education and technology.

lisa speakingLisa continues to prove herself as a true advocate for all women through multiple projects, such as being the co-founder of Women Impacting the Nation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to advancing leadership roles for women. She is also the creator of, which was developed to empower women consumers. And in 2012, the Girl Scouts of Central Texas named her one of their “Women of Distinction.”

Although Lisa developed most of her experience in the automotive industry, her sales techniques are applicable in a wide range of industries. As a professional keynote speaker, Lisa speaks on multiple topics such as Crushing it in Business, Corporate Culture, and Breaking Glass Ceilings. She has done keynotes for many events including Texas Women’s Conference, Automotive Leadership Round Table, Digital Dealer, NADA, and her personal favorite, the inaugural Women in Automotive Conference in 2015.


Speaking Reviews:

“I’ve never seen someone engage an audience like Lisa Copeland. It isn’t easy to get 500+ women to settle down at a luncheon, but Lisa captivated and inspired the crowd from hello. Humor, passion and inspiration are what you can expect from this superb speaker. I would have her keynote all of my events if I could!”
— Women’s Magazine

“Lisa is also an incredible salesperson herself, an excellent manager and a dynamic leader, and what she and her team have achieved at the Fiat of Austin store is unprecedented. There’s no question that Lisa helps inspire the enthusiasm.”
— FIAT/Chrysler Automobiles

For more information on booking Lisa Copeland for one of your events, check out her page on our website or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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People Icons: Heroes & Survivors Featuring Tornado Survivor Stephanie Decker

Tsteph deck on abchis past Tuesday night ABC aired a new episode of People Icons on their Heroes & Survivors segment. It featured Stephanie Decker: tornado survivor turned keynote speaker and amputee advocate! In this special episode, Stephanie and her family recounted the details of her inspiring story.

On March 2, 2012 multiple tornadoes hit the town of Henryville, Indiana, where Stephanie Decker and her family live. With her husband at work and the tornadoes fast approaching, Stephanie rushed to pick her two children, Dominic and Reese, up from school and seek shelter in the basement of their home.

stephanie kidsAfter realizing that all the phone lines were down, Stephanie knew it was up to her children to find medical help, but they were both scared to leave her! Her son Dominic — who was only 8 at the time, became emotional during the interview while describing his experience: “I was like I can’t leave you, and then she said you’ve got to go! So I ran across the street, not knowing that I’d see her again, I was so scared!” But fortunately Dominic and Reese managed to get her rescued 2.5 hours later and Stephanie was airlifted to the hospital. 

During her recovery, Stephanie made the brave decision that she would change the narrative of her story. She believed that she had a message to share, and was able to do so with her positive attitude. So she became an advocate for herself and other amputees.

stephanie interviewAs an inspirational keynote speaker, Stephanie is able to relate her incredible story to all types of audiences. She helps them find their inner hero as well as recognize the everyday heroes all around us. Her speaking skills have led to prestigious recognitions such as being on Successful Meetings list of “Most Reliable Keynote Speakers” who surpass expectations, and named as a L’Oreal “Women of Worth” Honoree!

Stephanie continues to advocate for all amputees with The Stephanie Decker Foundation. It’s mission is to help children with prosthetics enjoy sports and the same athletic opportunities as others, and allow people to receive access to cutting-edge technology, which will help them with their mobility.

 decker“People always say, do you wish you could turn back the clock? Absolutely not. I am a much better person today than I ever was four years ago, and I wouldn’t change that.” — Stephanie Decker


For more information on booking Stephanie Decker for one of your events, check out her page on our website or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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What is Gamification?

According to Gabe Zichermann — the world’s foremost expert and public speaker on the subject of gamification, this interesting concept is “the process of using game thinking and game dynamics to engage audiences and solve problems.” It can be used in different contexts, such as marketing, business strategies, education and more. Research has found gamification to have a positive impact on people, and it can improve our ability to understand digital content.

gabeBecause of his advanced expertise in gamification, Gabe is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the industry’s primary publication, and the host of the popular interview webseries and podcast GameRevIn addition to this, he is an expert in user engagement and behavioral design, and the Co-Founder of the behavior change software startup, Onward.

Gabe’s impressive skills comes from his educational background. He received his Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree in Human Intelligence/Gifted Kids/Statistics from the University of Waterloo, and a Marketing MBA from Rollins College. After graduating, he had multiple positions in the marketing industry where he gained experience. 

Currently, Gabe brings his fresh new business techniques to companies in his keynotes. His talks, workshops, books and courses have inspired an entire generation of marketers, customer loyalty experts, strategists and product designers to make the world a more fun and engaging place.


“The next generation of consumers… really understands how gamification needs to be an integral part of everything.” — Gabe Zichermann


For more information on booking Gabe Zichermann for one of your events, check out his page on our website or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Celebrating 12 Bold Women Keynote Speakers on International Women’s Day

TodayWomens-Day-2016-1-1 is International Women’s Day! This global holiday celebrates the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women. This year the campaign theme is #BeBoldForChange, which encourages groundbreaking action to truly drive the greatest change for women.

In honor of this special day, we’ve highlighted 12 women keynote speakers with diverse topics. They have been athletes, financial experts, media personalities, and even adventurers! Because of their unique experiences, these amazing women cover a wide range of speaking topics, and would be perfect for any event that wants to motivate and empower it’s audience.



Amelia Rose EarhartO_c706383eb2eebc0542c98a8c99e06b68ameliaroseearhartetsb

Amelia Rose Earhart is an inspiring pilot who became one of the youngest women to fly a single-engine plane around the world. She is also president of the Fly With Amelia Foundation, a non-profit organization providing flight training scholarships to young women across America. In her presentations, she challenges the audience to discover their identity and passions. more

Topics: Achievement, Goal Setting, Adventurers, Motivational, TED Conference, Inspiration, Trending Motivational, Trending Fresh Perspective Keynotes, Social Entrepreneur & Causes



Robyn BenincasaRobyn-Benincasa-High

Robyn Benincasa is the founder of World Class Teams, a world champion adventure racer, a CNN Hero, former corporate sales expert and a full-time firefighter who advises organizations on building World Class Teams of their own. As one of the highest rated female speakers, she regularly shares the stage with world leaders and business icons. more

Topics: Team Building, Leadership, Adventurers, Inspiration, Trending Motivational, Workplace Safety

Dr. Jen Welterjen welter

Dr. Jen Welter is the first female to serve as an NFL coach in the male-dominated sport of football. In her presentations, she uses her story of goal setting and determination to inspires others to recognize their own potential and to break through their own life barriers. more

Topics: Empowerment, NFL/Football, Motivational, Overcoming Adversity, Team Building, Women’s Issues, Coaches & Managers, Accountability, Inspiration, Sports Stars


Automotive Industry

Lisa Copelandlisa copeland

One of the most important faces in the automotive industry, Lisa Copeland is a dedicated pioneer in the field of automotive sales and brand strategy, with over 25 years of proven success. Lisa has spoken at many events where she shares her expertise in sales and marketing. more

Topics: Business Entrepreneurship, Customer Service, Sales Strategies, Motivational, Peak Performance, Women’s Issues, Corporate Culture, Accountability, Leadership and Inspiration


Celebrity Speaker

Judge Glenda Hatchettjudge glenda

Judge Glenda Hatchett is a courtroom TV judge, with a highly diverse career background. She has worked as a senior attorney, public relations manager, and has served on the Boards of three Fortune 500 companies. She is also committed to community development through her service on various non-profit boards. more

Topics: Celebrity Speakers, Women’s Issues, Youth Issues, Reality TV Stars

Overcoming Adversity


Stephanie Deckersteph decker

When a disastrous tornado hit Henryville, Indiana, Stephanie Decker shielded her two children from harm and lost both of her legs. Now as a keynote speaker, she helps others discover their inner hero. And she shares how humor, teamwork, and setting goals can be used to overcome any obstacle. more

Topics: Disability Issues, Inspiration, Motivational, Change, Overcoming Adversity, TED Conference, Trending Motivational, Social Entrepreneur & Causes

Janine Shepherdjanine-shepherd

After she was traumatically disabled in a truck accident, Janine Shepherd has made it her mission to be a voice for women with disabilities. As an internationally renowned speaker, Janine has inspired audiences around the world. more

Topics: Change, Motivational, Overcoming Adversity, Adventurers, Health & Wellness, Disability Issues, TED Conference, Inspiration, Trending Motivational, Trending Fresh Perspective Keynotes


Finance Experts

Neale Godfreyneale godfrey

Neale Godfrey is a leading authority on finance after working in the business for more than 30 years. She became one of the first female executives at The Chase Manhattan Bank. Later, she became the president of The First Women’s Bank and founder of The First Children’s Bank. more

Topics: Education, Finance & Insurance, Youth Issues, Women’s Issues, Life Balance, Personal Growth

Sallie Krawchecksallie krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck has built a career that demonstrates how it is possible to turn around and substantially grow troubled financial services businesses. Her expertise has led her to become one of the most respected voices on Wall Street. more

Topics: Leadership, Finance & Insurance, Women in Business, CEOs & Business Leaders


Media Personalities

Mel Robbinsmel robbins

Mel Robbins is currently one of CNN’s most popular on-air commentators and opinion writer. As a powerful motivational speaker, she is trusted by global brands to design and deliver multi-media, interactive keynotes that inspire change, challenge thinking and accelerate personal and business growth. more

Topics: Communication Skills, Motivational, Media Personalities, Leadership, Sales Strategies, Women’s Issues, TED Conference, Trending Motivational, Trending Fresh Perspective Keynotes, Leadership and Inspiration

Katty Kaykatty

As the lead anchor for BBC World News America, Katty Kay reports on the latest U.S. economic and political news. She’s a popular speaker who addresses both current political events and also issues impacting women. more

Topics: Global Issues, Politics, Women in Business, Media Personalities, Commentators/Pundits


Publishing Industry

Kate Whitekate white

Kate White is an internationally known expert on leadership, work and success, and a New York Times bestselling author. Her expert advice is based on her career running five major U.S. magazines, including her 14 years as the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan. more

Topics: Leadership, Women’s Issues


For more information about how keynote motivational speakers like these can impact your event, contact Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau at 1.800.345.5607.

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Women of Aviation Worldwide Week 2017: Featuring Our Top Three Women Pilots!

Today kicks off Women of Aviation Worldwide Week 2017! This global outreach initiative takes place every year during the week of March 8th, which is the date of the world’s first female pilot license was given in 1910 and International Women’s Day since 1914. This campaign was created to raise awareness of aviation opportunities available to girls, while celebrating the accomplishments of past and present women of aviation.

The following three women are excellent keynote speakers who have all made breakthroughs in their aviation careers! Their success serves as a true testament to the goals of the Women of Aviation Worldwide Week campaign. And as professional speakers, they inspire audiences around the world that hard work and dedication can help anyone achieve their dreams.


Amelia Rose Earhart – Define Your “True North”

13912542_10208492342604501_1334777325213877819_nAmelia Rose Earhart recreated and symbolically completed the 1937 flight of her namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart. By doing this, she became one of the youngest women to fly a single-engine plane around the world! Amelia is also the president of the Fly With Amelia Foundation, a non-profit organization providing flight training scholarships to young women across America. In her keynote presentations, she shares with her audience how to define their “True North”, and challenges them to discover their identity and passions.


Vernice “Fly Girl” Armour – Who needs a runway? Take off from where you are!

vernice planeKnown simply as FlyGirl, Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour went from being a cop to combat pilot in 3 years. After serving two tours overseas, she became America’s First African American Female Combat Pilot! When she returned home, she noticed that many people needed help creating breakthroughs in their own lives. From her experiences, she created a 7-step process called the Zero to Breakthrough Success Plan and other programs to help others identify and pursue their dreams. FlyGirl now travels extensively sharing this message through her keynotes, coaching and seminars.


Janine Shepherd – “If I can’t walk, I’ll fly!”

janine planeAfter Janine Shepherd went through a tragic accident, she developed permanent disabilities. But none of that stopped her from reaching her goals. Janine’s flying dreams were inspired when she saw a small plane fly overhead one day, and she declared, “That’s it! If I can’t walk, I’ll fly!” Despite the odds against her, Janine succeeded not only as a commercial pilot but also a flight instructor. As an internationally renowned speaker, Janine has inspired audiences around the world. And her TEDx talk, “A Broken Body Isn’t a Broken Person” has gained over 1.5 million views.


For more information on booking any of these female pilot keynote speakers for your next event, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Jones Loflin Gives 3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Communication as a Leader

We live in an age where there are many different ways to communicate. Although this is a good thing, it can bring new challenges with how effective we are in our communication. And people who are in leadership positions should be especially aware of this, because their communication skills affects the success of their team. In his article, Jones Loflin provides three practical ways that leaders can improve their communication.

Business People Outdoors Talking through Tin Can Phone

3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Communication as a Leader

By Jones Loflin 

Innovative Yet Practical Solutions

“While you have more opportunities than ever to communicate your thoughts, making sure those thoughts are clearly received is more difficult than ever.”

Jones Loflin Promo Photo 1When we have a resource in abundance, we tend to get sloppy in how we use that resource. Nowhere is that more evident than in our communication to others. The minute we have a thought and want to share it… we do!

Ironically, all this instantaneous communication is making it harder than ever to get someone to pay attention to what you’re saying, whether it’s face-to- face, on the phone, or in an electronic format. For leaders, the stakes are even higher, because any confusion created by poor communication results in a less engaged team member who limits the success of the entire team.

If you’re in a leadership or management position, and being crystal clear in both the content AND intent of your communication is important, start doing these three things:

Have a goal for every interaction.
If you ever had a public speaking class, you know that you write the speech differently depending on what you want the listener to think or do after the speech is over. Take that same approach with any message you send or conversation you have with someone on your team. Ask yourself:

  • What do I want them to think as a result of this communication?
  • How do I want them to work or act differently?
  • What am I hoping to change as a result of sharing these thoughts?

This includes informal conversations because those are the ones that most frequently get leaders in trouble.

Choose an adjective or two to help frame your message.
Is this communication meant to be encouraging? Informational? Corrective? Persuasive? Choosing the adjective(s) can also help you determine the best format for the communication (i.e. text vs. phone call or email vs. face-to- face).

Ask “What are they thinking right now?” when your message has been delivered.
Take 15 seconds to evaluate the effectiveness of your communication to the other person. Replay the conversation in your head. Was the reaction of the other person the reaction you wanted? If the message was an email, reread it to see if you hit the mark with your intended goal for the communication. And if all else fails, ask them about the effectiveness of your message. Start with something simple like, “When we finished our conversation about ____________, what were you thinking?”

Just remember that while you may have all types of communication tools at your disposal, you may only have one chance to use the right one in the right way.

Jones Loflin is a global keynote speaker on innovative yet practical workplace challenges and opportunities specific to the critical needs in today’s marketplace. He is the author of several leadership books, including Always Growing and the award-winning Juggling Elephants. Jones is well-known for his solutions for individuals, groups and businesses dealing with leadership development, work-life satisfaction, and change.

For more information on booking keynote speaker, Jones Loflin, for one of your events, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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The Stephanie Decker Story: Five Years Later!

Fia5f65185ea83ed8de00588e5fb60a651-1ve years ago today Stephanie Decker lost both of her legs shielding her children from a spawn of tornadoes that hit portions of southern Indiana. She quickly gained national recognition and was featured on many media outlets, including being a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She was honored for her selfless heroism by the New York Yankees, and even met President Barack Obama at the White House.

She was recently interviewed on WHAS 11 News, where she reflected on the tornado that nearly killed her, and shared her dreams for the future:

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 5.00.10 PM


Decker’s philosophy is: “You can either sit on your butt and do nothing and feel sorry for yourself, or you can get up and walk again and do something with it!” Her positive outlook translated into politics — advocating for amputee rights with the Stephanie Decker Foundation, on the podium as a highly inspirational keynote speaker, and maybe one day on the big screen!

She’s in talks about writing a book and even having her story played out as a movie. She’s also hoping to make it on your TV screen as a contestant and first-time double-amputee competitor on ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’


For more information on booking Stephanie Decker for one of your events, check out her page on our website or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Hooray for Josephine “The Bean” Senek, Our 2017 Rare Disease Day Warrior!

Today, on Rare Disease Day, we honor Josephine Betty Joy Senek, born with Tetrasomy 8p Mosaicism — a rare disorder that has a worldwide count of 26 diagnosed cases.

Our little “J-Bean” has a come a long way in just 8 and 1/2 years. She is not only the daughter of our Executive Vice President, Sheldon Senek, but an inspirational little person to all. Ever since her first steps back in 2011, she has moved us with her determination and big heart. Her rare disease appears in some of her cells, causing various physiological and learning issues.

Her big steps:


Jose14610934_1795548664049817_2971519198261939444_nphine faced some obstacles this year, especially when she underwent spinal cord surgery. But as always, she came out with the same beautiful smile and amazing spirit. A spirit that helped her family navigate through some of their darkest days. Her mother, Krysta Senek (Sheldon’s wife) posted this touching message to Josephine for Rare Disease day:

“I have cried because of the fear of the unknown (and known). I have cried because of the uncertainty of your future achievements. I have cried because I am nervous about what new symptom will pop up randomly (and they do) …But most of all, I laugh. I laugh more than I cry. I am proud. I see the pathway you are forging for others and know you are here to guide, to inspire, to teach, to love unconditionally.”

Her ability to inspire others was evident this past January during her fundraiser for a service dog. She was approved to receive the dog through Merlin’s Kids in Midland Park, NJ, but her family still needed to raise $15,000 dollars. With the support of her friends and family, they surpassed their goal in a matter of an unbelievable 8 days!!! 

Josephine and her family will receive her new service dog (to be named by Josephine) in 6-8 months. This service dog will help give her comfort and security in public places and crowds, transition from one place to another, help her stay calm, help her sleep at night, and even make new friends!


We at Eagles Talent are trying to do our part, we hope you will do yours and help spread awareness!


To learn more about the global initiatives supported through rare disease day, please visit

If you liked this story, you will also like this article: What does Rare Disease Day Mean to You? It Means “Josephine” to Us!

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