Four Keynote Speakers Who Helped the Remaining 2017 NFL Playoff Teams

Super Bowl LI is just weeks away! There are four teams left who have a chance at making it to the 51st annual championship game: the NFC’s Greenbay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons, and the AFC’s Pittsburgh Steelers! vs. New England Patriots.

In celebration of this exciting time, we want to highlight four keynote speakers who have either played football for these teams, or worked with them.


Rocky Bleier, football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1979. (AP Photo)Pittsburgh Steelers Former Player Rocky Bleier

Rocky Bleier was drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and quickly earned the spot of starting running back. Bleier helped the Steelers win four Super Bowls, which made them the greatest football team of the 20th century. As a motivational keynote speaker, Rocky shows audiences how to overcome any adversity that may get in the way of their dreams.


10989228_10153278162493771_8822696622797454708_oNew England Patriots Former Player Brian Holloway

A Stanford All-American and five-time NFL All-Pro, Brian Holloway, excelled as the team captain of the 1985 New England Patriots, AFC Championship Team. Now as an international motivational speaker, Brian helps companies reach peak productivity. He creates unique presentations using multi-media technology, along with actual NFL game footage to show his points on competitive excellence.


eric boles 1Green Bay Packers Former Player Eric Boles

Eric Boles is a former NFL player for the Green Bay Packers, and an expert in teamwork, leadership and personal development. He’s also president of The Gamechangers Inc., which is a training and consulting company. So far Eric has presented to thousands of men and women, and has earned the reputation of being a dynamic speaker.


johnGAtlanta Falcons Motivation Coach Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon isn’t a former player for the Atlanta Falcons, but he is an important person to the team! As one of the most sought after speakers in the world today, Jon is an expert in positive strategies for life and work. His talks have inspired audiences around the world, and his principles have been put to the test by the Atlanta Falcons, and other professional teams.

For more information on booking an NFL keynote speaker, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Celebrate MLK Day with an Inspirational Quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dmlk-link-armsr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement during the 1950s and 60s.

His goal was to put an end to racial segregation and discrimination that plagues America. Dr. King was known for his nonviolent approach to achieving social change. His birthday was first observed as a national holiday in 1986, and continues to be celebrated across the country. 

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we want to encourage you to think positive, and continue to share love with others. 

For more information about how keynote motivational speakers like these can impact your event, contact Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau at 1.800.345.5607.

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Rocket Scientist Olympia LePoint is the Newest Revealed Hidden Figure

The movie Hidden Figures was released nationwide on January 13th, and has already grossed over 27 million dollars at the box office! The movie is about the struggles of three genius African American women who helped with a major launch for NASA. Ultimately, their accomplishments helped change the way NASA viewed the intelligence of African American women.


Award-winning rocket scientist, author and TV personality, Olympia LePoint is a real life hidden figure. She has helped NASA launch their Endeavour, Discovery, Columbia, and Atlantis Space Shuttles, along with 28 other space shuttle missions. After watching the film — which premiered earlier in select theaters, Olympia felt compelled to write her own article about it on The Huffington Post. In the article, she explained that she was “simultaneously inspired and surprised by what [she] relived through its scenes.” As a young female rocket scientist of color herself, Olympia related to the film on a deeper level than most people.

olympia rocket

To further illustrate her point, Olympia drew three specific comparisons between the movie and her own experiences:

1. Women bonded together in the bathroom to for a powerful purpose.

When she was first hired as a rocket scientist, Olympia was given advice to never let the male engineers see her cry. If her, or any of the other women, had to they were supposed to do it in the ladies room. According to her coworkers, this was to prevent any reason to give a man a job instead of a woman. In her article she explains, “In the process, I unknowingly turned off my feelings in order to execute the work. I did this action for the sake of science. My love of science overruled any experience, and it gave other women hope. And in turn, these ladies gave me hope.”

2. Extra challenges still exist for women of color in STEM.

Similar to the characters in the film, Olympia explained that she would stay at work hours after everyone went home, because she knew she had to work twice as hard. There was even a point in her career when a program manager suggested he present her work instead. He claimed there was no protocol for young women to give technical briefings, but Olympia declined and successfully presented her hard work to 500 NASA officials.

3. True leaders are individuals who stand up to inequality and promote knowledge in the face of challenge.

In Hidden Figures, several of the people in charge make a point to stand up and create change for the three African American women scientists. Olympia had a similar experience, after becoming the youngest person in her company to receive a prestigious award, her car was keyed with racial slurs. After this, her manager helped her become courageous by giving her powerful advice that helped her handle the negativity.

Olympia LePoint is able to relate to the struggles and joys of the movie Hidden Figures, which speaks volumes. In addition to being a rocket scientist, Olympia is an author, professional speaker and educator. In her presentations, Olympia teaches her audience how to “Reprogram Their Brains” to overcome fear, and ultimately achieve success.

For more information on booking rocket scientist Olympia LePoint, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Top 5 Keynote Speaker Recommendations for National Mentoring Month

January eaglesnewtop5is National Mentoring Month! This campaign was created to bring attention to the national need for mentors. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to celebrate the positive effect that mentoring can have on young lives. 

These five speakers have made it a priority to give back to communities through mentoring. They would be perfect for motivating a teenage audience, or any event that wants to make a positive impact.


1. Nicholas Wyman

wyman1Nicholas Wyman is a speaker, and CEO of the Institute for Workplace Skills and Innovation — which develops mentoring programs for corporations and places people in apprenticeship and training programs globally. more Continue reading

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National Healthy Weight Awareness Month Tips from Health & Wellness Speakers

January is National Healthy Weight Awareness Month. This is a convenient time to bring awareness to weight issues because losing weight is the number one New Year’s Resolution. In fact, every new year gym memberships increase by 12 percent! For those of you looking to achieve this popular goal, we have four tips from two of our favorite health & wellness speakers.


Zzonyaonya Foco, RD

Zonya Foco is a is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Health & Fitness Instructor, Certified Speaking Professional, and author. Zonya uses humor, hard facts and common sense to help people of all ages incorporate healthy habits into their busy lives. She is committed to the idea that small, simple steps are the key to long-term lifestyle changes. Her easy humor and dynamic style captivates her audiences and motivates them.

1. Exercise consistently and make your good intentions come true! If you are just getting into an exercise routine, it’s important to establish positive feelings of accomplishment, so you will want to continue and be consistent.

2. Always have a back-up plan for nasty weather. It’s winter right now, so we can expect to wake up to a few snowy days. But that shouldn’t stop any planned workouts. If the weather is nice, try going for a walk, jog, or bike ride. If not, work out indoors on an exercise machine or to an exercise video. Develop a plan that works best for you.


BDr. Brad Nieder, the Healthy Humorist, photographed in Alamo Squarerad Nieder, MD

Brad Nieder, MD, is a funny doctor, keynote speaker and comedian who blends healthcare humor with wellness advice and an uplifting message. He injects a dose of healthy humor in all of his presentations and provides the perfect prescription for happy, healthy living.

3. Choose healthy foods. Dr. Brad likes to keep his weight loss advice simple, so his first tip is to make sure you know what is and isn’t healthy. A lot of foods seem healthy but may not be that great for you, so it’s important to ensure that you make healthy food choices.

4. Eat smaller portions. The plates we use have gotten bigger over the years. Standard plates used to be nine inches wide, but now it’s not uncommon to see plates that are a foot or more in diameter! This is a big problem because people tend to fill up their dish with food regardless of the size. However, eating the correct and smaller portions of food prevents overeating and promotes weight loss.

For more information on booking a Health & Wellness keynote speaker, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Honoring World Braille Day with Only Totally Blind Crew Chief in Auto Racing

Today is World Braille Day! This special holiday was created to celebrate the birth of Louis Braille, inventor of this unique reading and writing system. Braille has helped millions of blind and partially sighted people by providing access to the same reading and learning opportunities as those who can see.

Jayt_b7fbcde1c01c2bb75bee13b96d04830cjayblake Blake is a talented keynote speaker, and he’s also the only totally blind crew chief in the worldwide sport of auto racing. After suffering from an industrial accident that caused him to lose complete sight, smell and taste, Jay had to relearn how to live his life. Although Jay was faced with these new obstacles, it didn’t stop him from doing what he loved most − working on racing engines. He has continued to live his dream by winning racing championships. Currently, Jay has his own non-profit organization, Follow A Dream, that helps promote the power of positive thinking. 

We recently booked Jay for an upcoming event with one of the world’s largest suppliers of eye health products, where he will tell his story about losing his vision. During his keynote presentations, Jay draws upon his personal experience of overcoming adversity and achieving his dream of auto racing, and shares his inspiration with the audience. His ultimate goal is to show everyone that positivity, self-determination, and teamwork are key elements of life that enable you to enjoy every day.


For more information about how inspirational keynote speakers like Jay Blake can impact your event, contact Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau at 1.800.345.5607.

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Eagles Talent’s Top 10 Newly Added 2017 Keynote Speakers

Neaglesnewtop10ow that we’re officially in 2017, we thought it was a good time to introduce some of the newest keynote speakers added to our site. They cover a wide variety of topics such as: business strategies, futurists, life balance, motivational, social media, healthcare, leadership and more.


1. Dan Waldschmidt

As an internationally recognized award winning billion-dollar strategist, Dan Waldschmidt has a unique way of doing business. Dan and his team help companies all over the world arrive at business-changing breakthrough ideas with his unconventional business strategies. As a keynote speaker, he captivates his audiences by sharing stories of ordinary humans achieving outrageous success.


2. Erica Orange

Erica is Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of the world’s leading futurist consulting firms. Her job is to evaluate emerging trends and identify the strategic implications of them for some of the most influential Fortune 500 companies and more. Erica also speaks to a wide range of audiences about global trends that are shaping the world today.


3. Andy Beal

Andy Beal is one of the world’s most respected online reputation management consultants. In addition to this, he is an award-winning blogger and professional speaker. When talking to his audiences, Andy approaches reputation management from a unique, easy to understand perspective.


4. Kai Kight

Kai Kight is a world-class violinist, unique composer and entrepreneur. With such a diverse background Kai is able to provide fresh approaches to innovation for all types of companies. And by sharing captivating stories about his own transformation as an artist, he sparks creativity in his audiences.


5. Shawna Suckow

After working as a million-dollar buyer for more than 20 years, Shawna Suckow now uses that experience deliver keynotes on how both B2B and B2C customers think. Ultimately, her goal is to bridge the communication gap between customers and salespeople, and make the entire buying process easier for everyone.


6. Nataly Kogan

As a happiness expert and successful tech entrepreneur, Nataly Kogan helps individuals and organizations realize their full potential. In her keynote presentations, she discusses scientifically-proven practices to help people improve their overall well-being.


7. Tiffany Christensen

Tiffany Christiansen is a nationally recognized public speaker and author. After going through her own medical experiences, Tiffany uses her patient background and professional training to address a variety of keynote topics such as, end of life planning and partnership strategies in healthcare.



8. Kindra Hall

It can be hard to capture the attention of consumers in a crowded marketplace, but Kindra Hall knows how to identify standout sales strategies! After years of testing, she’s found that one technique outperformed the rest: strategic storytelling. As a strategic storytelling advisor, Kindra helps her audiences learn how to capture attention, close sales and increase influence with this unique method.


9. John Hall

John Hall is the co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co., a content marketing agency that helps companies and individuals reach their target audiences. In addition to this, he is a great keynote speaker who discusses topics from business entrepreneurship to technology.


10. David Burkus

David Burkus is a bestselling author and management professor. His innovative views on leadership have also made him a sought after keynote speaker. During his presentations he brings his audiences revolutionary insights, and helps them implement new ways to enhance productivity and morale.


For more information on booking one of these new keynote speakers for your next event, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Celebrating Scassera’s Top 10 Gia-Gifs of 2016

Thisgia2-copy year we were fortunate to create and share some of our best GIFs yet! Gia Scassera — our Content Marketing Contributor & Event Manager, was the sole GIF creator who assisted us with our marketing needs. Using her skill set in graphics and layouts, Gia was able to bring all of our GIF visions to life, which took our newsletters and blog posts to the next level!


1. Saying Goodbye to 2016 with Our Top Managed Speaker Moments

2017 is fast approaching, but before we step into the new year, we wanted to highlight our managed speakers most memorable moments of 2016.



2. What Eagles Talent Brings to the Table

As we wished all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, we wanted to remind you of what we bring to the table as a speakers bureau.



3. Don’t Get Hacked this Halloween: Meet Four Speakers on Cyber Security

Halloween is a fun and spooky holiday. But did you know, October 31st is also the last day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month? …And the real thing to fear is hacking! These four fantastic keynote speakers know how to combat hackers and educate others on how to stay safe online.



4. 2016 Rio Olympics

The 2016 Olympics took place in Rio this year, so we decided to put our own twist on it! Do you see the eagle?


5. Taryn Davis & Mike Strobl Remind Us of the Real Meaning of Memorial Day

Two individuals who fully understand the meaning behind Memorial Day are Taryn Davis, founder of the American Widow Project and veteran U.S. Marine, Michael Strobl. It is a day of gratitude and love for those who paid the ultimate price while ensuring our nation’s freedom.



6. Top 10 Speakers for Financial Literacy Month

Did you know that April is Financial Literacy Month? While topics such as finance and economics may be complex, these top ten speakers show organizations how to capitalize on the economy and project industry changes to help your company succeed!



7. Mock the Vote this April Fools, with The Capitol Steps!

The Capitol Steps for… President? Meet the candidates who Americans can truly stand behind. They will restore entertainment to events, laughter to audiences, and good times to all who attend!



8. Four Performers You Would be Lucky to Book For Your Next Event!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these four lucky charms that every audience member would be delighted to experience. These talented individuals offer unique entertainment as they wow attendees with delightfully captivating content.



9. Top Women Keynote Speakers to Book for Women’s History Month 2017

Women’s History Month will be here before you know it! Now is the time to start planning for your event this March. The 2017 theme is “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Business.”



10. Top 10 Keynote Speakers That We’re in Love with in Honor of Valentine’s Day Weekend!

There’s nothing we love more than working with amazing speakers who produce memorable keynote presentations. In honor of this lovely holiday, here is a list of some of our top ten keynote speakers that we love!


For more information on booking a keynote speaker for one of your events, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Our Top 10 Most Viewed Creative YouTube Videos of 2016!

This yyoutube-top-10ear we filmed everything from speaker visits and exclusive interviews, to office fun and more. We compiled a list of our top 10 most viewed creative videos.

Please enjoy, and be sure to subscribe to our EaglesTalent YouTube channel!


1. Freddie Ravel’s Pop Up Performance at SOPAC

When keynote maestro, Freddie Ravel visited our office, we decided to head over to SOPAC for an impromptu performance! 


2. Former White House Official Laura Schwartz Goes Live on Facebook!

Our Executive Vice President, Sheldon Senek had an exclusive Facebook LIVE interview with former White House director of events and our managed speaker, Laura Schwartz!


3. Eagles Talent Brings Keynote Speaker Jeopardy to Snapchat

It’s time for Keynote Speaker Jeopardy! This first round featured our EVP Sheldon Senek vs. our Speaker Relations Manager, Jessica Wysocki!


4. ESPN Broadcaster Jessica Mendoza’s Exclusive Interview

We had an insightful interview with broadcaster, speaker and past Olympian, Jessica Mendoza — check out her inspiring responses!


5. Two Laughable Choices for Election Day 2016

The Capitol Steps and The Politicos Comedy Brigade are two candidates we can all support! They both create political satire pieces, featuring impersonations of the most popular politicians. Voting to bring either one to your next event is a win!


6. Top Marketing Keynote Speaker Jay Baer, Takes Over Our Snapchat!

Top marketing keynote speaker and best-selling author, Jay Baer, stopped by Eagles Talent to talk about his business expertise and some of his keynote topics.


7. Social Entrepreneur Mallory Brown Visits Eagles Talent & Gives Outdoor Q&A

Our managed keynote speaker Mallory Brown sat down with us to answer a few questions about her amazing year. We discussed being a social entrepreneur, her humanitarian efforts, and inspirational keynote speeches.


8. Top African American Keynote Speakers to Book for Your 2017 MLK or Black History Month Event

These four amazing African American keynote speakers are great to book for 2017 MLK or Black History month events, and any other occasion!


9. Our Magical Snapchat Story: Vinh Giang Visits Eagles Talent!

We had the pleasure of meeting Australian born Vinh Giang! Besides being a successful entrepreneur, and charismatic keynote speaker, he is a talented magician.


10. Olympian & Soccer Analyst Angela Hucles Exclusive Interview

We had an exclusive interview with soccer analyst and past Olympian, Angela Hucles! She answered questions on “equal pay for equal play” in men’s and women’s professional sports, soccer popularity in the United States and internationally, and why bullying is a serious issue to herself and others.

For more information on booking a keynote speaker for one of your events, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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Top 10 Speakers Who Will Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution!

A nenew-yeareaglestalent_logo_500xw year can bring fresh opportunities for change and improvement. Whether your 2017 resolutions are for work or your personal life, these 10 speakers can help you achieve them! They specialize in topics like goal setting, change, motivation and more.


1. Shawn Achor

As a positive psychology expert, Shawn Achor provides practical applications to help leaders keep their teams motivated and engaged. Using humor and interactive experiments that engage the audience, Shawn illuminates how a leader can reduce stress in an organization to increase productivity and success rates.


2. Jones Loflin

Jones Loflin is an expert at creating simple success strategies. Jones realizes that many companies set goals, without thinking about how to actually achieve them. However, his strength is in providing simple strategies that enable individuals and organizations to pursue their goals with confidence and clarity.


3. Roxanne Emmerich

Having passion for your work is the first step achieving a goal, and Roxanne Emmerich is an expert in revitalizing people’s passion for work! She takes organizations to a level of performance they never dreamed possible. As a keynote speaker, Roxanne creates presentations that help companies improve in areas of weakness.


4. Mike Jaffe

As a 9/11 survivor who has transformed his life, Mike Jaffe serves as The Human WakeUp Call. He believes that we should never settle because so much more is possible. As a speaker, Mike helps his audiences get a powerful, life-changing, success-oriented wakeup call of their own.


5. Dr. Gary Bradt

Dr. Gary Bradt is an author, clinical psychologist and speaker on the topic of adapting to and leading through change. As a speaker, what makes Gary special is his ability to engage audiences. He tells leaders what he thinks, not what they necessarily want to hear, with only one agenda: to move them and their organizations forward and to help them accomplish their goals.


6. Nancy Frates

Nancy is the mom who started the widely popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014. After her son was diagnosed with the disease, which has no treatment or cure. Nancy set a goal to raise money for families affected by ALS, and with the help of her supporters the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral. In total they raised $220 million for the ALS Association and its global partners. As a speaker, she inspires audiences to accomplish any goal they set.


7. Caroline Adams Miller

Caroline Adams Miller is recognized as one of the world’s leading positive psychology experts. Her research in this field has helped her become a pioneer in the areas of goal setting and accomplishments. Caroline’s keynotes inspire and empower her audiences to set and accomplish goals by using their grit, which leads to a more successful work and personal life.


8. Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey is an expert in releasing human potential. He helps organizations shift their thinking using a proactive approach, resulting in improved performance. His keynotes are unique because he gives his audience a relevant message that resonates well beyond the stage.


9. Lisa Bodell

As a globally recognized futurist and expert on innovation, Lisa Bodell ignites new thinking in organizations. Her knowledge on the topic of change is perfect for companies that are planning to set New Year’s resolutions that push past comfort zones. Lisa has brought her message to over 30 countries and nearly 100,000 people each year.


10. Dr. Jen Welter

As the first female NFL coach, Dr. Jen Welter is proof that anything is attainable with goal setting and determination. In her keynotes, she inspires others to recognize their own potential and to break through their own life barriers.


For more information on booking a keynote speaker for one of your events, check out or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

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