Keynote Speaker Feature: 3 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills by Mark Sanborn

Posted by Alexis Washington

If you’re committed to leadership, you’re looking for ways to get better.

For leaders, there are many things you can do to sharpen your leadership saw and here are three that will help:

1. Broaden your perspective.

Most people read authors they like and opinions they agree with. This may bolster your position, but it won’t broaden your thinking.

Read an article or an author you know you disagree with. Then write a brief supporting statement that finds two or three points you can agree with or at least make sense. This will force you to look beyond the obvious, do some deeper thinking and as a result, broaden your perspective (and as a bonus, improve your empathy skills).

2. Form an elder/younger board.

The next time you have a big presentation, strategizing for the future, or undertaking any activity that will require broad support, run your ideas by people both older and younger than you.

You probably already have a good idea of what you like, and you know what you think. An elder/younger board will make your initiatives and products more generational friendly and give you insights into how to improve whatever you’re doing for the larger audience you lead.

3. Give a quarterly presentation or speech.

While company updates are good, I suggest you tackle a subject of importance to those you lead and then design an effective presentation around it. It will not only make you better at designing and giving presentations but will also deepen your relationships with those you lead as you teach and force you to do some deep thinking about an important topic.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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