5 Tips To Maintain Company Culture During COVID-19

Posted by Stephanie Guida

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the world has been forced to adapt to a new normal. Remote work has become the standard for most of us and for some, it is here to stay. For those who have never worked remotely before, it can be difficult to get used to this new norm. It is important that employers take steps to help employees stay productive and connected while also making them feel safe and sane. Fostering a sense of community and office culture can help boost morale and will make employees feel less alone. Here are 5 tips from Eagles Talent to maintain company culture during COVID-19.

Communicate Regularly, with Video when Possible

Communication can become a huge problem with remote teams. Colleagues can no longer pop into each other’s offices with a question or chat over lunch. Communication breakdowns can lead to duplicate efforts or projects not being completed on track. This can lead to frustration and stress across the board. Office leaders should promote cross team collaboration and suggest departments meet virtually to discuss any ideas, questions, or concerns. It is important that teams use video conferencing over phone, email, or instant message. Video helps people to connect on a more intimate level and offers more open communication and transparency. Studies show that people are more creative, productive, and enthusiastic when engaging in intrapersonal contact. Leaders should make an effort to connect virtually with their teams at least twice a month to give them any major news or updates. 

Everyone Play Their Part

Maintaining a sense of company culture needs to be a collective effort. Your organization can’t only rely on leaders or a select few colleagues to maintain culture. Success will require everyone’s input. Let coworkers know that you are available and ready to help. It is important that leaders create an environment where employees feel included and supported, even while working remote. 

Provide the Right Tools and Set Clear Expectations 

Employers need to ensure that employees have access to the right tools to successfully work remotely. Provide any online programs of databases that employees may need to successfully do their job. Have the tools to communicate virtually in real-time such as Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangout. It is important for leaders to set clear expectations for their employees always, but especially during these unprecedented times. Make sure everyone involved in a project understands it’s overall goal and what each person’s responsibility is to achieve it.

Foster a Sense of Community

This new transition to remote work can leave employees feeling isolated and with little motivation because they are no longer a part of daily office interactions. Boost morale by helping to foster a sense of community even when you’re not in the office. Boost morale by encouraging employees to voice their opinion and be sure to recognize everyone’s contributions. Meet with your team regularly to track progress, collaborate, and to work with employees to help meet expectations. Helping your employees to connect allows them to feel connected to each other and a part of a community. 

Create A Space to Talk About COVID-19

COVID-19 is still at the top of everyone’s mind and while businesses are beginning to re-open, we aren’t quite in the clear. With talks of a second wave coming, people are continuing to feel nervous about resuming their “normal” lives. This is something that none of us have experienced before and everyone is confused and feeling apprehensive. This pandemic is going to permanently change the way we live and work. It is also affecting individual families in different ways. It is causing a variety of emotions and reactions and it important that employers make their employees feel heard and their feelings understood. Provide them a safe space to talk if need be. Ask your employees how they’re doing often and really listen to their response. Be empathetic to all employees’ personal issues and feelings at this time. It is unknown and scary for everyone and most are trying their best to take it day by day. 


Posted by Stephanie Guida

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