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  • Amazing Cirque Style Gymnast Show


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Personifying Teamwork, Trust, Strength, Performance, Power & Balance Acrobazia is an unbelievable 8 minute physical performance, staged to an original music score, that defies the laws of human possibility. This duo, composed of former gymnasts Christian Paquet and Jean-François Martel, has created an act of pure strength and balance that is widely considered to be the finest act of its kind in North America.

Internationally acclaimed, they list among their numerous career achievements; guest stars in MYSTERE by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, performed at the India Film Awards in Bombay, contributed to the XXXIV Super Bowl, impressed the crowds at the Grandstand Show of the Calgary Stampede and astounded thousands of fans at NBA half time shows. Organizations rely on teamwork, motivation, performance, strength, trust, achievement, motivation, power and balance - all attributes which Acrobazia symbolizes. They can transform your words and corporate messages into living images, add impact to your business presentation, sales conference or any type of corporate event. With Acrobazia you can inspire your audience to achieve their goals! Jean-Francois Martel of Acrobazia also offers his impressive Mystic Cube presentation, which is available alone or in addition to Acrobazia. Handling with grace and agility a cube which is said to be the heaviest to have ever been used in a Mystic Cube act, this is a stunning and eloquent program addition and perfectly compliments Acrobazia's strength/balancing segment.

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"Acrobazia was perfect!  Jean Francois Martel and Christian Paquet are not only amazing performers, they are also very professional and delightfully personable.  Their flawless performance was the perfect complement to our meeting theme: Performance excellence. Bravo!"
--MI Municipal Risk Management Authority