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Dr. Alexis Abramson

Alexis Abramson, PhD

Leading Expert on the 50+, Baby Boomers, Caregivers & Mature Adults
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“The Ultimate Longevity Guide”
21st century advances have revolutionized the aging process and are poised to maximize your lifespan. Winning the longevity race requires foresight, planning and goal setting to maintain proper balance at any age. At last, a lifetime of health, happiness, wealth and wisdom are within your grasp. Aging is an inescapable process – aging well is a conscious choice.

The content provided in The Ultimate Guide to Longevity presentation will help you identify the positives and modify the negatives to sustain your winning streak before, during and after retirement. Throughout this seminar Dr. Alexis will help you understand how to fine-tune your life by focusing on five of the most important areas that will impact your longevity:

Family – Food – Fun – Fitness – Finance

Shed your past illusions of ageism by embracing the pinnacle of your life with renewed zest and up-to-date information that supports your endeavors. Learn how to take care of the necessary details that might otherwise linger, or be completely overlooked, with a clear and concise plan for success.  This powerful presentation will steer you in the right direction no matter what phase of the journey you’re on.

“Profiles of Positive Aging”
It’s never too late to follow your dreams! Your dreams should have a priority in your life. Too many times people do everything they're "supposed" to do throughout their lives yet they keep their dreams and passions on the back burner.

Dr. Alexis will help you face any fear of aging you might be encountering and she will provide you with thought provoking questions that must be asked so that you can be your most “authentic self” throughout your mature years.

During this inspirational presentation Dr. Abramson takes you on a journey of storytelling filled with powerful and positive profiles of aging leaving the audience with a truer understanding of the famous Abraham Lincoln quote….“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

“Caring for the Caregiver”
There are over 44 million caregivers in the United States caring for an older adult -- almost 100 million people in the U.S. have one or more chronic condition and over the next twenty-five years that number is expected to increase to 134 million Americans. Nearly one in four U.S. households are involved in caring for a relative or friend aged 50 or older.

Many caregivers are caught between the needs of their young families and the daunting task of caring for their elderly relatives. Watching a loved one age is filled with emotional upheaval, and when you compound that with other stresses—rush-hour traffic, deadlines, sick children, dirty laundry—caregivers are often left holding the bag.

Caregivers feel a pressure to be all things to all people, often ending up as the martyr and giving themselves the short end of the stick. Having been a primary caregiver herself – during this presentation Dr. Alexis will offer sensible solutions by answering the 7 key questions that a caregiver must face:

  • How can I juggle my various responsibilities?
  • Why do I feel so guilty?
  • How can I avoid butting heads with my aging loved one?
  • How can I get family members to help?
  • How can I cope with caregiving and a career?
  • How can I foster my aging loved ones independence?
  • Will I ever get my life back?

    "The Business of Baby Boomers?"
    Nearly 80 million “baby boomers” were born between 1946 and 1964. Every 8 seconds someone in this country turns 65 years old. Boomers are expected to exercise $3 trillion in “spending muscle” over the next few years as more of them enter their prime earning years.

    Baby boomers and mature adults control over 50% of discretionary spending and over 77% of the country's assets. Best of all, this aggressive, independent, rock-and-roll generation is hardly ready to turn "senior." Every life stage offers new marketing opportunities, needs and motivations. Not only are the boomers where the money is, research shows they're prepared to spend it.

    For most people, the ‘Boomer’ years represent a decade of change. Kids grow up and leave home, more money is available for travel and luxury goods, houses are traded in for condos and retirement sites beckon. Spending habits change accordingly. This presentation will help you answer critical questions as more and more baby boomers move into their late 50’s and 60's….

  • is your company properly positioned to keep or capture the boomer business?
  • Would tweaking your product or extending your product offerings improve your prospects?
  • Are your competitors doing a better job of selling to the 50+ than you are?
  • Are boomers and mature adults actually aware of your advertising?
  • Does your media plan ignore anyone over 50?
  • Are your advertising and sales messages relevant to boomers?
  • Do consumers find your advertising patronizing or off-putting?
  • Are your employees aware of the consumption and spending patterns of boomers?

    "Is Your Product, Service or Message ‘Mature-Friendly’?
    It’s critical that your company be ‘boomer and mature-friendly’ so that the more than 109 million people in America over the age of 50 will be interested, and drawn, to purchase the products or services you’re offering. The 50-plus segment is the most affluent consumer group today as individuals age 50-plus have over $2.5 trillion in annual income.

    The term "mature-friendly" describes a product, service or message that contains all of the components necessary to make it easier for a boomer or mature adult to utilize, understand and operate.

  • Do your collaterals include the language and semantics frequently used by the 50+ population?
  • Does your website contain the elements that are essential for mature adults who have low vision or are hard of hearing?
  • Is your packaging appropriate for a boomer or sneior who may have challenges with gripping and/or dexterity?
  • Do your employees know how to speak to customers with a ‘mature-sensitive’ approach?
  • Is your work environment, online presence, research & development, sales techniques and standard language ‘mature-friendly’?

    This presentation offers invaluable information to help organizations reach boomers and mature adults in a manner that is germane to their respective generations. The implementation of these efforts will enhance 50+ customer satisfaction and vastly increase your organizations bottom line!

    "Capturing the Mature Market Through Gerontographics"
    The consumer behavior of older Americans has more to do with their outlook on life than their age. The physical, social, and psychological changes people experience in later life shape their needs and wants. These events and circumstances give rise to four distinct consumer segments with different ways of responding to marketing efforts. Perhaps no other consumer market justifies segmentation more than the mature market.

    The older people get, the more dissimilar they become with respect to their needs, lifestyles, and consumption habits. Yet many businesses still treat everyone aged 50+ in the same way. When people experience major life events, they often change their outlook on life as they re-evaluate their wants, goals, and roles on both personal and consumer levels. As they go through these changes, older consumers' needs for products obviously change, but so do their perceptions of and responses to advertisements and promotions.

    This presentation focuses on "Gerontographics" which is a segmentation approach based on the premise that the factors that make mature consumers more (or less) receptive to marketing offerings are directly related to their needs and lifestyles, which are in turn influenced by changing life conditions.

    "Key Demographic Trends of the Aging Population"
    The growth of this generation has affected every aspect of our society including families, businesses, government and the health care system. This presentation investigates the demographic shift of the mature population in the United States and the major trends that can be anticipated from the vast Graying of America.

    There are far more older adults alive right now than in all of human history combined. The times are certainly changing and due, in part, to medical advances and technological breakthroughs people are living much longer than they ever anticipated they would.

    In 1970, the average life expectancy at birth in the United States was 71 years yet by 2050 the U.S. Census Bureau projects that number will reach 84 years of age. Today there are approximately 43 million people in the United States age 65 or older, accounting for about 13 percent of the total population. By 2030, the over-65 demographic will represent almost a quarter of the population.

    "Marketing to “Baby Boomer” Women"
    Why are marketers so obsessed with youth when women between 50 and 70 are the “golden bull's-eye” of target marketing? This group is more educated, active and affluent than any preceding generation of women.

    This presentation will teach your organization how to cultivate your companies brand so that it resonates and connects with boomer women who in turn will offer you their trust, loyalty and incredible purchasing power.

    Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) make up almost 80 million, the largest generational demographic today. Among Boomers, women not only outnumber men but they also influence as much as 80% of household purchase decisions.

    In the next decade, women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the United States. These women are not a niche market -- they are THE market for companies savvy enough to understand their life transitions, their needs and perceptions and their deep-seated hopes and fears.

    "The Lifelong Pursuit of Happiness and Empowerment”
    As more and more boomers pass the milestone age of 65, reflections on the meaning of life, self-actualization and the need to reach ones full potential become more intense. Past the age of 65, we begin to look at life differently. The celebration of life is more profound, a journey grounded in personal and familial growth. Mature adulthood is emerging as not just a time for relaxation - but also as a period for enlightenment.

    During this motivational presentation Dr. Abramson inspires individuals to learn how they can thrive in this new era of increased vigor and extended life. The seminar helps the audience discover how an extended lifespan will change their lives, outlooks, vocations, relations and fiscal plans. In addition, the audience will be motivated (and moved) after hearing some of the phenomenal success stories of individuals who “reinvented” themselves - and their lives - after the age of 65.
  • Why Book Dr. Alexis Abramson?

  • Alexis is cited as America’s leading, impassioned champion for the dignity and independence of those over 50.

  • She has captivated audiences worldwide with an in-depth look at the world’s aging population and its profound social, business and lifestyle implications.

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    Alexis Abramson, PhD is a leading industry expert for those over 50. She is an inspiring speaker, corporate consultant, researcher, author and award winning entrepreneur and journalist. Her enduring commitment to baby boomers, caregivers and mature adults has been featured in many national publications, including Time, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, AARP Magazine, Entrepreneur, Home Health, Business Week and People.

    Dr. Abramson is an Emmy and Gracie award-winning journalist who has appeared frequently as an on-air expert gerontologist for NBC’s Today show, CNN, CBS, RLTV, MSNBC and numerous other media outlets.  Dr. Alexis is also a featured blogger on many top tier websites including YAHOO!, HuffingtonPost, Sharecare and  She is highly sought after as a keynote speaker at industry conferences, bringing awareness of baby boomer, caregiver and mature adult trends and challenges to corporations, consumers, government agencies and non-profit groups.

    As a proven industry expert, Abramson has worked closely as a market consultant, lead researcher and spokesperson with major corporate organizations including AARP, Comcast, Delta Airlines, Duracell, the Arthritis Foundation, Harry & David, Cohn & Wolfe, sanofi-aventis, Kimberly Clark, Philips Electronics, Edelman, Bank of Montreal, Siemens, American Automobile Association, Golin Harris, General Mills, Hearing Life, Century 21, Beltone, Comcast, Subway, Humana, Ogilvy PR, CareLine, RLTV, Walmart, P&G and many more.

    Dr. Abramson is the author of four highly-acclaimed books – The 55+ Fact Book, a collection of must- know facts, statistics, and interesting information about the 55+ demographic; The Caregivers Survival Handbook, a guide to help caregivers balance the responsibilities of caring for others and for themselves;  Home Safety for Seniors, a room-by-room reference and idea book for making independent senior and home-bound living easier and The Medicare Resource Guide, a comprehensive collection of resources and documents necessary for individuals caring for aging friends or family members. Dr. Alexis’ next book, The How to Guide for the 50+, is a comprehensive handbook revealing the best-kept secrets for a happy and healthy life after 50.

    Her dedication to baby boomers, caregivers and mature adults has won Dr. Abramson a number of professional accolades, including Working Woman Magazine’s General Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, Atlanta Small Business Person of the Year Award, 40 Under 40 Award, American Society of Aging’s Outstanding Small Business Award and many others.  Dr. Abramson received her Doctorate in Gerontology from the University of Southern California’s Davis School of Gerontology.

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    “Few entrepreneurs have focused more sharply on the needs of older Americans than Dr. Alexis Abramson.”
    --TIME Magazine

    “I have encountered few people who have the knowledge, experience and passion that Alexis possesses for serving older persons. Alexis has accomplished a lot and has gained a well-deserved national reputation as an authority on issues affecting older persons.”

    “If you or someone you know is currently a caregiver you can’t afford to miss this incredibly insightful and information packed presentation.”
    --Harris Private Bank

    “During this high energy presentation Doctor Alexis helps you understand what it takes to get the 50+ population to not only listen – but take immediate action when they hear your companies’ message!”
    --The Procter & Gamble Company