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Andy Paul

Get Unstuck - Strategies to Power Growth
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  • Zero-Time Selling: Essential Strategies to Accelerate Every Company’s Sales
  • AMP Up Your Sales: Powerful Strategies that Move Customers to Make Fast & Favorable Decisions
  • Selling with Maximum Value: Strategies to Maximize The Value of Every Sales Touch
  • The New Rules for Hiring and Developing Top Sales Talent
  • Selling Through Customer Service
  • Maximizing Margins: Why Negotiate When You Can Sell?
  • Developing and Giving Presentations That Win The Sale
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    I almost didn’t make it past the sales training class in my first job out of college. The bosses didn’t think I’d make it in sales because I wasn’t “salesy” enough. They thought I was too introverted and analytical.

    And yet, over three decades I have built a successful career as a sales leader, author, speaker and consultant by being different, thinking differently and selling differently. I’ve helped boost the performance of teams selling products and services as diverse as complex multi-million dollar communications networks to collectible professional sports memorabilia. I’ve worked with raw technology start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies and everything in between. I’ve worked with nearly every channel ranging from franchise networks to retailers, dealers, distributors, VAR and OEMs. And, I’ve sold in nearly every corner of the globe.

    Now I am doing what I love best—sharing my powerful game-changing sales strategies and building successful sales teams with companies, business owners, executives and sales professionals to help them reach their goals. I will help you transform the performance of your sales team, too. Let’s start the conversation about where your sales are today, the challenges you face and where you want to go.

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    "Your presentation was exactly what we were looking for...mission accomplished! Thanks for making this one of, if not THE, best day we have had at our National Sales Meeting's in recent memory!"

    "Andy presented at our 2017 Sales Kickoff Meeting. Our team took away valuable, and actionable strategies from his presentation, discussion, and Q&A around the Habits that Win that we've incorporated into our sales process. Thanks, Andy from the entire sales team at KiteDesk!"

    "Andy Paul is an exceptional sales coach. In just one day, he was able to inspire my sales team and provide valuable insight on the best approaches to selling with maximum impact. Not only was his training full of take-aways and action items, but his techniques were instantly effective and continue to be implemented on a daily basis. We truly enjoyed his workshop and would highly recommend Andy for any sales training or consulting."
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