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Anne Mahlum

Anne Mahlum

Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Back on My Feet
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The Road to Change
Anne Mahlum’s compelling personal story and work with Back on My Feet is a powerful and inspirational example of how change happens. In this engaging and inspiring program, Anne shows us that we all need the same things in life to grow and succeed... to be noticed, to be appreciated, to be valued and to be cared for. She teaches that changing the way we see ourselves and our circumstances is at the core of change and that only then can we begin to move out of our comfort zones and create real and lasting change in our lives. With raw vulnerability, grace and lots of humor, Anne takes audiences on an emotional journey that will leave them feeling motivated, purposeful, and empowered to both manage and create real change in their lives.

Why Book Anne Malum?

  • A philanthropist, humanitarian, running enthusiast, and professional speaker, Anne is a woman as interesting as she is busy! She will inspire you with her mission to improve the lives and spirits of homeless persons around the country.

  • Not only is her nonprofit and private fitness studio socially responsible, but it is a great study in how to make a business profitable by using quick and explosive growth. Anne has a lot of great ideas, and she loves using them to educate her audiences.

  • She provides great people with take aways on personal health, humanitarianism, inspiration, and self motivation.

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    Anne M. Mahlum is a social entrepreneur who loves to create and build with purpose. The majority of her focus over the past six years has been on Back on My Feet, a for-purpose 501(c)3 organization she started in Philadelphia in 2007 that uses the power of running to  change the way those experiencing homelessness see themselves so they can make real change in their lives. 

    In addition to Philadelphia, the organization now has chapters in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Indianapolis, Atlanta, New York City, Austin and Los Angeles. Anne has led the organization to a $6.5M annual nonprofit with staff of 48, thousands of volunteers and hundreds of members.

    Anne's vision for Back on My Feet is simple, yet bold  -  to help as many people as possible, in the most efficient way as possible, redefine themselves so they can redefine their life and, just as important - to change the perception of homelessness on a global scale. If people don't change their perception, it will perpetuate the problem. Homelessness has a branding problem and the majority of people currently in this state are just looking for an opportunity to have a better life.

    Anne and BoMF have been featured in countless times in the media.  In 2012, Anne hosted a documentary for MTV called The Break on youth homelessness and she was recently featured in a book, called 50 Everyday Heroes.

    In August 2013, Anne stepped down as CEO to start a new venture in DC called [solidcorea Lagree Fitness studio that features the Lagree Fitness Method on the patented megaformer. Her plan is to grow a real community that helps people be the strongest version of themselves inside and out.  Her vision for [solidcore] is just as bold as it was for BoMF - to build a national brand and community that helps people become the strongest version of themselves.

    Anne regularly speaks at corporate events, academic institutions and conferences. She has spoken to intimate groups of 20 to as many as 35,000. She has presented on inspiration, leadership, the business behind starting a nonprofit, fundraising, social change and of course, the issue of homelessness.

    She is originally from Bismarck, North Dakota and currently lives in DC. She has done 11 marathons, four triathlons and loves to constantly challenge her body, her mind and her spirit.

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