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Buzz Sutherland

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Whether delivering his popular keynote “It’s All About Family” or his hysterical after dinner comedy show, his smooth blend of home spun characters and outrageous facial expressions keep audiences rolling with laughter. Buzz's style of comedy is contagious, as he plays with the audience rather than talking to them. Some of the audience members literally become part of the show! Having performed for many of the top corporations and associations in the world, Buzz’s ability to be funny without being offensive, make him a no-brainer for any event.

As one meeting planner put it, “A number of our attendees told us they have never laughed so hard. One person even told us he laughed so hard his face hurt.” What else can be said….Buzz Sutherland is FUNNY! Whether you need after dinner entertainment, an awards banquet emcee, or just someone who will make your audience laugh until they cry, Buzz Sutherland is the solution.

What is the key to personal and professional success? Quite simply, it's family! If we all take the skills and knowledge we get from growing up in a family, then you have more of a head start to success than you would ever imagine. Treat each person in a work day with the same attention, eye contact, and focus you would a family member and watch what this simple change does to empower your communication abilities and your own self confidence. Sure it helps to believe in yourself, but where do most of us gain our confidence? That's right, from our families support and positive feedback from co-workers and superiors in the workplace.

Whether listening to the brilliantly simple observations of his 13 year old daughter, learning to think outside the box from his 10 year old son, or the simple art of patience he's learned from his wife, Buzz will take you on a hysterical journey into how we can all improve our day to day experiences. 16 Time Comedian of the Year Buzz Sutherland believes that when it comes to success in your personal or professional life…IT’S ALL ABOUT FAMILY!

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"He was fantastic!"
--Washington Chamber of Commerce

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