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Charles Brennan

Author: Sales Questions that Close the Sale
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Advancing Interaction, Dialogue And Accelerating Decisions To Achieve Top Level Performance
As a result of an extensive case study involving nearly two thousand sales professionals and managers across sixty cities for a period of eighteen months, four key findings were discovered that will enable sales professionals to achieve top level performance and obtain an average increase in sales performance of 20%.

Key Finding Number One - Opening with Impact
Approximately 80% of all prospective and existing customers will open their conversations with the same four to five comments. Knowing the predictability of your customer will enable a sales professional to increase the impact of their opening comments, gain control, set expectations and engage the customer in relevant dialogue in a short duration of time.

The skills shared in our program will enable participants to avoid the rambling ineffective opener, stop the deployment of too many words and capture the attention and respect of the customer.

Key Finding Number Two - Gaining Attention and Impact
A growing number of sales professionals can struggle with the start of the call. Indecisiveness, lack of preparation and vision diminish a call's effectiveness (right from the very beginning.)

Using the skills and approach presented in this module, participants will know how to effectively open the call, build on their call continuum and capture undivided attention and interest. This content will shed a better under-standing of the sales professional’s purpose by creating greater awareness, value and direction. Knowing how to improve their approach/opening comments will enable them to resonate and connect with the customer to align as a partner and resource.

Participants will be introduced to:

  • skills to open the call
  • transitions to set the stage for full engagement and information sharing
  • pathways for discussion to gain attention
  • techniques to initiate dialogue

    Key Finding Number Three - Meaningful Conversation

    The need to quickly start highly relevant conversations and maintain difficult discussions.

    To achieve top level performance, it is incumbent upon the sales professional to know the three conversations that need to occur to move an unreceptive prospect into a receptive customer.

    If established mindsets remain the same, limited opportunity is available to move a customer relationship into a new and expanded direction.

    The advanced skills presented in this session will elevate the participant’s ability to ask the right questions at the right time. Introducing “Bridge” questions to initiate into “Dialogue” questions to create critical thinking and “Multi-layered” questions to position the sales professionals as an expert and value added resource provide participants with the skills and pathway to conduct highly relevant interaction.

    Applying these skills enables participants to be more successful at:
  • uncovering needs
  • creating meaningful discussion
  • prompting the change of the customer’s mindsets
  • elevating customer dialogue
  • seeking new and previously undiscovered information
  • securing more information
  • continuing difficult conversations
  • obtaining a greater understanding of the customer’s goals and objectives

    Key Finding Number Four - Knowing How to End the Call

    Most conversations are started with no apparent end or goal in mind.

    Know what you are asking for before you start the call.

    Introducing a series of advanced closing techniques called Reciprocal Consideration, The Sales Map and Futuring, participants are taught how to receive positive responses from the customer that enable them to obtain a closing and compliance rate as high as 80%.

    Presenting an assertive approach to the marketplace, the tested methods in this program provide participants with:
  • a benchmark of best practices
  • methods of measurement to qualify the customer’s true interest level
  • skills required to give participants the confidence to gain commitment on every contact
  • skills to gain traction in relationships that are stalled
  • a closing approach that gets results on every contact

    Participants learn how to manage and respond when the customer indicates interest but postpones their decision. Introducing the concept called “Futuring”, participants learn how to build respect, respond to a customer’s non-committal answer and move the relationship forward on every contact.
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    During his pursuit of developing advanced selling skills, he has been identified as one of the top 10 trainers in the country and has authored a series of books for McGraw Hill and American Management Association. His techniques have been featured in many leading publications and called a breakthrough approach in sales and management development.

    He is a veteran of over 2,000 live and virtual presentations. To date, his material has been delivered to millions of sales and business professionals. Charlie’s concepts are the primary training format for many mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies ranging from: pharmaceutical, medical, accounting, technology, banking/finance, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing fields.

    Charlie holds a Master’s Degree in Training and Development. He has been featured on the Peter Lowe Success tour and authored “Take your Sales to the Next Level,” “Proactive Customer Service” and “Sales Questions that Close the Sale.”

    Recently he has completed a case study to determine what impedes top level sales performance, Charlie’s powerful message shares the four key factors to sales success. Engaging, thought provoking, interactive and entertaining, his methods enable any sales professional to elevate performance and achieve the level of excellence.

    He resides in the Philadelphia area with his wife and three children; his passions include outdoor sports and traveling with his family. He is a constant benefactor to local schools and charities giving back and helping provide opportunities to others.

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