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Damian Mason

Damian Mason

Humor for Business People
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Work Smart | Laugh Hard - As a successful business owner and a former sales rep for a Fortune 500 company, Damian understands business fundamentals.  As a comedic entertainer, he knows how to make people laugh. The result is a lively presentation featuring real-life illustrations blended with uproarious laughter.  

Agriculture: Trends, Topics and Tomorrow - An informative & entertaining look at issues facing the business of food, fuel and fiber.

Humor for the Heart of Agriculture - Ag–themed comedy with a positive message for the people of agriculture.

Why Book Damian Mason?

  • He delivers hilarious, insightful presentations to business and agricultural audiences on solid business fundamentals aimed at success.

  • Damian’s programs are high energy, audience interactive, comedy events with a powerful message sandwiched between laughter.

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    A lot of speakers on the circuit can talk, and some of them are even funny. But if your meeting demands a solid message packed with entertainment value, book Damian Mason.

    Damian’s programs are high energy, crowd interactive, comedy events with a powerful message sandwiched amongst the laughter.

    Audiences are entertained, enthused, and enlightened.  Mr. Mason has spoken to rave reviews in all 50 states and 8 foreign countries tallying almost 1,600 appearances.

    Known as “The Business Humorist” and “Agriculture’s Professional Funny Man,” Damian combines his sharp wit and intelligent humor with the two topics he knows best: agriculture and business.  They’re two completely different presentations with one common result: success.  

    Business audiences take away usable points communicated through humorous stories.  Damian talks about customer service, un-complicating the transaction, working with determination versus excuses, seizing opportunity, and the importance of a healthy sense of humor.

    Agricultural crowds love Damian’s funny, ag themed material but they respect his advocacy for the agricultural industry.  There’s no denying Damian’s agricultural record - raised on a dairy farm, degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University , owner and operator of a beef, grain, and hay farm.

    Damian Mason is a successful business person who delivers authenticity in a hilarious package.  He is a versatile crowd pleaser perfect for any time slot or audience.

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    "We were very pleased with Damian and Eagles Talent. Thank you for everything."

    Damian was fantastic as usual an everyone love him! He had everyone captured with his humor and also the point he made for the sales team. Thanks again for all your help in getting Damian booked for this event!!