David DeLong, PhD

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Expert on solving critical skill shortages, co-author of Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management

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David DeLong, PhD
David DeLong, PhD – What David Brings to His Keynotes
Virtual Speaker Reel
Building Tomorrow’s Workforce in the Covid-19 Recession

10 Programs By This Presenter

Prioritize and act on your most serious talent-related risks. Learn how to recruit and retain high potential talent that creates competitive advantage.

Unwanted turnover and increased diversity are two of today’s most vexing talent challenges. This talk delivers practical approaches to improve cross-generational collaboration and productivity.

Define new leadership skills that will drive business strategies and implement innovative practices that develop leaders faster.

Avoid the most common mistakes executives make when leading change. Identify shortcuts that will accelerate change to drive growth.

Practical strategies to recruit, develop and retain Millennials & Gen-Zs. This talk delivers practical solutions for both large and small organizations.

Businesses face a wide range of impacts from the Covid-19 disruptions. And these changes lead to a lot of false assumptions about the future of your organization. This motivational talk, tailored for each audience, covers five critical success factors for navigating the radical uncertainty facing leaders today. Practical action steps include how to:

  •  Make the best decisions in the face of soul crushing uncertainty
  • Manage workforce challenges in 3 different phases of the Covid-19 recession
  • Solve critical skill shortages that aren’t going away
  • Build a more resilient workforce
  • Adapt the motivating secrets of leaders who’ve overcome incredible obstacles.

Leading an aging and changing workforce in the era of Covid-19 creates more difficult knowledge transfer and retention issues than ever. Baby Boomers are retiring with critical know-how, more new hires are working virtually, and the trusting relationships needed to encourage knowledge sharing are harder to build.

How do you create an organization and culture that sustains knowledge transfer in a world where sharing skills is trumped by safe distancing? What practical tools can Millennials and Gen-Zs use to accelerate their own learning to increase productivity and preserve technical and process knowledge essential for improving performance? This talk, customized for your industry and target audience, provides tools and tactics that can be used immediately to solve the most pressing and vexing knowledge transfer challenges.

Despite the Covid-19 recession, many industries today still struggle with the challenges of recruiting, developing and retaining the skilled workforce needed to sustain and grow operations. This keynote session delivers practical solutions for tackling your audience’s most critical short term and future talent problems. Specific learning outcomes from this program can include:

  • The ability to identify and prioritize specific skills & capabilities at risk that threaten business performance.
  • How to apply three new tools that improve recruiting for critical jobs.
  • Four specific tactics that will enhance employee retention to reduce the costs of critical knowledge loss.
  • Leading edge practices for transferring and retaining essential know-how from retiring Baby Boomers

Is your business hiring and developing workers with the skills to leverage the latest automation and artificial intelligence technologies? We’re now in a race between education and technology. Upskilling and reskilling are profound challenges facing leaders today.

But shaping your future workforce is much harder than it looks. What are the specific decisions and actions you should be taking to build your future talent resources? This program provides frameworks and tactics for defining the capabilities, culture and processes needed to transition to a more technology intensive workplace. It provides practical insights to manage the complex changes essential for transforming your business by deploying automation, robots and artificial intelligence.

You know your organization is facing critical workforce and leadership development challenges. You may even have an idea what the solutions are. But you can’t implement these initiatives successfully unless you know how to apply essential organizational change strategies and practices. This talk provides the latest frameworks and tactics for effectively managing change in the Covid-19 recession to develop and sustain future workforce capabilities.


“I would say that David is a very professional speaker, truly interested in the subject of Talent Management, and a good speaker as well. I would also emphasize that he had a thorough preparation with us, which made his presentation highly relevant for our managers.”

— Chargeurs

“The ‘Mentoring for Fun & Profit: 6 Keys to Effective Knowledge Trans- fer’ workshop by Dr. David DeLong was an exceptionally worthwhile event for managers and staff alike.”

— MasterCard

“David DeLong’s presentation: ‘Confronting the Threat of a Changing Workforce’ was ideal for our annual meeting audience.”

— American Organization of Nurse Executives

“Your presentation was a great kick-off for our ACLI Executive Roundtable meeting. The topic was important to all the CEOs in the room.”

— Nationwide Financial

“David, your unique blend of energy, humor, and innovation kept our Farm Credit System audience both interested and engaged. Our exec- utives rated your session as one of the strongest based on ideas they could immediately employ.”

— FCC Services

“Thank you, David, for doing such a great job as our 2020 Young Professionals Summit virtual keynote speaker yesterday. We’re getting rave reviews from participants.”

— Compressed Gas Association

“Your keynote presentation at the State of Talent Virtual Conference was fantastic, spot on and so relevant. Felt like it was one of my friends up there talking to me. Thanks again for your commitment and participation in our meeting.”

— Bank of America

“Thank you for all the amazing work you put in to make your session successful at the State of Talent Virtual Conference! It was very informative and you left many of our attendees wanting more. Look forward to working with you in 2021! “

— CareerSource Suncoast

“The transition from a live, in-person event to a virtual one wasn’t easy, and yet you delivered a powerful presentation that resonated with our audience and provided practical insights as we adjusted to a ‘new normal’. Our audience and staff thought your presentation was perfect for our insurance claims executives and the research you did ahead of time allowed you to address significant topics for our audience. Thank you! “

— Claims Magazine
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