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In 1991, World-Class Juggler David Deeble rode a tall unicycle through doorway and hit his head on the crossbeam, resulting in an untreatable neurological injury to his right arm. In that instant, the skill level of the International Jugglers Association’s junior champion was reduced to that of a moderately-skilled hobbyist. Through the difficult years that followed, David made it his mission to remain a professional juggler. And he would succeed, only now he would emerge as one of the funniest.

Walking away from the traditional props of juggling – balls, clubs, rings - David began mastering some of the most exotic – and hilarious – skills performed anywhere in the world. Whether he’s kicking coins into his eye socket, eating flaming marshmallows or juggling plastic grocery sacks in slow motion (which earned him his first appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), what audiences can’t get enough of are his hilarious, self-deprecating asides: “All this talent... and I’m also a notary”.

David’s UNNATURAL ACT is a whirlwind display of the hilarious and bizarre skills he acquired en route to becoming the world’s most-original comedy juggler.

David’s keynote, WINNING WITH A BAD HAND, is the story of David’s journey from world-class juggler to world-class comedy entertainer.

His unique skill set, experience, versatility and polish have since then made him one of the finest and most-sought-after entertainers on the corporate market. Whether seeking an emcee, keynote speaker or world-class comedy just for the sake of it, David Deeble has become the answer to dozens of organizations seeking the most- original in comedy entertainment.

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“I couldn’t believe anyone could make our group laugh as hard as David Deeble did. After the year our industry had we needed laughter at our annual meeting an we got it big time with David’s hilarious talk and fantastic abilities.”
--Builders FirstSource, Inc.

“We gave David a very demanding task: to be both hilarious AND on-message. He gets an A+!”
--Golf Design, Inc.

“An evening of absolute, non-stop hilarity. David Deeble is a true original. He does things with everyday objects which gives them a magical quality.”
--Mystery Pier Books