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Don Friesen

Don Friesen

Sidesplittingly Funny Standup Comic
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Why Book Don Friesen?

  • A two-time winner of the prestigious San Francisco International Comedy Competition, Don ignites the stage with offbeat characters and cutting-edge satire.

  • Clever, insightful, frenetic and self-deprecating to a fault, Don brings huge laughs to audiences of all ages.

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    Don Friesen’s comedy is outrageously physical yet thoroughly relatable. Don’s willingness to admit his flaws and exploit them for maximum comedic potential has a way of not only entertaining, but at the same time tapping into the humanity in all of us. It’s a uniquely fun, clever, and clean act with an incredibly broad appeal—an act that has earned him rave reviews and die-hard fans throughout the country.

    As a child, Don would check out Bill Cosby’s albums from the library, memorize the routines, and wear them out on whoever he could get to listen (mostly his kid sister.)  Later, in his teens, he would do the same with Steve Martin albums, eventually moving on to Woody Allen, Robert Klein, and Monty Python.

    But despite his lifelong passion for comedy, Don was a shy kid from Fresno who never considered that this was something he could do for a living. After high school (and a few stints in junior college) Friesen went directly into the work force, trying his hand at everything from construction worker, security guard, waiter, bartender, cab driver, car salesman, water salesman, Rainbow Vacuum salesman, and commercial real estate agent, just to name a few. Eventually he regretted skipping college and decided to go back, earning his business degree at USC.  It was there that his career took an unexpected turn…  As a senior with some electives to burn, Don took an improv class and discovered that, along with his passion for comedy, he also had quite a knack for it.   He loved it so much that he started a campus improv troupe called Commedus Interruptus, and his fledgling comedy career was off and running.

    After graduation, Don began doing stand-up at open mikes in Los Angeles. Around this time, he met his wife Jill, and in less than a year they were married. After a couple of years of cutting his teeth at open mikes, Don realized that the best way to continue growing as a comic was to go on the road, so in January of 1995, he loaded up his Chevy Nova and began tirelessly touring America. Friesen’s first year on the road, he logged over 50,000 miles on his car, and slept in it countless times, but it definitely turned out to be worth it, as he discovered that the combination of non-stop writing and non-stop performing were quickly enabling him to find his comic voice.

    Since then Don’s career has soared. He quickly became a national headliner, and in 1999, he won the prestigious San Francisco International Comedy Competition, the same competition that helped launch the careers of Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Sinbad.  He returned to San Francisco in 2005 to win the competition again, becoming the only comedian in the 30-year history of the San Francisco International Comedy Competition to win it twice.

    Friesen currently lives 20 minutes from Hollywood, but maintains a very normal home life, spending as much time as he can with his wife and kids. And despite not yet having that big Hollywood “break” to point to, Don’s career continues to thrive, keeping him in constant demand in comedy clubs, theaters, Las Vegas, cruise ships, and corporate events. Thousands of fans come to see him again and again (and drag their friends along with them,) because they know that he is always writing new material, and has an incredibly fresh, ­energetic show that will have them crying every single time.

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    "We feel that we hit a home run with Don and will use him again given the opportunity."
    --Executive Events & Management Co.

    "THANKS for following up….Don was a hit at our dinner last night, and we very much enjoyed his act! In fact he already had some fans in attendance. When I found him after he arrived, he already had a group of them around him who didn’t want to give him up! But Don’s act was funny, appropriate, and just right in duration."
    --Northrop Gruman Recreation Club

    "Don was fabulous! Everyone loved him and he did a wonderful job. He even took time to visit the show during the day and eat dinner with us in the evening. I will gladly provide any recommendation letters or referrals that you need for him. He is a reasonably-priced, highly entertaining performer that I would recommend to any group."
    --Summit Pet Product Distributors

    "If you are looking for a hilarious comedian who has a clean act, Don is the one. Many in our group thought he was the best comedian we’ve ever had (and we have had numerous really good comedians entertain at our annual event). Don is also easy to work with and his audience interaction was great."
    --Liberal Kansas Chamber of Commerce

    "He is HILARIOUS! My jaws hurt from laughing so hard! We highly recommend him!"
    --Trapper Mining Inc.

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