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Interactive Drumming
Powerful interactive team building. Each participant is provided with a hand carved African drum, and our world class musicians and facilitators turn your organization into a percussive orchestra. We deepen the experience by demonstrating how making music is a metaphor for effective teamwork. When individuals create music together, each person gains respect for each other’s contribution and everyone learns to work together for the common goal of success.

A pre-event consultation is included with this program as we customize our program to deliver your company message.

Powerful interactive rhythmic performance. Our keynote opener gets everybody on the same beat and provides a high energy start to the day.

Engaging interactive drumming coupled with a custom scripted message. Each participant is provided with a drum to play and our facilitators guide the experience (festivities). This program is well suited as an opening keynote address.

We begin as one large group. We break the ice and learn some basic drumming skills. We then separate into groups. Each group is led by a master drummer who teaches simple rhythmic beats along with singing and dance moves.

The songs can reinforce the company message that is the purpose of the meeting, a harvest song for a celebration of fiscal success, a birth song for new beginnings, and a unity song for mergers.

We then all gather together and each group performs their song. These performances provide an excellent example of how well teams do when they are out their comfort zone and support each other to achieve success.

After each group has performed we will debrief the exercise by delivering the important team building messages learned. We conclude with drumming and dance where we celebrate our individuality and our commitment to a common group beat.

We begin by drumming together in one large group. Group members receive percussion instruments and we break the ice by learning some basic drumming skills. The group is then divided into small teams and each team is given the task of creating a short performance piece which includes a chant. These pieces may include drumming and dance steps. The Drum Cafe music facilitator is available to help the group when needed.

The teams are then called back together and each team performs the piece that they created. The judges vote and the winning teams are announced to the drum rolls of the collected group.

After the competition the entire group plays together again, creating a unified, energetic finale. Together we become a humming, joyful, percussive orchestra! The facilitator concludes the event with every member joining in to play to the same beat.

This program begins with an energetic and powerful performance by Drum Cafe.

We demonstrate how a high performance team works together and begin the interactive component of the show. We then transform the group into a unified orchestra using clapping, vocalizations, and percussion instruments.

The show builds to a climactic finale as everyone experiences collaboration and unity.

Orchestrate your company’s success with the addition of Boomwhacker melody tubes.

Making music is a collaborative activity that every member of the group can participate in. A Drum Cafe facilitator can help your group become fully engaged, focused, and in tune, in only 20 minutes.

This program can stand alone or be added to any of our other interactive programs.

The Drum Stick program uses rhythm as a way to bring people together. Drum sticks can be beaten against each other or on banquet tables as a way to help group members become more receptive and focused.

The sticks are easy to hand out to participants on their way into the ballroom. Once everyone has their drum sticks, they are led by a Drum Cafe facilitator in a group performance. This performance creates a feeling of connection for everyone who attends. The drum sticks then become a way for each person to remember that feeling of connection.

We offer these Drum Sticks as items that can be purchased for the group, and which can be customized with your organization’s logo.

The Drum Cafe Gumboot Dance Interactive draws its origins from the gold miners of South Africa. Miners were brought from many regions of the African continent to work underground in extremely harsh conditions. Having no common language, the men used their work boots (“Gumboots”) to stomp out complex rhythms as a form of communication.

The dances became a form of recreation and as a way to keep morale high. They created team bonds that bridged language, age, and tribal barriers. Today, Drum Cafe brings the power of this historic dance to corporate audiences.

A Drum Cafe facilitator will engage participants in an interactive Gumboot Dance. The program creates a communal melting pot where participants are brought together and the group learns to function as a cohesive team. This dance helps to break down barriers, and overcome perceived limitations.

As we dance together, we create a positive and powerful group energy. The Gumboot Dance Interactive uses age old cultural rhythms to deliver a motivating and energizing team building experience.

Our interactive dance programs bring your group together as they move to the powerful beat of live drummers. We use many different forms of dance for these programs, such as African dance, Hip Hop, and Stepping.

Your team will learn to work and play together by thumping, stomping and drumming. Drum Cafe will help your team will feel the beat and a common connection to your company goals.

Why Book Drum Cafe?

  • Drum Cafe teaches staff to increase productivity and efficiency through better team work and intearactive team building.

  • Unite your company and motivate staff with a world-class team building program and learn communication and cooperation through interactive drumming.

  • Drumming in a group will motivate your team, break down barriers, enhance togetherness and improve group dynamics.

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    With a team of world-class musicians, specialized facilitators and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of drums in tow, Drum Cafe creates unparalleled team building and entertainment events.

    Developed originally as a method to unite the multicultural workforce in the New South Africa, our programs shift attitudes and affect change.

    Drum Cafe began in Johannesburg in 1996 when a weekly drum gathering, became an experience that everybody wanted!  And so the Drum Cafe was born – a cafe environment where people of all cultures could come together as one to drum, communicate and have fun. The African experience of communal drumming became the perfect tool to unite and uplift the cultures in South Africa’s post-apartheid era.

    Drum Cafe then developed a team building and entertainment program with motivational speakers, staff trainers and top musicians.  Through the medium of facilitated interactive drumming, Drum Cafe provides an experiential dialogue around alignment, cohesion, and teamwork.

    Drum Cafe was established in the USA in 2002 And Today, our unique and relevant training platform is utilized internationally by many Fortune 500 and other companies around the globe.

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