Gabe Zichermann

Technology Strategist: Employee and Customer Engagement, Tech-Life Balance
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Employee Digital Wellness and Productivity in the Distracted Age:
Technology has profoundly improved our lives, while also creating completely new challenges for engagement, productivity and wellness. Modern apps and devices are driving an explosion in addictive and distracting behaviors whose major workplace impacts are starting to be felt across all sectors, and by employees at all career / life stages. Learn the best practices used by leading organizations to give people control back over their distracted brains and improve productivity, satisfaction and happiness. Discover how technology holds the key to both the problem of distraction and its cure and what breakthrough approaches have been successful across industries and the world. Explore the workplace and employee of the future when we’ve achieved tech-life balance.

Gamification and Employee Engagement:
Employees are more distracted than ever due to increased workplace demands and our always-on tech culture. At the same time, organizational technology and processes are designed to assume a “captive” audience of compliant workers when today’s most valuable team members are expected to be highly autonomous, independent and entrepreneurial. Set against this backdrop, smart organizations are using the power of games to bridge the gap between the 20th and 21st century workforce, using gamification and engaging technology to drive learning, teamwork, productivity and recruitment to new heights. In this talk, you’ll learn the secrets of driving sustained employee engagement and how gamification can transform your organization to be ready for the future based on examples, neuroscience and practical data.

Why Book Gabe Zichermann?

  • Gabe Zichermann works with companies to make them more engaging and meaningful. 
  • Co-Founder of strategy/design consultancy company called Dopamine (works with leading brands to drive customer/employee engagement).
  • Leading Expert on Digital Distraction/Addiction vs. Productivity (Featured on 60 Minutes)
  • Co-Founder of software startup called Onward
  • Author of The Gamification Revolution and reknowned Gamification expert.
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    Gabe Zichermann is the foremost expert on designing for engagement, helping organizations and individuals achieve balance in their relationships to technology, each other and the world. He is the founder of Onward, the breakthrough AI and data science based approach for helping people achieve Tech-Life Balance and has worked with major governments, Fortune 500s and startups to help them maximize positive engagement. Zichermann is also the author of three books on the subject of engagement, including the widely beloved Gamification Revolution (McGraw Hill), and the engagement design bible, Gamification by Design. A resident of Los Angeles, Gabe is an acclaimed speaker, educator and advocate whose TV, online and conference appearances always generate discussion, buzz, learning and excitement.

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    "It was a pleasure to have someone as distinguished as Gabe at our event. He was very funny and personable. His keynote was intriguing and was well received by our event participants. I particularly enjoyed how he embedded our content, teaching English Language Learners, into his break out session."