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  • Merging Clashing Cultures
  • Preparing for Excellence: Is your Organization Structured for Success
  • Communicating with People Whose Styles Are Different
  • Creating and Maintaining Constructive Conflict
  • How to Build Your Management Team
  • Corporate Lifecycles—How Organizations Grow and Die and What to Do About It


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Dr. Ichak Adizes has created a unique philosophy on how to lead Successful Change without Destructive Conflict. Supported through his books and manuals, which are easy reading for the layman, his philosophy and methodology are applicable to personal life, family life, business and society. Dr. Adizes addresses many issues that are critical to our future, both individually and collectively.

Dr. Adizes introduced his philosophy in one of his early books - How to Solve the Mismanagement Crisis. This book was translated into 22 languages and became bestseller in several countries. The content is taught in nearly every school of social sciences in the universities of Israel, Denmark, Sweden, and Yugoslavia, among others, and the book is still in print in the United States 25 years after its initial publication. As he continued to further develop his philosophy, Dr. Adizes wrote and published another seven books that have been extensively translated and published in more than 50 editions. His classic work, Corporate Lifecycles, was selected as one of the 10 Best Business Books by The Library Journal.


Awarded his Ph.D. by Columbia University, Dr. Adizes has held appointments as Visiting Professor at Hebrew University (Jerusalem), Tel Aviv University, Stanford University and Columbia University. He also served in a tenured position at the John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA where, among other achievements, he established the Management of the Arts MBA program. He is Academic Dean of the Adizes Graduate School for the study of Leadership and Change, which he established in 1994.Dr. Adizes lectures in four languages and has spoken in more than 48 countries to an average audience of about 1,000 executives. His work and writing have been featured in leading journals and newspapers, including Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The New York Times, The London Financial Times, Investor Relations Daily, Nation’s Business and World Executive’s Digest.

Dr. Adizes’ lectures include topics such as Corporate Lifecycles, Making the Transition from Entrepreneurial to Professional Management, Structuring the Company for Success, Building Competitive Advantage Through Change, and Merging Clashing Cultures.


Dr. Adizes is one of the world’s leading experts on improving the performance of business and government by making fundamental changes without the chaos and destructive conflict that plague many efforts. Over the past 35 years he has worked with some of the largest commercial organizations in the world and has consulted to many heads of state. As an advisor to governments, Dr. Adizes has consulted or lectured to the Prime Ministers or cabinets of Israel, Sweden, Greece, Brazil, Ghana, Iceland, Mexico, Macedonia and others. Dr. Adizes is the Founder and CEO of the Adizes Institute, which is a highly specialized change management organization that offers its services through offices in the USA and around the world.

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