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Dazzling Service
In this most requested session, James shares his top-ten most effective service techniques gathered from his 20 years of experience. This dynamic keynote enhances interactions with both our internal and external customers, as well as with our relationships outside of work. James discusses handling irate customers, secrets to recovery, powerful apologies, and listening with intention.

Great Full
James presents a unique view of gratitude. When we begin looking for the positives, instead of the negatives, wonderful things happen. Morale increases, teamwork abounds, and retention strengthens.

Yield to New Ideas
This presentation explores the methods for employees and employers to find the positives with change. Whether it is a corporate merger, corporate restructuring, or downsizing, finding the positives in change will create an environment of growth and loyalty.

Taking Care of Business
This 3-hour interactive workshop contains all three of James’ most requested topics. In this age of change and uncertainty there are 3 areas of focus that will ensure our success. First, we must take care of our customers. Second, we must take care of our staff. Whether you have only one employee, or a staff of 30, the way we treat them is reflected in their own levels of service. Third, and perhaps most important, we must take care of ourselves. This includes having both a healthy body and a positive attitude. Come to this workshop prepared to laugh, reflect, and make decisions that will help you take care of business.

Passing the Spark: Motivating Others
This interactive class offers documented, proven strategies that will motivate your associates. James also includes test cases from Fortune 100 companies. This course includes the need for motivation (energizing your team), moments of truth (loyalty), the Pygmalion Phenomenon (expectations of others), the Foreman Facts Model (retention and turnover), the Southwest Airlines Secret (service), and Captain Abrashoff’s Miracle (leadership hero). Come prepared to laugh, reflect, and revolutionize your leadership abilities

Why Book James Lloyd?

  • He engages listeners with his unique blend of timely humor, insightful knowledge, and personal stories from a background rich in training, leadership development, sales and customer service.

  • James imparts vision and encourages audiences to visualize new horizons and develop to their fullest potential – keeping positive and striving for excellence.
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    James is the current president of 9 Screens International and is a featured keynote speaker and organizational training and development consultant whose powerful keynotes and training sessions have captivated audiences around the world. James' unique storytelling ability pulls in the audience with humor, insight and motivation. His most requested topics specialize in customer service, leadership and organizational issues.

    James has an extensive background in the healthcare industry with the ability to envision, create and implement finely-honed motivational presentations designed to educate and challenge conference event attendees in a relaxed and interactive environment.

    James can present seminars to hospitals, insurance agencies, educators and private clinics that focus on a broad range of topics - from personal potential to customer service - inspiring performance and addressing industry-specific concerns, including malpractice and patient services. James has published two books, I’m on Fire, Watch me Burn!, and Torch Tips for a Luminous Life and has developed and delivered three Continuing Education (CE) courses utilized by health insurance agents to fulfill State of California continuing licensure requirements.

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    "James's sense of humor makes him the perfect evening guest speaker, whether a dinner, banquet, or awards ceremony."
    --Olympus America

    "I can wholeheartedly say that James hit a home run beyond home runs! Seriously, he was such an incredible presence in our room and the selection of his topical matter was sublime! ...I was confident with our selection but it was amazing to see the response and reaction from our colleagues. They were beyond happy, delighted and 'engaged'!"
    --Lincoln Financial Group

    “I saw our attendees both entertained and informed on issues specific to their jobs.”
    --Farm Bureau Financial Services

    “I heard some tremendous feedback from the attendees and many who have been coming for several years called your speech the best ever.”
    --Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

    “You take your audiences on a journey that is humorous, touching, and relevant. Most importantly, the journey always arrives at the desired destination: an audience with greater understanding; greater readiness to transform; and greater passion for moving forward.”
    --WellPoint Health Networks

    “It was a real pleasure working with all of you. James Lloyd was wonderful, he was very friendly and personable and we had many favorable comments from the audience. I think all of you are a 10…Thank you for helping make our conference a success.”
    --Department of Defense

    “He actually came the day before his presentation and attended three Board Meetings to gather information that allowed him to personalize his presentation…his wit, humor and general presentation style captivated the audience…”
    --Self-Insured Schools of California

    “Your presentation, ‘The Magic of Customer Service’ was our top-rated presentation of the conference, an ‘excellent’ 4.9 on a scale of 5.0.”
    --Texas Assoc. of Healthcare Financial Administration

    “We have James to thank for transforming our customer service model into something exceptional…That translates into more sales!”
    --WellPoint West Region

    "James is entertaining , as well as provides content that makes the listener think about his or her own actions and how they may be perceived by others."
    --Crop Production Services