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Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans

World-renowned Climber and Adventurer
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MountainVision: Lessons Beyond the Summit
This is Jeff's most popular program taking the audience on a journey guiding blind climber Erik Weihenmayer on mountains and races around the world, culminating with the summit of Mt. Everest. Jeff's message also incorporates lessons gleaned while working as the expedition leader for the Soldiers to Summits program.  Themes include servant leadership, handling adversity, commitment, teamwork and trust.

Guiding Through the Storm
This program is designed for any industry facing the volatile nature of today's economy. Jeff emphasizes the need for a strong vision and infectious leadership. This is quickly becoming our most popular program, as every industry is effected by the current economic atmosphere. Jeff's experience as a guide in challenging scenarios translates powerfully for organizations feeling the "pressure" of today's market.

Beyond The Summit ...Staying Focused
This program is for the organization that has achieved success and/or reached their established goals and needs to keep the momentum in high gear.

Medical Teamwork at its Best
Jeff has the "insider" ability to address all healthcare related conferences and events from his 10 years as a practicing Emergency Room Physician Assistant. This is the ideal program for any event that is centered around medical industry professionals. Also available on request is a personalized program that will suit CME requirements for most conferences.

The Ultimate Team Dynamic
This is an exciting new program that has Jeff sharing the stage with either blind climber Erik Weihenmayer or blind/deaf climber Bill Barkeley. By having both the guide and disabled climber on stage, collaboratively sharing stories, the audience is introduced to the ultimate teamwork message.

The Playing Field Is Even
This program is all about diversity and adversity. Many of the stories here are based on Jeff's experiences as a guide and advocate within the blind and disabled community.

Preparation and Application of High Altitude Medicine
This CME qualifying program is specifically designed for the medical conference that wants to bring in an expert in high altitude medicine and physiology. The hour-long session is both informative and humorous, balancing the didactic component with real life applications.


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For over 25 years, Jeff Evans’ global experiences as a world- class mountaineer, guide and emergency medic have helped him master the skills of servant leadership, teamwork, communication and trust which are the cornerstone themes in his keynote and breakout sessions. Jeff’s amazing adventures and challenges have given him the tools to become one of the most dynamic and inspirational speakers on the circuit today, delivering his message to tens of thousands of audience members and changing the way we approach our roles within our work and family environments.

Jeff reminds us that, in fact, that we are all guides in some capacity... professionally and personally. By utilizing real life stories, vivid images and thrilling video from his adventures around the globe, Jeff is able to extract the impactful themes that are applicable for every audience member and weave them into memorable, humorous, thought- provoking and paradigm- shifting keynotes.

Jeff’s skills have been acquired not only on the highest peaks around the world, but also through guiding blind climber Erik W eihenmayer on extraordinarily challenging objectives including the summit of Mt Everest and a 2nd place finish on ABC’s adventure series, Expedition Impossible. While filming the series Everest Air for the Travel Channel, Jeff served as the chief medic and team leader for the highest helicopter-based Search and Rescue team in the world on the flanks of Mt Everest.

Also contributing to Jeff’s expertise are his experiences as the co-founder and Expedition Leader for the injured US veteran program, No Barriers W arriors as well as his time spent on the front lines in Iraq leading a team of emergency medics in their efforts to save the lives of injured soldiers and civilians. He is the published author of MountainVision: Lessons Beyond the Summit, and is featured in the award-winning documentaries Farther Than the Eye Can See, Blindsight, and High Ground.

Jeff received his undergraduate degree in anthropology from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and his Masters as a Physician Assistant at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Jeff currently resides in Boulder with his wife Merry Beth, son Jace and dog Roka.

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