Linda Larsen

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CSP, CPAE Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

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Linda Larsen

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In this fast paced, fun program, Linda will give participants practical ways to light their own fire of excellence and motivate themselves to take positive, consistent action when they just want to give up.

YOU are the greatest asset you can bring to your company, your family and your life. The quality of your outcomes in every domain of your life is directly proportional to the quality of how YOU show up every day – what YOU bring to the party, who YOU are, your attitude, your skill set and your perspective. In this “Ah ha-rich,” fun, fast-paced session, Linda will challenge everyone to rethink what happens to them and what they cannot do, and to focus instead on the positive ways they can respond to what happens to them. They will leave with a deep understanding of the enormous power they have to create massive susccess, joy and outstanding experiences for their customers, their company and themselves – regardless of what other people are or are not doing!!! This is the stuff employers, managers and owners wish every single one of their people knew and applied.

Attendees will also learn:
YOU! Super Hero! Super Star! Super Exhausted! How to Effectively Help Others Without Frying Your Golden Goose

This high energy, fun session is particularly well suited for people in the healthcare and service industries, and for all women’s groups)
With all of life’s fast-paced, high stress demands it becomes very easy to put ourselves rock-bottom last on our own “to-do” list.

And the result? Compromised health, exhaustion, frustration, strained relationships, depression, guilt, and acute crankiness. In this incredibly funny, fast-paced and potentially life saving session, attendees will learn practical, doable strategies that they can immediately put to use to bring more focus, mental acuity, good health and happiness into their lives. They will recognize what they have been repeatedly doing (with the best of intentions) that adds to their stress levels, and how to proactively change those behaviors.

It’s Not Your Mother’s Playground Anymore

The rules in business today have changed. And yes, you can break the rules if you choose, but first you must know what they are. In this workshop participants will learn the different ways that men and women approach situations and how they can adapt to meet challenges and solve problems effectively. They will investigate how, as women, they can position themselves for success – and actually strengthen relationships with others at the same time.

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