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Developing Leaders in Business and in Life

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Mark Sanborn – Business Speaker
Mark Sanborn – Business Speaker
Mark Sanborn

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You probably think COVID changed the world, and in many ways it did. But what COVID really did is accelerate the future. Many of the changes leaders face today were inevitable: they were almost all on the horizon, but a global pandemic brought them to the forefront earlier and all at once.

That means that the future workforce is here now, yet many leaders are unprepared. While core leadership principles never change, leadership practices do. In this presentation based on proprietary research, Mark Sanborn shares powerful insights and workable practices that your leaders need to succeed in today’s world.

Key points in this program:

  • How to change your business and your life by changing the questions you ask Why “anxious hopefulness” is one of the most important challenges to a leader’s thinking
  • There is a myth that “you can’t over-communicate.” (You can, and it decreases effectiveness. Learn the strategic alternative.)
  • What to do about remote workers is a secondary issue. The big issue isn’t just where – but when and with whom your team works.
  • Why giving someone a raise isn’t enough if you don’t give them a reason
  • The two unlearned skills that trump planning and process
  • How to refocus so you increase fast adoption of new behaviors and practices
  • The one thing ALL successful leaders have in common

Based on one of the few, comprehensive research projects about leadership during the COVID crisis, Mark has unique insights grounded in fact, rather than just anecdote and observation.

If your leaders are thinking and acting like they did before the pandemic, you are limited in the success you can achieve going forward.

This presentation will help you reset thoughts and behaviors to create new results in a new world of opportunity.

In this inspiring presentation, Mark Sanborn shares four life-changing lessons he learned from Fred, an extraordinary postal carrier. Based on his New York Times and international bestseller, The Fred Factor, Mark teaches how no one can be prevented from choosing to be exceptional.

As a result, your audience will be able to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and the mundane into the magnificent in their personal and professional lives.

Key points in this program:

  • Continually create new value for customers without spending a dime
  • Elevate the customer experience for everyone
  • Learn how to become a trusted partner (not just a vendor)
  • How to use imagination and creativity to outthink your competition
  • Reinvent yourself regularly to avoid burnout
  • The only two ways to grow your business
  • It’s impossible to over-appreciate your team.

This program can be customized with different key messages for audiences of leaders, customer service representatives, and/or sales teams

Based on three decades of working with some of the world’s best leaders and companies, this keynote program focuses on the true heart of leadership: making things better for others. And you don’t need a title to do that.

Mark Sanborn proves how anyone at any level and regardless of title can make a significant contribution and a positive difference.

Key points in this program:

  • The six fundamental skills of leadership
  • How to create an army of lions [where everyone knows when and how to lead
  • Learn to maximize the only three resources any organization possesses
  • How leaders communicate differently
  • Identify the most important actions needed for performance
  • Why your team members must take responsibility, not action

How do you keep getting better if you are already among the best? This is a critical question for successful leaders and organizations. What happens when complacency, outdated thinking, or weariness stunts performance? What do leaders do when growth stalls, or when their teams are working below their true potential?

In this presentation, Mark Sanborn provides answers and teaches powerful tools your audience can use to pursue their potential.

Key points in this program:

  • Why you must pursue your potential and not settle for simply achieving your goals
  • How to disrupt yourself before somebody else does
  • Three ways to become laser-focused on doing things that produce the biggest results
  • Learn a powerful way of thinking that gives you a competitive advantage over others
  • How to continually refocus

Discover practical ways to prepare for and deal with change – good, bad, or otherwise – by focusing on the mindsets and methods that never change.

Predicting the future is easy; predicting it correctly is very hard. You can’t be certain of what the future holds, but there are things you can always do to ensure your success regardless of what happens.

This presentation contains real-world strategies to work through difficult situations.

Key points in this program:

  • Examine the mindsets and methods that enable people to succeed come what may
  • Learn a practical way of preparing for and dealing with change
  • Focus on those things that should never change
  • How to make the most of up, down, and sideways situations
  • Improve company morale and inspire teams to push through challenging times
  • Discover actions to take when coming out of a crisis


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“Mark was the best speaker we have engaged.  He showed that he was listening to everything that was said before he got up.  And instead of weaving that content into the beginning, he tied it in throughout his entire presentation.  I wouldn’t change a single thing.”

— Blue Cross Blue Shield
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