Peter Hillary

Peter Hillary

Adventurer, Climber, Son of Sir Edmund Hillary
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Presentations on challenges, change, achievement and survival
Peter Hillary’s life is a testament to setting goals and achieving them. His skill, driving ambition, and good judgement have enabled him to summit mountains and survive ferocious storms and avalanches. He is a communicator, a storyteller and a skilled assessor of what works and what doesn’t in critical situations. With a history of world class achievements in climbing, he is an inspiring adventurer from one of the great families of mountaineering. Like his father, the late Sir Edmund Hillary, who made the first ascent of Mt Everest in 1953, Peter has summited Everest and reached the South Pole on skis, forging a new route across Antarctica. The names Everest and Hillary are forever linked, and Peter continues to climb in the Himalayas and raise funds to support schools and hospitals for the people of the Everest region in Nepal.

The Presentations
Peter’s presentations include: “Climb Your Own Everest”, “To the Ends of the Earth”, “K2 Crisis: Survive and Thrive”, and “Change!”

In these enthralling presentations, Peter Hillary reveals what it takes to summit Mt Everest, the world’s highest mountain, (twice!); to travel to the ends of the earth at the North and South Poles and to survive an horrific storm on ‘the savage mountain’ K2. All the presentations include dramatic video footage.

Peter is a dynamic and easy speaker, with a dry wit and a flair for storytelling; he has spoken to audiences ranging from 12 to 12,000. He enjoys captivating audiences with authentic, spine- tingling and at times hilarious stories about his adventures that transport audiences to another world. He links his own challenges to the achievement of goals for any individual, and focuses on the importance of preparation, perseverance, teamwork, caution and good judgement – as well as enjoying the journey. The consistent feedback is that it leaves people charged, motivated and raring to go.

The Hillary Difference!
What are the key differences Peter Hillary can provide in his presentations?

  • An historic Everest connection: From his father, Sir Edmund Hillary’s, first ascent of the mountain in 1953, through to Peter’s own climbs to the summit in 1990 and 2002. Peter and Sir Edmund Hillary are the first two generations of one family to climb the world’s highest peak.
  • Philanthropy and Generosity: Giving something back to the people who provided assistance to the Hillarys on their climbs. The late Sir Edmund and the Hillary family has built and run 42 schools, hospitals and medical clinics among the subsistence farming villages at the foot of Everest. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.
  • To pursue your own goals is great, but it is even greater to help others reach theirs.
  • Videos

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    High Drama and Survival on K2: The world’s second highest mountain. Six men and one woman died in a furious storm on K2. Of those on the summit pyramid that day only Hillary survived.

    Peter is a survivor. His is a message of trusting yourself and your intuition.

    Passion for Life and Challenges: Peter Hillary has been on over 40 expeditions and alpine seasons including to the North Pole in small aircraft with Neil Armstrong, Stephen Fossett and the late Ed Hillary and in 1999 skiing a new route 900 miles across Antarctica to the South Pole.

    Peter Hillary lives life with an adventurous “can-do” attitude.

    The Hillary Formula: Peter clearly identifies attributes that propel the audience towards their own summits and successes.

    Peter Hillary’s formula stresses: never lose sight of where you want to go; be focused; be passionate; learn to be self- reliant; have fun; demonstrate your integrity and generosity; use your judgement and intuition, and most importantly, be a survivor.

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