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Robert Ian

Robert Ian

Business Change Expert - Author - Hypnotist - Magician
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Expanding the Power of Your Mind
This interactive, sophisticated and intellectually stimulating performance is guaranteed to leave your audience scratching their heads in amazement and buzzing with excitement long after the show is over.
After attending this program, you'll be able to: think, plan and solve problems more effectively, motivate yourself and others with goal directed action, and rapidly develop yourself for personal and professional success.

How to Identify, Master, and Conquer Change
In this exciting and interactive program Robert Ian will astound you with mind-boggling magic and illusion as he reveals a step-by-step system to identify, master and conquer both personal and work-related change. After experiencing this program you will be able to: identify hidden opportunities in advance, uncover the hidden opportunities buried inside of every challenge and relax and move forward with confidence.

Hypnosis and the Magic of Your Mind
Under good-natured hypnotic suggestion, volunteers from your audience sing like Elvis, talk like Martians and dance the Macarena. In addition to being the stars of the show, participants will discover how to use the power of their own minds to reduce stress, eliminate unwanted habits and excel both personally and professionally.


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Robert Ian’s background as a corporate consultant focuses on helping individuals and organizations uncover the hidden opportunities of rapid change. He is the author of How to Identify, Master and Conquer Change and has delivered over 2000 keynote speeches to corporations, associations and professional organizations worldwide. His research, consulting and marketing firm monitors business, economic and social changes to help clients turn rapid change into powerful new opportunities.

Robert’s current focus is on the declining value of the U.S. dollar and how this global phenomenon will result in higher long-term prices for commodity-based assets like gold, silver, base metals, energy and agriculture.

Robert discusses major changes taking place in the world today. He provides strategies and conclusions to help you walk away with more perspective, more understanding, more options and more solutions for conquering change.

Robert’s client list covers a wide range of industries over 20 years and includes many Fortune 500 companies. He has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and the FOX television networks and has been a guest on over 300 talk radio shows across America. Since 2007, his analysis of business and economic changes has been heard by a global audience of 20,000+ listeners each week on Radio.

Robert has interviewed over 1000 CEOs, business executives and government leaders. This research led to the publication of his first book which is being used globally by leading organizations to help their managers, executives and employees successfully conquer change.

Robert’s personal hero is the little dog Toto in The Wizard of Oz. Toto pulled back the curtain and showed everyone how the magic worked. When you hear Robert speak, he will pull back the curtain of rapid change and demonstrate how the secret to conquering change is being prepared for it.

As an entertainer, Robert will utilize several magic illusions to illustrate key points. As an educator, he will deliver solid take-home skills that will transform your ability to conquer change. As a motivator, he will show how the content of his remarks can be applied personally and professionally. His presentations never fail to challenge and entertain.

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