Robin Lawton

Robin Lawton

The Voice of the Customer
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  • The 8 Dimensions of Excellence Keynote Excerpt
  • Language Matters
  • Basis for Satisfaction
  • Linking Strategy, Customers and Innovation to Your Success
  • Using Word Formulas to Uncover, Translate, Measure & Deliver What Customers Want
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    Robin helps you make dramatic improvement in customer focus and satisfaction. His keynotes combine the unique strengths of a top 21st century thought-leader, stand-up comedian, game show host, current events analyst and story-teller. His presentations integrate audience participation, music, video and current events. The result is a highly inspiring, personally relevant and insight-producing experience you won’t forget and will feel compelled to act on. His structured and practical C3 tools enable you to do so.

    Robin is masterful at using humor and a highly interactive delivery style to communicate and demonstrate how his paradigm-busting system achieves leadership excellence. He illustrates how strong customer focus can be easily and powerfully injected into everything from strategic direction to daily work, creating outstanding results.

    Rob’s phenomenal way of interacting with his audience inspires, motivates, educates and equips participants to do what they never thought possible. Rob's memorable true stories, passion and practicality touch his audiences intellectually, emotionally and genuinely. Perhaps that is why he was recently ranked #1 of 88 speakers by an international organization and has been rated the top speaker at every multi-speaker event he is at.

    Mr. Lawton's keynotes and programs are based on his unique customer-centered culture (C3) principles, customized to each audience. His most popular topics include:

  • Leadership excellence
  • Uncovering and satisfying the Voice of the Customer
  • Superb Customer Experience
  • Business growth
  • Innovation & product/service design
  • Creating uncommon customer and employee experience
  • Make customers winners
  • Integrating customer focus into key initiatives (i.e. Lean, Six Sigma, GPRA, HCAPS, ISO)
  • Retaining knowledge when an organization's talent leaves

    Rob has strengthened the success of a number of industry leaders in his teaching role as:
  • Principal Total Customer Satisfaction leader, Motorola Management Institute (10 years)
  • Master Blackbelt Forum Keynote Speaker/Coach, Raytheon Six Sigma Institute (5 years)
  • VOC Expert, Honeywell/ AlliedSignal Management Learning and Development (5 years)
  • Conscience of the Customer, Accura Division, American Honda (2 years)
  • Advisor to the Governor’s Cabinet in Alaska, Missouri, Minnesota, Wyoming
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