Roger Crawford

Roger Crawford

Tennis Champion and Inspiring Resiliency Expert
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How High Can You Bounce?
This powerful program teaches the attitudes and actions needed to bounce forward, equipped to conquer change and triumph over trials. Learn to bounce to new heights and achieve extraordinary results.

Grand Slam Program
When given the privilege of speaking to your organization, my commitment is to design a specifically tailored presentation that is relevant and remembered.

Why Book Roger Crawford?

  • Living with a physical challenge affecting all four limbs, Roger knows what it takes to redefine the possible as he draws upon his life lessons combined with proven principles to empower audiences and ignite a powerful can do culture.

  • His remarkable life story is a powerful example of perseverance, unshakable optimism, and overcoming adversity.

  • Sports Illustrated has recognized Roger as one of the most accomplished physically challenged athletes in the world.

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    Before Roger Crawford inspired others as a best selling author and Hall of Fame speaker on Center Stage, he achieved phenomenal success on Center Court—despite a physical challenge.

    Although born with ectrodactylism, a rare birth defect, Roger not only became the only athlete with four impaired limbs to compete in a NCAA Division I sport, he also became a Hall of Fame Division I athlete.  His compelling story of how he became a tennis champion communicates and demonstrates the power of an “I Can!” attitude to redefine the possible!

    Sports Illustrated has recognized Roger as “one of the most accomplished physically challenged athletes in the world,” and in 2013 he was selected as the winner of the ITA Achievement Award, presented by The International Tennis Hall of Fame.  The award is the highest honor bestowed by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association.

    After achieving immense success as a Hall of Fame athlete, Roger went on to inspire audiences worldwide, eloquently sharing the principles he has lived—perseverance, unshakable optimism, and overcoming adversity. His remarkable life story is a powerful example that “Challenges are inevitable, defeat is optional!”

    Roger has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame in recognition of his highly successful speaking career spanning two decades. As a member of the Hall of Fame for People with Disabilities, he shares this prestigious distinction with fellow honorees such as Christopher Reeves, Helen Keller and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    Roger has been featured on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, CNBC, and many other prominent television programs. His life was the basis for an Emmy award winning movie entitled In a New Light. The print media has also acknowledged his amazing accomplishments and profiled him in publications such as, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Men’s Fitness, Fast Company, and Tennis Magazine. You may have read about Roger’s football exploits in the original Chicken Soup for the Soul.

    Roger is a best selling author whose books have been translated into seventeen different languages. His most recent book, Think Again! Discover the Possibilities in Plain Sight, helps readers tap into their creative potential and reach new heights of inspiration and performance.

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    "Roger was awesome! Always on time, very consistent, funny and wonderful. He made everyone realize you have to take your hands out of your pocket if you want to reach higher. His stories were heartwarming and touching. He was a true inspiration."

    “Words and phrases like 'outstanding,' 'phenomenal,' 'very inspirational,' and 'the best' are consistently used by our attendees when describing your talk…your energy, professionalism, and humor enabled you to easily connect…your message of resiliency is appropriate for any group."

    “While you probably could sense that your speech went well (the standing ovation may have been a tip), I just wanted you to know that the benefits of having you come to our meeting went well beyond the initial applause. Your message is powerful, appropriate and useful for an organization such as ours. I can see why you have so many positive references."
    --Johnson & Johnson Advanced Sterilization Products

    “Roger was rated the best speaker our general managers have ever seen."
    --Marriott International Hotels and Resorts