Samuel Betances, PhD

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Diversity Consultant, Educator, Sociologist

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Samuel Betances – Motivational Speaker

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In this dynamic presentation, Dr. Samuel Betances uses humor to unlock your mind and open it to new ideas and new perceptions. Managers, Supervisors and Leaders will learn how demographic changes are likely to impact the way their organizations must do business today and in the future by focusing on diversity as a bottom-line issue and mission driven initiative, Of particular interest will be Dr. Betances’ clarification of how diversity initiatives differ from compliance programs such as Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. Come prepared to laugh and learn!

Here Dr. Betances would discuss the Changing Face of America, the changing demographics that are occurring, and how those are and will impact education now and in the future. He also takes a look at how Diversity is portrayed in the many mediums of the popular Culture. Will Diversity Distract or Add Value to EEO Initiatives in Your Organization?
This presentation will answer this tough question. It will encourage meaningful dialogue and purpose safeguards to ensure that the important work, based on the legal mandates aimed at reducing prejudice and discrimination, not be derailed by any new untested initiative. The differences between EEO/Compliance and Diversity will make clear and practical recommendations on how to avoid putting these two initiatives on a collision course in your organization will be made. The presentation will be engaging, informative, and tied to mission.

This presentation revolves around the discussion of the article “Status Inequality and Prejudice” which explains the real reason that prejudice occurs. A group exercise based on the stated article allow for interaction and for the participants to realize the true cause of prejudice and the ways to overcome it. The Professional Audit Exercise allows the participants to individually audit themselves about a time they might have witnessed discrimination, stereotypes that others have about their own cultural group and vice versa, groups they feel they need to learn more about, etc.

This topic is the product of the wisdom, knowledge and experience gained in hundreds of corporate and other seminars, training workshops and consulting work Dr. Betances has led in the past decade. Framed in humor, Dr. Betances would show how formal and informal practices in the cultures of organizations frustrate diversity initiatives. Dr. Betances will also identify the best practices to replace dysfunctional ones.

A passionate, entertaining, and motivational journey that will provide insight on why diversity is a plus and not a minus in higher education. The quest to sensitize ourselves to the diversity in our colleges and universities and gleam the positives of multiculturalism while pursuing the quest of academic excellence will be examined. Come prepared to laugh and learn!



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Dr. Samuel Betances stands bar none as a bi-lingual motivational speaker and transformational leader. His innate ability to deliver his cogent and captivating testimony to our alternative high school students was completely incomparable. Dr. B strategically aggrandized their potential and thirst for knowledge in a special presentation to our high school seniors, prior to graduation. His invaluable support and encouragement to our students, as their commencement speaker, only provided our students with the momentum to further their success. Not only did Dr. B present to our students and serve as our graduation commencement speaker, but he also delivered each of our students his roadmap to success, Winning the Future Through Education: One Step at a Time. Dr. B.s servitude rang loudly throughout our school, in our students hearts, and in the lives of our staff, families, and community, and for that we are forever indebted.

— Truman Middle College
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