Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore

Contributing Editor- Wall Street Journal & Chief Economist, Heritage Foundation
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The End of Prosperity
Stephen Moore’s presentation provides audiences with an inside look at how the economic policy and political decisions in Washington impact the financial outlook for investors.

Why Book Stephen Moore?

  • As a senior economist with the Wall Street Journal and The Cato Institute, he offers a wealth of knowledge on economic issues, with a focus on taxation and monetary policy.

  • He is an ardent and tireless advocate of individual rights and liberty, free markets, free enterprise, and limited government.

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    Stephen Moore, who formerly wrote on the economy and public policy for The Wall Street Journal, is chief economist at The Heritage Foundation. Moore, who also was a member of The Journal’s editorial board, returned to Heritage in January 2014 -- about 25 years after his tenure as the leading conservative think tank’s Grover M. Hermann Fellow in Budgetary Affairs from 1984 to 1987.

    As chief economist at Heritage, Moore focuses on advancing public policies that increase the rate of economic growth to help the United States retain its position as the global economic superpower. He also works on budget, fiscal and monetary policy and showcases states that get fiscal houses in order.

    Moore’s early career was shaped by three people who had a profound influence on him: Julian Simon, the late Cato Institute scholar; Edwin J. Feulner, a co-founder of Heritage; and Art Laffer, the economist best known for the Laffer curve.

    “What makes them so great is they were willing to take on the conventional wisdom. They were subject to a lot of criticism for doing that,” Moore told The Foundry. “Those are the real change-makers.”

    Moore calls his creation of the Club for Growth the defining moment of his career. The organization, which he left in 2004, helps elect conservative members of Congress (including Heritage President Jim DeMint when he first ran for Senate).

    Moore next founded the Free Enterprise Fund before joining The Wall Street Journal. As senior economics writer for the newspaper’s editorial board, he covered Washington policy debates and state issues.

    “Because I’ve been a consumer of think tank material and policy research, I think I have a pretty good sense of what reporters want and how to get it to them in the way they want it,” Moore said. “Being timely — and not just offering opinion but giving them the facts and data is really critical.”

    Moore, who grew up in New Trier Township, Ill., received a bachelor of arts degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He holds a master’s of arts in economics from George Mason University.

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    "Stephen Moore worked out great as our speaker. We really appreciated his insight and candor about the current economic situation. In addition to delivering a strong presentation, he was very relaxed, and even mingled with attendees during the cocktail hour."

    "Everything worked out fine! Stephen did a great job!"
    --West Liberty State University, Economics Club

    "Stephen Moore was terrific. His message was well-received by our membership, and those whose political sway is opposite gnashed their teeth in indignation. Great fun! Most importantly, he’s a great speaker – his command of the subject was encyclopedic, even more amazing given that he spoke sans notes. His ‘inside baseball’ anecdotes added greatly to his presentation, and our members were pleased that he was very willing to take questions and answer them thoughtfully and completely. We were also very pleased that he joined us for cocktails pre-dinner – we didn’t realize how many fans he had in our membership, and they were very pleased to meet him."

    "According to our attendees, he was very insightful and entertaining. People enjoyed the information he presented and his humor."
    --Constellation Energy Group