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Stephen Young

Founder of Insight Education Systems, Powerful Effect of Micromessages in the Workplace
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MicroInequities: The Power of Small™
The MicroInequities: The Power of Small™ program establishes the definitive link between diversity and its influence on leadership effectiveness.
The core definition of effective leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate others to perform to their potential. The only way this can be done is through the messages we send but it is not as important what we say as what is interpreted by the receiver that drives commitment, loyalty and performance.
Our MicroInequities: The Power of Small™ program focuses on how we send these messages across businesses, borders and cultures. It instructs participants how to drive rapid behavior change, incorporate this skill into the realm of routine management, and measurably raise business leadership and diversity performance.
The MicroInequities Program has been delivered in 35 countries across a wide spectrum of industries, in virtually every region of the world. Attendees have ranged from CEOs and their leadership teams to hourly workers.
Results are consistent at every level within an organization and received a multitude of accolades from the press including TIME Magazine’s full-page feature in its annual “What’s Next” issue, Harvard Business Review’s Management Newsletter, and by Oprah Winfrey in multiple issues of “O” Magazine to name a few.
Participation in the MicroInequities Program has a unique outcome. Participants report returning to work with the immediate ability to apply the skills and techniques learned in the program and a clear understanding of the business case for diversity; resulting in immediate improvement in the quality and productivity of daily interactions in the workplace.

MicroMessaging: Managing Unconscious Bias
There is great danger in focusing on Unconscious Bias instead of directing our attention to MicroInequities – because it is entirely through our MicroMessages that we can take specific action to fix it.
What Unconscious Bias looks like and why we behave poorly is simply not as valuable as building agreement and knowledge on how to affect the desired change.
MicroInequities have a powerful effect in establishing the ways we influence performance. These subtle manifestations of Unconscious Bias reveal far more about the true nature of a relationship than our words alone and become the mechanism by which we manage our Unconscious Bias.
To truly move the needle forward, the workplace must focus on managing the controllable elements that alter the impact of our Unconscious Biases; the MicroMessages, MicroInequities and MicroAdvantages we send.
Insight Education Systems’ seminar, MicroMessaging: Managing Unconscious Bias, shifts the focus away from awareness and entirely on to the actionable side of the equation – the tangible and manageable components of Unconscious Bias.
Our approach identifies what has been present all along but invisible to our active awareness. It focuses on building the skills of MicroMessaging to drive change and provides the tools to sustain them.

The Evolved Leader
If you can’t reach outside your comfort zone, and not just about race or gender but any difference that prevents an organization from living up to its full potential, you can’t be an effective leader. MicroMessages are at the center of true leadership.
A central thread in the fabric of great leadership – at all levels – is the ability to inspire the performance of others across all diversity dimensions, cultural and geographic borders. This is accomplished through the MicroMessages we send.
Our customized approach to coaching executives incorporates the core concepts and skills of MicroInequities: The Power of Small™ to enable corporate leaders to move beyond awareness to active application of the program’s skills in their daily interactions.
Their experience rises to the level of creating genuine buy-in to the impact subtle messages have on altering the performance of others. The results expand executives’ leadership skills to influence others, impacting their productivity and performance.
MicroMessages represent the foundation of inclusion and override our conscious thinking and best intentions. Leadership goals can never be realized without this competency being incorporated into an overall strategy.
Unconscious Bias, Diversity & Inclusion, The Evolved Leader, Presentation Skills, Talent Retention, and Conflict Resolution are among the customized Executive Coaching topics offered.

Innovation & Inclusion
This program identifies the link between inclusion and the ways it fosters innovation. The experience focuses on the role inclusion plays to enable innovative behaviors and outcomes within work teams.
The goal is to recognize that there is a higher level of potential that reaches beyond fundamental workplace inclusion. Even when inclusion goals are optimized, there are unique ways to tap into the thinking process of each team member to achieve a higher level of innovation.

Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices
This two-hour session draws from Insight Education’s experience with more than 300 US and international Diversity and Inclusion organizations. This session identifies the best practices used by the most successful diversity organizations that accelerated their effective diversity strategies.
The session also presents examples of failed programs and the practices, pitfalls and strategies to avoid.
This session can save years of well-intended but misdirected efforts in building leadership and diversity strategies.

Why Book Stephen Young

  • Stephen's program, MicroInequities: The Power of Small™, reveals a central thread in the fabric of great leadership, the ability to inspire the performance of others across all diversity dimensions.

  • Stephen consults with senior executives and management teams of numerous Fortune 500 companies.

  • His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Diversity Inc., and “O” Magazine.

  • Author of groundbreaking book Micromessaging: Why Great Leadership is Beyond Words.

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    Stephen Young is Founder and Senior Partner of Insight Education Systems, a management consulting firm specializing in leadership and organizational development services. As a recognized leader and foremost expert in this field, Mr. Young frequently consults with senior executives and management teams of numerous Fortune 500 companies.

    For more than a decade, Young has been a featured speaker at business conferences worldwide. He is much sought after for his powerful and engaging presentation style. Young’s widely acclaimed seminar MicroInequites: The Power of Small™ has been embraced by over 10 percent of the nation’s top corporations and is being touted by corporate America as the new paradigm for diversity and leadership.

    His work has been published in numerous business articles and recognized in a myriad of industry trade and business publications including; The Wall Street Journal , Time Magazine and Diversity Inc. His program was also featured by Oprah Winfrey in several issues of her “O” Magazine.

    Recently, McGraw-Hill released his groundbreaking book, Micromessaging: Why Great Leadership is Beyond Words. Young is also the author of two Random House publications on business leadership and effective time management.

    As former Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at JPMorgan Chase, Mr. Young managed the firm’s diversity strategy worldwide. Under his leadership, the company garnered numerous awards for its diversity initiatives, including the Catalyst Award, Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Companies for Minorities award, the Best Companies Award from Working Mother Magazine, and Diversity, Inc Magazine’s designation as the #1 company for diversity.

    Prior to joining JPMorgan Chase, Stephen was VP for Diversity with Merrill Lynch’s Private Client Division. He is a former staff member of the Rutgers University Graduate School of Management. He has served on the Diversity Committee for the United Way of America and an Advisory Board member to the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Wall Street Project. He is the former Chairman of the Securities Industry Association’s Diversity Committee and a current Board member of Scholastic’s Alliance for Young Writers and Artists. Additionally, he served on his local Board of Education.

    Our products provide solutions for corporations who seek to move beyond traditional diversity and leadership training and to break through to behaviors that can lead to a truly inclusive workplace.

    Insight Education’s flagship product, MicroInequities: The Power of Small™, gets to the DNA of culture change and has become the new paradigm for diversity. MicroInequities tend to be unconscious expressions of bias. These subtle messages, sent either consciously or unconsciously, can reveal more about the true nature of a relationship than the surface words alone. They function as the core of how unconscious bias is communicated and how workplace inclusion is experienced. It reveals the effects of micromessages in the workplace and delivers critical concepts and skills that carry over instantly when participants return to the workplace.

    Participation in this program dramatically improves the corporate culture and promotes behaviors that drive performance and are hard wired to a business's bottom line. 

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    “Just wanted to reach out and again say how fabulous I thought the Micro-inequities training session was. I have been to many sessions throughout my long career and this was by far not only the most enlightening, but also the most actionable. And, finally put into words and examples things I have experienced first-hand through the years and knew I would sound crazy trying to explain. I am spreading the feedback and gospel here already …”

    It was fabulous. Like when you see a good movie you can’t stop thinking about…”


    “Thank you for coming to Princeton last week and leading such an effective, insightful and engaging seminar for my Cabinet. I found it useful and illuminating. Several of my Cabinet colleagues commented about how helpful they found the session as well –and, believe me, they are “tough graders” who are not shy with criticism! You did a marvelous job…”

    -Princeton University

    “I wanted to thank you for your life altering message. It’s crazy how I wasn’t able to see the things which were blatantly obvious to all but myself. After your seminar, I am now able to truly internalize and take appropriate actions upon self-review and application. I applied several of the things you mentioned and they have truly altered my leadership conversations and those with my spouse, as well. Thank you again for your time and educational wisdom”.

    -Expedia Inc