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Todd Hunt

Business Humorist & Author
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Communication Bleeps and Blunders in Business
An insightful look at improving communication to become more successful...with dozens of everyday examples that will leave your members chuckling in recognition. Discover “where your listener is coming from” and how to tailor your communication style to get what you need. Review the eight most abused words that could cost you business. And race back to your office and change your voice mail greeting, lest you sound like one of his hilarious real-life examples.

Learning through Laughter
Do you eat M&Ms in color order? Alphabetize your cereal boxes? Rearrange the dishwasher because you don’t like the way your significant other loaded it? If so, you’ll appreciate Todd’s take on business and life. (If not, there’s still hope.) You’ll howl as he acts out voice mail greetings, showing how we waste 240 hours each year waiting for the beep. His demonstration of the “correct” way to order fast food will challenge you to consider where your listener is coming from. And his recollection of junior high English teacher Miss Reiser will bring back memories of your own (fond or otherwise).


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Todd Hunt looks like a pleasant, buttoned-up corporate professional. But when he opens his mouth, audiences reel with laughter. His stories and examples, delivered with the sly with of a seasoned comedian, add fun to your event and send attendees back to work smiling, with tips to improve communication and success.

As an executive at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, Todd learned the inner workings of communication.

Additional jobs with an insurance administrator, direct marketing company and ad department of a major retailer confirmed what he had suspected all along -- people mess up communicating every day!

In 1991, he started his own successful business, a marketing agency in Chicago. Working with trade associations, retailers, non-profits and financial companies, Todd sold insurance, credit accounts, seminars, theater tickets, memberships and other products and services to business and consumer audiences.

One day he discovered that people were eager to hear his funny, true stories about sales, customer service, leadership and change that he gathered during his years in business. Using humor and sensibility, he demonstrates how we can all communicate better and become more successful.

Todd’s books include “Communication Bleeps and Blunders in Business” and “Pardon Me, But That’s a Really Stupid Sign!” His newspaper column has appeared in the United States and Canada. He also stars on several CD and DVD programs.

If you’re looking for pure entertainment with no message, Todd Hunt is not your speaker. If you’re looking for PowerPoint and a three-inch thick workbook, Todd Hunt is not your speaker. But if you want your members to laugh while they learn -- book Todd Hunt now!

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