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NBA Veteran, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Business Coach

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The success of your company or organization starts and ends with teamwork. Your team success depends not only on the skills and traits of each member, but also their execution in working together with other members. Each team member’s contribution impacts the collective success of your team. When each team member performs at their peak, then your team can achieve peak performance.

Our proprietary “teamwork diagnostic” can reveal which of six indispensable traits your team is strong in, and those they are weak in, so you can improve your overall team performance. This diagnostic also enables you and your team to discover the secrets to improve focus on common goals, communication, chemistry, accountability and more.

This talk focuses on helping you and your team master the fundamental skills of peak team performance, so you can turn your team into a champion. Plus, this talk can help foster your entire company or organization into the dominant leader in your market niche or industry. It is based on the culmination of Walter’s hands-on experiences with good, mediocre and poorly performing teams. Plus, championship-level teams Takeaways:

  • Discover the six traits all peak performing teams share
  • Enhance team member support of your core values and culture
  • Develop more effective communication, collaboration and trust
  • Sharpen leadership traits at the management level
  • Content from slides

This highly entertaining and dynamic keynote will explain in basic terms how to create the culture you desire by using the fundamentals of teamwork. In this day of The Great Resignation having the right culture has never been more critical for the HR community.

As a master storyteller, Walter will draw on his own self-discovery of how he transitioned out of professional sports and into the business world. The business world relies on teamwork just as much as professional sports teams. Whether you like sports or not, everyone present will be connected to this message on teamwork. “You must have impact players working together in harmony in order to have a great team,” Bond says. You will learn not only learn the Six Traits of a high-performing team you will also get tips on how to improve DEI, talent acquisition, and collaboration.

Motivation is a driving force that can enable you to achieve your goals – no matter how big or small, despite what obstacles may stand in your way. So, how does a college basketball player who is benched due to multiple injuries and poor playing performance become the first undrafted rookie to play a season-opening game in the NBA?

The surprising answer can help you see how vital motivation is to achieving success when so many things may stand in your way – including self-doubt and external things outside of your control.

This powerful, honest and eye-opening keynote speaking presentation on motivation dives headfirst into the mindset, psychological tools and behavior you must have to overcome adversity and achieve your biggest goals. It inspires self-reflection and self-analysis to help you and your team make the necessary changes to improve your overall work performance!


  • Re-focus and recommit to your goals – both short and long-term
  • Overcome self-doubt and fear of success
  • Identify time-wasting practices and inspire best practices to help you achieve more
  • Make accountability an everyday practice


Having the right mindset is vital to achieving success. This keynote presentation focuses on the power of storytelling to show you how your mindset can determine the outcome of your actions.

Based on Walter’s book Swim, this keynote presentation dives into the power of adopting a “Shark Mindset.” It highlights four relatable characters on a journey out in the deep blue sea, and why having the “Shark Mindset” can help you and your team dominate your industry and/or market niche.

Plus, by teaching you and your team the practical steps to implement the “sacred six principles” of the “Shark Mindset” to refocus the trajectory of your business toward success!


  • Focus on the strengths that enable you to dominate your spere of influence
  • Embrace growth and change – even in times of crisis
  • Stay flexible as an individual and a team member
  • Develop a pattern of elevating others within your organization


Winning success in any field depends in part on mastering the key fundamentals. It starts with knowing how to think and execute like a perennial winner. And it follows through with knowing how to execute the fundamentals no matter the circumstance.

This highly requested keynote topic is designed to help companies and organizations like yours leverage the power of planning and follow-through. Walter uses thrilling anecdotes and personal experience to guide listeners through the steps all peak performers must master.

This keynote speaking presentation will also teach you and your team to strive for greatness, excellence and perfection in every performance. Plus, to share the essential principles that can make you and your team a peak-performing champion!


  • How to develop and execute daily, monthly, quarterly and annual goals
  • Guidance on how to fulfill your short and long-term goals, despite challenges
  • Instill core values to achieve and sustain business prosperity
  • Know your personal & organizational Key Performance Indicators


Achieving your company sales goals requires having a motivated team of professionals eager to find qualified prospects and turn them into bonafide loyal customers. That starts with cultivating and winning sales culture.

This keynote speaking presentation will challenge your team to completely rethink their role in developing a winning sales culture. Walter breaks down the DNA of a great sales leader – what gets them out of bed in the morning, how they think about coaching, their commitment to core values, and much more!

This high-energy, no-fluff keynote presentation is guaranteed to relight the fire in your sales organization. After this presentation, you’ll be able to see your sales team surpass your expectations. Plus, your team will have the inspiration to not only create a more winning culture, but also one in which they can be happy, motivated, well-mentored, and highly productive.


  • How to set and consistently meet sales goals
  • The secret to building the kind of sales culture that fosters greatness
  • How to make your sales team accountable for both their successes and failures
  • Why focusing on core values can help you build a cohesive sales team



“Walter is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers that we have had the pleasure to book for our events. He made an awesome impression on our consultants and imparted some very important things to help them grow their businesses.”

— EC Factory

“The meeting went very well and Walter was a huge success!! Our brokers really enjoyed his session and their feedback has been extremely positive. He also spent some time after his session to sign his books for all of our attendees!”

— ADM Investor Services

“Our attendees LOVED Walter!!! He was our keynote speaker and he delivered. Next time, I’ll purchase books for all attendees.”

— AEGON Companies | Transamerica Life & Protection

“Walter Bond was awesome! I’ve never seen our people get excited with any previous speaker. Thanks for suggesting him!”

— Federal Financial Group

“He did an absolutely great job. Got great feedback from all meeting attendees. Everybody just loved it. He was extremely effective in tying his personal message to the challenges our organization faces…Mr. Bond made an outstanding contribution to our conference. He was correct in his earlier email wherein he said he could knock this one out of the park! He most certainly did!”

— Headquarters, Defense Commissary

“Everything went very well with Walter – he was really well received by the franchisees! We all enjoyed him!”

— Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

“Walter was a very entertaining presenter. He was able to get his message across while keeping the audience very entertained and engaged…He was a wonderful presenter. Our attendees thought he was one of the best presenters we have ever had.”

— Thomson Reuters, Tax & Accounting

“We were very pleased with Walter Bond’s presentation… Walter is so easy to work with and spent a significant amount of time after his presentation visiting with the attendees and everyone found him very approachable.”

— The Travel Society

“He was a home run – he engaged with the audience and captured their attention.”

— Athene USA

“Walter was an excellent Keynote Speaker to Kickoff our event.”

— L&L Nursery Supply, Inc.
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