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Get Your Healthy On!
Are you concerned about heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s or want to lose weight? Wondering if the villain is fat, sugar or carbs? Discover what REALLY matters to your health, including how to combine all the benefits of low-carb, Paleo, keto AND plant-based eating into a single REAL food plan that’s doable for life. Watch and be inspired as Zonya guides you through a full day of typical meal choices, demonstrating simple REAL food trade-ups that will delight your appetite while getting you into your skinny jeans! You’ll also gain serious resolve to “Find your Fitness Love,” making this the year your doctor says, “What have you been doing? Your numbers are great!” This awe-inspiring session is filled with fun and laughs. Come ready to Get Your Healthy On – REAL food style!

Light Beer and Baked Doritos: Am I Healthy Now?
The way you eat, drink, sleep and exercise fuels a fine racing machine, or NOT. Join Zonya as she shares how your productivity and career success depend largely on the quality of your self-maintenance. Learn how to be deliberate about your health with realistic, can-do solutions that produce measurable results. In this fast-paced keynote, you will learn:

  • Simple one habit-at-a-time strategies that re-wire your brain to crave the best-for-you fuel
  • How to properly hydrate and use caffeine to your benefit, not your detriment
  • How to sleep better without sleeping more
  • Why “sitting is the new smoking” and a simple trick to keep you moving and feeling great
  • It’s time to throttle up stamina, productivity, and resistance to disease, with simple sound strategies designed just for you!

    Surefire Solutions to De-stress and Balance Life!
    Stress isn’t bad for you. BAD stress is bad for you! Find out just which kind of stress you have, and how to leverage and balance each. Even if you’re too busy, too tired and too stressed, you’ll discover how to become your own ‘cortisol blocker’ with three solutions that work instantly to dial down the stress hormones that age you. Zonya will share her list of top stress-busting foods, surefire solutions for getting the restorative sleep you need, plus how to use music, laughter, positive thoughts and clear communications to truly de-stress and balance your life!
  • Why Book Zonya Foco?

  • Zonya is a master of inspiration, motivation and visual humor, providing hard-facts information and simple solutions that help everyday people improve health, create balance and maximize energy.

  • She delivers equal parts entertainment and education, helping people laugh at their bad habits and discover the joy in adopting new, healthier habits.

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    Zonya lives healthy out-loud by championing the very lifestyle habits that are known to magnify health. With humor, passion and eye-popping demos and stories, Zonya turns light bulbs on, and keeps them shining well beyond the end of her programs.

    Thirty-year veteran Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist Zonya Foco is one of the most exciting, inspiring, vital and unforgettable speakers in America. In 1998, Zonya published her kitchen countertop coach cookbook, Lickety-Split Meals, and Lickety-Split Diabetic Meals, and has since sold over a quarter-million copies. In 2005, she started her national Public Television series, Zonya’s Health Bites, and served as an expert presenter for “Oprah & Bob’s Best Life Challenge.” In 2012, she launched her nutrition and fitness program, DIET FREE, which has improved the wellness of individuals and worksites across America. In 2018, she co-authored Eat REAL Cookbook, and its accompanying worksite program, Eat REAL for Your Health, which builds the skill and inspiration to gain REAL health, eating REAL food.

    Zonya’s Weight Loss Story
    Zonya was a trim kid until the summer before her junior year in high school. As a cheerleader positioned in the middle of her team’s human pyramid, her extra 20 pounds led her teammates to complain loud and clear, “Zonya, go on a diet!”

    “I have to lose 20 pounds by Friday’s game!” Zonya pleaded to her mother. Together they concocted a crazy weight loss scheme of fasting combined with a liquid diet. Zonya soon learned (as many do) that dieting is an effective way to gain weight.

    After two years of fluctuating weight, Zonya attended her first college nutrition class. From that point on, she dedicated herself to the principles of good nutrition. Yet, even with growing knowledge, the stresses of college found her graduating at her highest weight yet. She had learned first-hand that “knowing is NOT the same as doing!”

    On-the-Job Training
    As a clinical nutritionist at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI, Zonya experienced her client’s struggles and successes, as well as her own. It was at this time that the pieces of the permanent weight-loss puzzle began to reveal themselves, and Zonya’s DIET FREE habits were born.

    Spreading the News
    Zonya began teaching her actionable habits from her speaking and television platforms, then adapted the habits for worksite wellness programming. Since then, Zonya’s presentations, books, and DIET FREE and Eat REAL for Your Health programs have provided outreach to individuals, families and worksites across the country, transforming them with smart nutrition, everyday exercise and commonsense core habits.

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