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The Purpose Economist

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Aaron Hurst – The Purpose Economist

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This informative and inspiring talk is designed equip the millennial workforce with the tools needed to be fully engaged and fulfilled at current and future work. Using groundbreaking research in positive psychology and his experience working with over 25,000 purpose-seeking professionals at Taproot, Aaron shows young professionals how to design their work to be rich in meaning and purpose. He draws on stories from professionals who have embraced purpose and meaning at work across all fields and occupations to paint a vivid picture of what purpose at work looks like for each of us. Each attendee will be guided in determining the who, why and how of their individual purposeful work journey and shown how to use this knowledge to craft a work experience in any job that is engaging, allows expression and creates meaning.

How your organization can attract and retain Millennials and other purpose-driven professionals who are motivated, engaged and committed to your mission.

Are you doing enough to attract and deeply engage purpose-driven employees? In the Purpose Economy, Aaron Hurst argues that purpose has overtaken information as the core driver of the global economy. Leaders from all industries who understand the new economy early are in the best position to capitalize on this huge market shift while fundamentally changing the nature of business. Referencing groundbreaking research in positive psychology, Aaron will first speak on attracting millennials and other purpose-driven professionals to your organization and motivating them to do their best work. Professionals who are focused on purpose and see their work as a calling have greater personal well-being and as a result are more productive and committed to their organizations. He will also address how to effectively guide your existing workforce in crafting their own jobs. A practice proven to significantly increase retention and well-being.

How to use the same tactics as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk to design and move a market to adopt your product, service or idea on a large scale.

Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and John Mackey didn’t just build products or even businesses. They designed and moved markets. New research combined with foundational innovation theory now make it possible for the rest of us to design strategies to do the same. Through case studies and new socio-economic research, Aaron gives leaders actionable advice on how to strategically shape any market to adopt a product or service on a large scale. As a lead architect of the pro bono movement as well as the Purpose Economy, Aaron uses his personal experience in moving global markets to provide an actionable guide on designing how an innovative idea, product or service gets adopted into mainstream culture.

Detroit was the hub of the Industrial Economy. Silicon Valley played the same key role in the Information Economy. What is the likely next economy and how can your city be position to be its hub and benefit from its rise? Citing breakthrough socio-economic research, Aaron Hurst argues that information is being replaced by purpose as the main driver of the global economy and the cities embracing this new economy early are positioned for economic boom. In this inspiring talk, Aaron will show government, non-profit organizations and private businesses how to spark meaningful local change with nationwide impact. The result for the city that decides to adopt the Purpose Economy as their movement will be a more engaged and fulfilled workforce, a more socially engaged citizenry and a surge in businesses that better serve people and the world.

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