Child Abduction Survivor Elizabeth Smart’s Story Premieres on Lifetime

November 15, 2017
Posted by uberuser

In 3 days, Elizabeth Smart finally gets her say in telling her life story. On Saturday, November 18th at 8/7c, A&E and Lifetime are cross-promoting to premiere the movie, “I Am Elizabeth Smart,” a documentary about child-abduction survivor Elizabeth Smart’s first hand account of her 9 months in captivity.

Smart was kidnapped on June 5th, 2002, at the young age of 14. This day will forever leave an impact on her life as she was held captive for the 9 months that followed. Despite her captors’ threats and abuse, she managed to save herself and escape. You may remember the first movie that came out on November 9th, 2003 about her t2raumatic experience. However, this did not accurately represent her tragedy. In this new documentary, “I Am Elizabeth Smart,” Smart narrates the movie and tells the full story from her own point of view with raw details and personal emotions.

As a speaker, Smart brings more than just her story. She sheds light on important issues that surround the world today, such as child safety, overcoming extreme adversity, the importance and process of recovery, and not allowing your past to dictate your life’s future.

For more information on Child Abduction Survivor Elizabeth Smart, visit or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.


Posted by uberuser

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