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Colleges and Universities play a vital role in developing and deepening skills, as well as bringing awareness of issues to students and communities. Our lecture bureau provides the perfect provocative guest speaker to spark dialogue, a celebrity to ignite your program, or an intellectual to give perspective. For your university speaker series, or a department within, we have access to the world's most renowned story tellers, politicians, CEOs, enterepreneurs, best-selling authors, artists, and celebrities. 

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Top Thought-Provoking Speaker Suggestions for Colleges and Universities

  • Ana Navarro, CNN Political Strategist

    Ana Navarro

    CNN Political Contributor, Republican Strategist
  • Matthew Schrier, keynote speaker

    Matthew Schrier

    Freelance Photographer, Al Qaeda Syrian Prison Survivor
  • Mallory Brown, Founder of Clothes World Line, Social Entrepreneur

    Mallory Brown

    Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, World Adventure Traveler
  • Amelia Rose, Earhart, keynote speaker

    Amelia Rose Earhart

    President of Fly With Amelia Foundation, Around-the-World Pilot
  • Tavis Smiley

    Tavis Smiley

    PBS Talk Show Host, Media Icon
  • Capitol Steps

    The Capitol Steps

    Troupe of Congressional Staffers Turned Comedians
  • Michael Cavanaugh

    Michael Cavanaugh

    Singer, Song Writer, Musical Lead of Broadway's Movin' Out
  • Barbara Corcoran

    Barbara Corcoran

    Star Investor of Shark Tank
  • Dara Torres

    Dara Torres

    12 Time Olympic Medalist Swimmer
  • Mike Ditka

    Mike Ditka

    Legendary Football Coach and Player
  • Jon Stewart

    Jon Stewart

    Anchorman of Comedy Central's The Daily Show
  • David Trumble

    David Trumble

    Award-Winning Artist, Huffington Post Contributor, Youngest Cartoonist for
    the Sun Newspaper.

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