Achieve the Impossible with Educational Expert Rosita Lopez

Posted by Alexis Washington

Has someone ever told you that you cannot accomplish your goals?


Every child dreams of becoming something extraordinary when they grow up, whether it be a doctor, an FBI agent, or even the President of the United States. Sadly, in many minority communities, these dreams are often shot down by those who cannot fathom the idea of them becoming successful. Here is where representation comes into play. As a child, Dr. Rosita Lopez dreamed a great dream of becoming a doctor, but was quickly shot down by a teacher who succumbed to the notions that these things just weren’t in reach for average Hispanic Americans. Such “dream busters,” as Rosita puts it, subvert the aspirations of children everywhere, making an effort to put a limit on their goals.

Luckily for Rosita, she did not let such dream busters get into her way. Despite dropping out of high school, Rosita went on to earn her doctorate in education and become one of the world’s most sought after keynote speakers. Today, Dr. Lopez serves as a testimony for Hispanics everywhere that hard work and determination can get you just about anywhere in life. Despite her accent and immigrant roots, Dr. Lopez has achieved immense success in her field of education and an expert keynote speaker on the topics of women’s issues, cultural diversity, and more. 

Drawing upon personal experiences, Rosita’s story resonates with many audiences around the world, Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike, who have been constantly told that they cannot achieve their dreams or that their goals were unrealistic. Though there’s an immense lack of media representation of successful Hispanics, Dr. Lopez has made it her mission to shatter every stereotype and societal norm that has been unfairly imposed upon her life, circumventing any fragment of untapped potential.

Her keynote addresses inspire companies and organizations to embrace diversity and make a conscious effort to deviate away from becoming the same type of dream buster that almost caused her to forgo her desires for success. Her vibrant keynote addresses and sound solutions to the issues facing today’s society makes her the perfect speaker for any event, galvanizing and energizing everyone who hears her powerful message.

For more information on booking Rosita Lopez for one of your events, check out her page on our website or call our office at 1.800.345.5607.

Posted by Alexis Washington
Alexis Washington writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips and tricks for corporate meeting planners. If you need a guest professional speaker or corporate entertainer for your next convention or conference, you can visit

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