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Do Creative Ideas Work Better

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One of the endless debates in marketing is focused on a simple question—do creative ideas work better? Creative teams approach business with emotions, while many leaders focus on financial numbers and logic. Some think that creative ideas are just window dressing, others see design as a secret weapon. And while this debate has continued for decades, thanks to new studies in science, we now have an unbiased answer.

In this presentation, Adam uses hard science to prove why creative ideas are better for the bottom line. It’s no longer a subjective topic. He explains what’s happening in the brain when we are exposed to creative ideas and offers real-world examples of how business can better balance logic and emotion to grow. For creatives, this gives ammo to prove why their ideas are valuable. And for logical leaders, this helps remove the fear and uncertainty around emotions in marketing. Join Adam as he presents his five-year epic quest to prove how emotional ideas impact income more than a straightforward message.

Takeaways from this presentation:
• Proof that creative ideas work better than boring, straightforward messages
• How the brain is designed to process creative ideas
• Real-world examples to better integrate creativity into business processes

For years, we’ve all talked about giving creative leadership a seat at the table. But most of it has just been a rallying cry for change. It’s time to figure out practical models of what works and get into the nitty gritty of making this happen. Some companies say they believe in creative leadership, but still treat the creative class like a set of hands without a voice.

Join Adam to get real experience on how you can establish more creative leadership in your company. Get support on who should be making creative decisions. And discover if your company is even capable of supporting more creativity. The world needs better creative leadership, and in this session, you’ll learn how to best make it a reality. Our industry has a major lack of guidance on creative leadership. There isn’t a masters degree in creative leadership, like the MBA for CEOs. But this presentation is the beginning of real guidance and practical models for creative leadership.

In this presentation you will learn:
• Best practices to balance strategic and creative leadership.
• Proven models on how to give creative leadership more authority.
• Which of the three types of business strategy will support more creativity.

Many of the trends in content marketing are linked to phrases we all have heard. “Headlines should be short and punchy.” “Make sure all your web content is above the fold.” “People don’t watch videos past two minutes.” Much of this is focused on the idea that attention spans are shrinking so we have to make content fast and snackable to succeed.

I disagree. And I will use science to prove why many of these marketing tactics are flawed. I’ll show you what you need to really focus on with your content to make a deeper connection with customers and provide real value. It’s not about speed, or length, or time. It’s all about finding the right data and using the right creative ideas to succeed.

In this presentation you will learn:
• Why many marketing myths are wrong
• What you need to increase consumption of your marketing content
• How to provide real value to your customers

In the mid 1990s, I was introduced to a secret truth—that advertising agencies owned creative marketing. Since those years, the relationship between creativity and business has changed.  Going in-house is not creative suicide. In fact, thanks to the design-led movement, creative leadership at brands has grown and we have a greater opportunity to influence big ideas from within the company.

In this presentation, I’ll walk you through some of the biggest changes and trends in creative leadership. I’ll discuss new studies that prove how emotional marketing boosts sales, how the relationship between brands and agencies are transforming, and how this new landscape affects creative careers.

This presentation focuses on:
• New trends for creativity in business
• Updated models of creative leadership
• How the new landscape affects creative careers

We often joke that a picture is worth a thousand words. But in reality, the most important element in your marketing content is your headline. Unfortunately, most of the guidance on headline writing found on the web only teaches you how to write click bait. And that practice has reached a tipping point where consumers are pushing back. Which begs the question, what really makes a good or a bad headline?

As a writer and creative leader, I’ve been deconstructing headlines for the past 24 years. In this presentation, I share stories of early headlines in yellow journalism to lessons learned for today’s marketers and writers. I walk through all the basic headline patterns, studies on what takes to write good headlines, and review the four truths that good headlines follow.

This presentation will share the following:
• Why most headlines are simply click bait
• The 29 basic headline patterns
• How to write good headlines that connect emotionally


“Adam Morgan never disappoints! And no I’m not a friend or family! He does a great job of breaking down complex topics into simple, tactical definitions. Wish everyone on my team could attend this session. Was excited to attend this course and was not disappointed. Thanks!”

“Adam Morgan is amazing, this was one of the top session for me. Incredibly relevant. Exceptionally presented. On top of the content, the slides were stunning. I want him to be my mentor.”

“I had been waiting for this session from day 1 and it did not disappoint. Great speaker who really gave out beneficial, thought provoking information on career development. It was exactly the information I wanted to know.”

“Loved this session. I learned so much, felt inspired, was given a reality check, and lots to think about and work on. I think there should be more sessions like this about workplace and actually applying all your skills. Creativity is great and everything, but without direction, where do you go? What do you do? That’s why this session was so great. It was real.”

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