Admiral Mike Rogers

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Former NSA Director and head of US Cyber Command and the Central Security Service; Consultant; Senior Fellow and Professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management

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Admiral Rogers shows audiences why and how periods of turmoil and chaos are often a leader’s greatest opportunity to shepherd transformational change.

While people and organizations seem hard-wired to favor stability and resist change, necessity forces the hand of invention. According to multiple analysts and headlines, the global pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of entire industries by three to seven years—and that window of opportunity is still open—not only for technological change but for shifts in organizational culture and the future of work. Admiral Rogers shows leaders how to embrace the power of chaos and fully leverage its momentum for change.

Every industry is affected in myriad ways by world events and patterns of global engagement—including the turmoil we see today in hot spots such as China, Iran, Russia and the Ukraine.

Former NSA director and head of U.S. Cyber Command Admiral Mike Rogers gives audiences the benefit of his deep understanding of the geopolitical, social and economic forces at play in hot spots across the world—and a clear-eyed view of the implications for industry—from energy, infrastructure and finance to manufacturing and technology.

Understanding cyber risks, threats, and opportunities is now a critical knowledge area and a strategic imperative for every leader. Admiral Rogers gives leaders and teams a big-picture view of the forces at play around the world as bad actors attempt to exploit the technological vulnerabilities of American industry to weaken both the economy and the nation’s security infrastructure—an issue of particular concern for energy, telecommunications, finance and technology companies.

Over the past few decades, Admiral Rogers has been instrumental in building the public-private partnerships, national and international policy frameworks and industry coalitions that he believes are key to successful cybersecurity efforts, and he is passionate about showing business leaders how to harness and support that network to ensure the safety and health of American enterprise.

China and the U.S. are the two dominant players in a global race for power based on technological dominance. As both powers focus on developing the greater prowess in quantum computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, industry will need to be prepared to adapt to new strategies, regulations and policies at home and abroad with regard to trade, privacy and ethics considerations, data collection and national security.

Admiral Mike Rogers gives leaders an insider’s view of the current technology landscape, the areas of greatest disruption and competition, and helps audiences understand what’s at stake for American industry and society as the race for hegemony plays out on a global scale.


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