Amelia Rose Earhart Reflects on 3rd Anniversary of her Flight Around the World

Posted by Alexis Washington

Three years ago today, I learned the beauty in learning to love the turbulence. Today is the anniversary of the completion of our flight around the world. 28,000 miles, 14 countries, 18 days, unlimited beauty and reasons to soar.

If I seem quiet or a little off today, it’s because I’m back in the cockpit of the PC-12, staring toward the horizon, waiting to see the Golden Gate Bridge after crossing the Pacific.

The lessons I’ve learned are burned into my soul…

The world is full of reasons to keep flying, but it’s also full of reasons to give up. Learn to control the volume on the later.

The world is filled with reasons to connect and love, but it’s also filled with hate, anger and conflict. Keep connecting, keep loving… be aware of the hate, but don’t let it stain your outlook on what it means to treat others well.

The world is filled with people who will support you, encourage you and give you a helping hand. The world is also full of people who are consumed with sadness, which will translate to criticism, mockery and painful attacks of other’s goals and actions. Remember this: the world is changed by our actions, not by our opinions.

Thank you to my family and friends, thank you to my team of close to 100 people who made the flight possible, thank you to the tens of thousands of strangers who cheered us on from afar, and thank you to my critics who made me stay up later, learn more, focus with more intent, and smile wider even when I was holding back tears.

Most of all, thank you to Shane Jordan, my co-pilot on that wild journey. For eighteen days, the world belonged to the dreamers. We chased the sun in the morning and ran from it at dusk, tracing the equator at 27k feet.

Turbulence often occurs when we are crossing mountains… and those who stay locked up in a hangar will never feel the bumps.”



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Read her comment on recent History Channel Documentary claiming the original Amelia Earhart, survived plane crash!

You’ve undoubtedly seen the recently discovered photo that may prove Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan landed in the Marshall Islands. The image made headline news because the world is still fascinated by Amelia’s tenacious and adventurous spirit, even eighty years after her disappearance. My parents named me after a woman who knew the risk and proceeded anyway, daring to show the world that adventure is “worthwhile in itself”. For me, the image is exciting because it supports the idea that Amelia was the type of person who course corrected when turbulence came her way. Rather than give up when Howland Island was no longer an option, she rerouted, and headed West, knowing that turbulence sometimes forces us to change our plans. To be honest, Im not sure what I believe about what happened to Amelia and Fred, I’ll let others focus on her disappearance… as for me, I’ll focus on what she stood for while she was living: striving to explore, seek and love the turbulence along her flight path. It’s important to remember that those who never leave the hangar will never have the privilege of feeling the bumps along the way.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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