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Millennial Speaker, Consultant, & Expert

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Amelie Karam

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With Millennials being the largest generational group in the American workforce and totaling 50% of the workforce by the end of 2020, successful organizations will need to understand the nuances of Millennials. This presentation defines the various generations, describes and explains who Millennials are, and addresses their strengths and weaknesses. Also explained is how organizations can best attract and retain this generation. The audience leaves with clear takeaways and ideas to use at work and in their interactions with Millennials.

There is a “changing of the guard” in the workplace. Boomers are retiring at an accelerated rate and Generation X and Millennials filling the voids. This talk helps attendees clearly understand and think about how different generations respond in the workplace and how to use those generational differences to create more favorable work environments. The audience will leave this presentation with a broader understanding of all generations and how critical it is that different generations be respected for their unique contributions, as well as their differences.

Through time, different generations have experienced traumatic national events as well as personal stories that shaped them. Today is no different. This talk enlightens the audience on how these unique stories, both those experienced publicly as well as privately, shape individuals of all generations. This knowledge and understanding hopefully helps individuals in the organization gain sympathy and empathy for each other, which helps create a healthier culture, a greater sense of teamwork and ultimately a more successful organization.

Millennials prioritize health and wellness more than any other generation. This talk breaks down the three components of wellness that appeal to Millennials: social, mental, and physical wellness. The audience will leave this presentation with a better understanding of Millennial’s needs in terms of health and wellness, as well as a steps and tools to create a healthier, more well-rounded workplace environment for all.


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Generational Diversity


“Thank you for your words of wisdom and insights on adapting ideas around the workplace to promote better teamwork and idea sharing across generational types. I was not expecting to have my socks knocked off but here stand …. sockless. Very witty, very talented, very smart and an awesome set of pipes.”

— Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

“Amelie was a delight! Refreshing and eye-opening view of the younger generation. Definitely will influence my interpretation of my younger co-workers! She provided the attendees for our leadership conference great and informative material in a very entertaining format!”

— Corizon Health

“Amelie Karam is definitely a Millennial Specialist. Her presentation was informative, energetic, funny and thought provoking. We learned valuable information regarding the millennial workforce. I have received amazing feedback from the Coastal Alabama business community regarding her presentation. I highly recommend Amelie if your company needs insight on millennials.”

— South Baldwin Regional Medical Center

“Amelie Karam spoke to our students and faculty at Texarkana College. We cannot thank her enough for the wonderful opportunity she offered us to challenge our ways of thinking about Millennials, both as students and as co-workers, and to self-assess how we are interacting with that generation. Amelie Karam is knowledgeable, articulate, professional, and personable.”

— Texarkana College

“Amelie Karam is a Millennial who understands the work ethics of this group-ages 19 to 35. Business leaders can take advantage of their active, young thought processes, their tech savvy ways, their enthusiasm and self-sufficiency, IF they recognize that Millennials need meaningful work, affirmation of their work and allow for their input. This will be a must in building organizations in the future. She is interesting, informative and a very dynamic speaker.”


“Amelie is a very polished presenter – engaging, funny, and wise beyond her years.I found her very refreshing and passionate. She brought this information to higher realistic level of understanding.”

— Dignity Health
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