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For consumers, “good service” is simply delivering what they expect. But when two out of every five consumers say they are willing to walk away from brands that just provide a satisfactory experience, it’s obvious that “good service” isn’t good enough. That’s why organizations are pouring money into new technologies and focusing on employee training to improve their experience. Unfortunately, these investments frequently fail to yield the level of growth that’s expected, nor dramatically improve wallet share.

Companies obsess too heavily on process and not enough on the people they are targeting. Organizations need a radical shift in their understanding of the customer’s mentality. This keynote will explore consumers’ hidden needs, showing you step-by-step how to fuel a unique new strategy and create a culture that will effectively differentiate and grow your brand.

Organizational leaders often see culture change as essential, and seek to implement initiatives to transform their organizations. Yet, more often than not, the results of their efforts fall short. This keynote will discuss the 5 key reasons why cultural change efforts go astray, and how to avoid them. With a combination of in-depth research and comedic examples from real-world companies, attendees will walk away with actionable tools to help transform their culture without failure.

It’s the core challenge of the information age. The amount of information that bombards us daily too frequently obscures true insight. Intelligence should drive better innovation, but unless it is strategically collected and used, it functions like an engaging distraction.

Smart companies intertwine customer intelligence throughout the innovation process, and innovation starts with discovery — where an innovator pinpoints an important customer problem to solve. This keynote discusses how to effectively capture ground-level intelligence, learning to ask the right questions, and how to identify undiscovered customer needs to build innovation and move leaps and bounds beyond your competition.

Companies are continually focused on developing their people, yet many leaders continue to unknowingly reinforce negative and culture-killing behaviors.

In this provocative and entertaining keynote, a new approach to culture development is shared, and how organizational leaders can impact communication, collaboration, engagement, and productivity of their teams to generate unexpected growth.


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